Friday, December 25, 2009

I wanna Cardboard Kitchen for Christmas!

Good morning everyone out there in Blogland!


Ok, it's almost noon and I'm sure all of you are done opening your gifts. If you have children under the age, of let's say 30, the floor space under the tree was probably cleared in record time, lol.  Well, having only one at home calls for some record setting too.

I know that you probably don't wanna spend a bunch of time reading blogs today...especially the blogs of those of us who hardly ever update anymore :-(. But I'm here today. 

NormallyI don't make New Years resolutions, but I'm gonna make an exception this time. 2010 (that looks really weird) 2010, I, (state your name) Bibbs, will make EVERY attempt to update my blog at LEAST once per week. AND...get back to the business of doing the Friday Flower Fix on said blog.  Ok, there, I said it...hope I can do it :-D.

Alrighty, GUESS what I did?  Tell ye what, how bout I just show you and narrate as I go....

Photo #1 I built Jayla her very own...Cardboard Box Kitchen!

Let's take a tour, shall we?

Photo #2 The sink with a working clock, REAL Stainless steel faucet and sprayer.

Photo #3 The refrigerator w/ bottom freezer. And of course, water & ice in the door.

Photo #4 (My favorite appliance) The stove/oven/range (Not really sure what it's called these days, but you get the idea)

Photo #5 Close up of the stove.

Photo #6 Yes! That is a real oven rack :-).

Photo #7 And finally, the stacked washer & dryer complete with a view thru window and Tide (Front Loading detergent, of course) :-)

Well, that's it!  I have been working on this kitchen for about 3 weeks and I'm proud to say that I only have 2 minor X-acto knife injuries, both on the same finger :-). 

Jayla has been asking for a kitchen now for about 3 years. And we REFUSED to pay the ridiculous prices they charge for them (even the used ones)...I saw prices ranging from $100 - $400.

I'm assuming most 8 year olds aren't really into play kitchens. Because, although these kitchens cost a small fortune, they're very small. So I decided to get creative and make my own.  Wanna know what I spent on Jayla's? Here's the breakdown.

Boxes - $8 (2 of them, we already had and I used Staples Rewards coupons and my $8 for the other)
2 frame mats - $3 (used for the front of the oven and the "water/ice" maker on fridge)
Tape - $6
Knobs - $0 (these were left over corner brackets for the Target wire cubes)
Pulls - $2 (dowel rods painted silver)
Silver & black paint - $0
Oven rack - $0
Faucet & sprayer - $10 (from salvage store)
Clock - $0 (made from old CD, transparency, number stickers & old clock parts)
Pink/White/Black "Tiles) - $0 (scrapbooking cardstock)
Bins - $3 (purchased from thrift store. used inside fridge/freezer)
Sink - $1.88 (Walmart)
Fabric - $4.00 (Hobby Lobby. Used for under sink & clock face.)

TOTAL spent - $33.88

Merry Christmas everyone! Talk to you soon.


Lynilu said...

WOW!! I'm duly impressed! You rock, lady!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Charisse said...

Phenomenal! You did your Thang!!! So beautiful!!!

Leah said...

I'm really impressed! it looks awesome Dawn!

kate blue said...

very cool idea and belive it or not, me & my sisiters used to do the dame thing but on a smaller scale for our dolls when we were kids!

Happy New Year and yes, get to blogging-you are on my sidebar of inspiring chicks this week!


Miss Misi said...

This is too adorable and creative!! I bought my 3 year old last year and got a decent deal but yours is just too cute!

Jude said...

that is awesome! you are the best mom!!!!!!!

Jacki Marie said...

This Kitchen is absolutely amazing in person too!