Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lucky #7!

Well boys & girls...it's that time again!

It's SOCCER season!!

And the crowd goes WILD!!!

Ok, maybe just the people in MY house are going wild! :-) We LOVE us some soccer season!

J'Bear has just started her 15th season playing the "Beautiful Game". But this season will be a little different for the Bibbs family! One difference is, J'Bear has moved up to the Academy program from the Recreation program. So it's ON now!!

Another difference is, Mister M. is no longer coaching her team :-(. That part is actually kinda bittersweet. The bitter part is...he's not coaching her team anymore :-). The sweet part is, he's not coaching her team anymore he can now watch her play as her DADDY and as a spectator. But what's gonna be interesting to see is, if he will "practice what he preaches".

As a coach, he and the other coach would often tell us spectators, not to "coach" the girls from the sidelines. We are only allowed to cheer the girls on and clap and yell at the crappy refs.  They say that it confuses the girls. They should only listen to their coaches...not their mommas! Whatever!!

But Mister M., we found out this weekend at a tournament, is not gonna transition to The Other Side very well!  The man just can't help himself! I mean, he coaches the games on TV for God's sake!

So the only difference with him being on the sidelines with me now, is that he's no longer wearing a coaches shirt. That's it!! :-)

Gotta love him though! He just has a real love for the game and wants to see the girls (and our U19 boys) do well. He still coaches the boys. But that's even about to come to an end after this season (we think). As most of the boys are seniors in high school and will be moving on to college...or whatever.

Ok, I don't wanna talk about that part anymore!

Anyhoo...back to J'Bear. For the past several years, she has been #7. And now that's her favorite number. So being that I'm the team manager for her team, we got first dibs on her jersey number. So of course, we went with lucky #7 again. In fact, I call her 7 when she's on the field. She hates loves it! Really...

So without further ado...I present to you....



She's so stinkin cute!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Say it ain't so!!!

Today, August 13, 2012, marks the very last FIRST day of elementary school my J'Bear will have. She walked through the doors of the school this morning with a smile that stretched a mile wide.

TODAY...she is (in her mind, anyway) the HEAD HONCHO!!! She's a 5th GRADER baby!!!

EVERYBODY knows that 5th graders get special treatment (kinda!).

They are the oldest!

They are the tallest (most of them, anyway)!

They are the coolest!

They are the AWESOMEST kids in the whole, entire school house!

That's RIGHT!!!

They're FINALLY the upperclassmen!

Only 180 more days, give or take, until they make that final walk through the halls of S Elementary School! :-) (but who's counting?)