Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just cuz she's cute....


Ok, you've been warned...
This post consists of a photo overload of a SUPER cute little girl!! :-)

I'm kinda in a hurry, as tonight is my weekly GNO...but I had to take a few minutes to share some recent pix of my baby girl. I will have a "normal" post in the very near future. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, here she is...

This is just a cute picture I took of Jayla...just because. I also took it to show off her new hairbow that I made. You like?

The 2009 Soccer season has begun. YAY!!! This season, Jayla moved up to the U10 team. And a new team it is. The same girls are on her team, we are just with a new "league". As you notice, no more black, red & white uniforms...again, YAY!!! lol And if I've got my information correct, they are no longer the Lil Stingrays. They are now known as the Brasil Stingrays...I think.

The head coaches daughter, and Jayla picked out the uniforms this season. They could choose from several of the "national" team uniforms. And they chose Brasil. I just LOVE the new look.

Here are a few more pix from this past weekends season opener.

Not sure what's going on with the socks being pulled up so high...I think she was just being funny. As far as her SHORTS being almost around her NECK...I got nothin! :-)

Aren't they a cute little team? The other 4 team members hadn't arrived when this picture was taken.

There's my girl running after that ball...and "Coach Daddy" in the background watching.

This is just a fun shot I took. She was standing in front of me getting ready to do a "throw in". For some reason, I love the lighting in this picture.

That's it for the soccer pictures. But I have a funny soccer story to share.

Saturday morning as we were getting ready for the game, this is the conversation that took place.

J-"Mom, what team are we playing today?"
M-"You're playing England!"
J-"Wow, England? That's cool. I hope we win."
M-"Baby, just do your best."
J-"OH! you think we'll be able to understand them?"
M-"Huh? What do you mean?"
J-"I mean, will they have accents?"
M-"Uh, I doubt it! You play for "Brasil" and YOU don't have an accent!"
J-"Oh...right! DUH!!!"

Well, before I go, I have one more picture to share with you. Yesterday, Jayla got back her 2nd grade Fall pictures. Check her out...
She's so stinkin cute!
Ok, ya'll have a great night. Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

They were DOES get worse before it gets better

...So, how bout THAT for a title? :-)

I have yet to figure out who "THEY" is/are. But today I'm gonna have to go with it.

Where do I begin? In my last post you may remember that my baby girl had been a little feverish? Well, I thought I'd try and do a good "mom job" and get her out of the house on Saturday since she seemed to be feeling better and had been fever free most of Friday. And knowing that she's a little like me, after a day or so sitting in the house, she got a little stir crazy. So again, I thought I was making a good judgement call by taking her to a soccer tournament.

It was outside.
It wasn't in a closed in area where she'd have to be really close to other humans :-).
It was close to home...just in case.
It was a way to give her some fresh air.
But little did I know that it was gonna be Sahara HOT!

Anyway, she seemed to be doing alright outside...except for the complaints of how hot it was out. We sat through 2 games (our team won them both...YAY!...and subsequently won the tournament) and other than being a little drained, she was doing well. I did, though, take the thermometer and the Childrens Motrin with us to the game, just in case.

So, we get home and Jayla started to heat back up, just a little. She just wanted to lay around and try to keep cool. Daddy went to a movie with another coach and a few of the boys from our team. So Jayla and I took our showers, popped some popcorn and had our own movie night:-). Jayla was starting to doze off and in fact, missed most of the movie and didn't touch her popcorn. I soon sent her to bed.

Around 10:30pm, when daddy got home, he went in to check on Jayla. He said she felt a little warm and asked when I last gave her some medicine. Being that I had given her a dose just after he left for the movies at 7pm. He decided to wait until 11 to give her anything else. 11pm came, he goes in to check on our little patient and take her temp again.He comes back to our room with super worried look on his face. Jayla's temp had gone up to 104.3! He gives her a little Tylenol and we then decide that we're gonna take her to the ER. And as we're getting changed, we hear Jayla get up and she throws up in the hallway! (this was a good thing!)

Once cooler heads and thoughts prevail, we decide to hold off on taking her to the ER. I get on the phone with a Kaiser Permanente advise nurse and Mister M. gets on the laptop with WebMD.

Long story short, we decide against taking Jayla to the ER, as her temp has started to subside. Fortunately, she had no other complaints or issues. The KP nurse said this was a good sign. But if she threw up again or the temp spiked again that we should take her in immediately. We gave her more Motrin and decided that she'd better sleep with us so we could keep an eye on her.

Well, considering that neither of us wanted to get sick (again), we opted to blow up the air mattress and let her sleep in our sitting room.

Her temp finally went down to something we were comfortable with and she remained fever free all day Sunday and yesterday. I chose to keep her home yesterday...just in case.

She went back to school today and did great. Now, she just has a runny nose. I'll take that over a 104 fever ANY day!

On a funny note, while Jayla was home with me yesterday, she commented about how she enjoyed sleeping in mommy & daddy's room. She also said that she was going to start moving some stuff out of her room and into our room..."so we could be one big happy family!" We are one big family...but we're all happier when Jayla sleeps in her own room, LOL. I immediately deflated the mattress (and Jayla's thoughts) know, out of sight out of mind :-).

Anyway, thank you ALL for your well wishes for Jayla. Thank God, we're on the upswing now and hopefully this will be it as far as her being out of school due to illness.

On another...and not so detailed subject...look what I got?

I got a new toy! The other cell phone I had was dying a slow, miserable death. I was getting a little pisturbed with it beeping at me telling me, "If you'd like to use the PTT (push to talk) feature, you must install the software." Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing. But when it's telling me that and I'm not even TOUCHING the phone, let alone talking on it...there enlies a problem. It also liked to beep from time to time to tell me something about not being able to listen to music on the phone. Again, the phone could be in my purse or something when I'd get that little message. And how annoying is it for your phone to just randomly turn off or on as it sits idle somewhere? ARGH!!! Mister M. and I actually had the same phone for a while. You may remember the cute little purple one I had? That's the one, along with Mister M's that we just replaced with the above device. So far, I'm loving it!

Ok, that's it...sorry for the long post. But I just had to share ;). Enjoy your week and I'll be talkin to ya soon.