Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where did the week go?

I know, I my last post, I stated that I was gonna try and do better with this whole posting thing. Well doggonnit...I just can't keep up. Not to mention, strangely enough, I just don't have a whole lot to write about these days.

I mean, it IS soccer season. But I know ya'll get tired of hearing about my families adventures on the fields :-). However, I will throw in a little soccer update...our 3 teams are doing AWESOME!!! But as I've mentioned before, the Spring season is a difficult one to play due to all the rain. And speaking of which, it's raining today and will, more than likely, rain tomorrow too. So that means there will be no games this weekend :-(.

But yeah, the teams are doing great. So if there's any REAL exciting news on that front...ya'll will be the first ones I tell.

In other news...some of you may remember this kid...

Remember him? No! What about this one?....

OHHH, yeah, that's my nephew Markell! :-) Considering I haven't been real good at updating my blog lately, I can't promise that I'll do this post on Sunday. So how bout we all go ahead and wish this good looking young man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On Sunday, the 29th, he'll be 14 years old.

Here is his most recent school photo. He's such a handsome guy, isn't he?

And while we're on the subject of Markell, can I ask you guys a favor? PLEASE take a minute to pray for him and my sister. I think I've made this request of you before. But things have not really improved. In fact, they've gotten much worse. So please remember him in your thoughts and prayers. He is in DIRE need of a good ole fashioned BUTT KICKIN! And to put it mildly, he's making his life VERY difficult. As well as the lives of those of us who love him. I won't go into detail here, as it's just too much to write. Not to mention, I don't wanna put the boys business out there like that.

Please, my friends, just know that some changes need to be made...with the quickness!

But again, I do wish him a happy birthday and I hope you'll join me.

ANYWAY...on to another subject. Some of my readers have been inquiring about the surprise that I've been wanting to share with you. Well, let me just tell you, by the time I do tell you, you're all gonna say, "THAT'S IT!!! THIS is what she was keeping from us? BIG DEAL!!" Ok, I hope none of you say that. Well, not so I can hear it, lol. Just let it be known that the surprise is a big deal to me and I can't wait to share it with you. The "event" will take place on Easter Sunday. So I'll be sharing it with you shortly after that. Not too much longer.

Alrighty, that's a wrap for me tonight. Ya'll have a great weekend and I'll holla atcha later. Toodles!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back (hopefully) in the swing of things

I must say, I have truly missed blogging. Not that I have a bunch to share with you. But because I simply miss my blogland friends.

Honestly, I don't have THAT much to share today. However, I do have a few pictures and some tidbits of info that I'd like to get out there.

FIRST of all...You may remember back on 2/13, I did a post of my dad's surprise visit from NY? Well, we finally got the professional pictures back from that day. My dad and Jayla are so cute together. Check out the smile on this little girls face...Well, soccer season has started back up. Saturday, March 7th was opening day and it's the first time in MANY seasons that we've actually played on opening day. The Spring season seems to always get off to a bad start due to the weather. But, we got game 1 out of the way. Yes, "we" are still coaching 3 teams. And this season is gonna show what we...the Bibbs are really made of. One of our teams will now be considered a traveling team. Which means, we won't only play teams from our club. We'll play teams from different counties. So it's gonna be fun to see how many places we can be at one time...or how fast we can get from one venue to another :-). Wish us luck!
Speaking of soccer...check this out......I have sank to an all time low! Not only did I make a vow several years ago, that I'd NEVER drive a mini-van. But I also said that I would NEVER be a crazed soccer mom with magnets on my vehicle.

Well...I not only drive a mini-van, but I have...not 1...but THREE soccer magnets on my van. One of which has my daughters name on it :-). What has happened to me??? AND...not only do I choose NOT to wash my van...but I find myself wiping off a "special spot" for my personalized soccer magnet! (see above "cleaner spot") (Note: Miss Jacki thought it important enough to tell you this AND take a picture. Thanks, Miss Jacki!)

Oh, and to add to my current crazed state of mind...I sat in the rain (and cold) this past Saturday through TWO soccer games. Neither of which, do I have anyone playing on that is remotely related to me! I like to say that I do things like this because my husband coaches, and I'm being a supportive coaches wife. But, I'm starting to wonder if I really ENJOY it! I must! What do ya'll think? :-)

Before I continue, how bout a word from our sponsor.

...Ok, there weren't really any "words" from our sponsor. Just a couple of cute shots I thought I'd share :-). My grandmother bought Jayla this outfit for Christmas and it was finally warm enough (briefly) for her to wear it.

Oh, GUESS WHAT??? We are finally going to get to go on vacation this summer. We haven't been on vacation in almost 4 years. So needless to say, we're a little bit excited. THIS is where we're headed. I cannot WAIT!!! But I think Jayla is a little more excited that I am...she started packing yesterday, lol. (we're not leaving until May 31st!)

And just in case you think I've forgotten to share my little secret with you, I haven't. I know I've been talking about this secret for almost a year now. But it's just not time to share it yet. I want to make sure everything is 100% a "GO" before I share. So, I promise, I'll be ready to share it REAL month even :-D.

Alrighty, since I neglected to do the Friday Flower Fix (again) last's a few shots for ya....

Okie dokie, that's about it for me today. My "sponsor" wants to read a Clifford the Big Red Dog book to me before she goes to bed. So I'd better pay attention...I may be quizzed later, lol.

Ya'll have a good night and I'll talk to you soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back up and running

Hello everyone!

Well, my computer is back up and running now. However, I now need to get my "posting" thoughts back together and I'll have a few things to share with you. So again, I ask for your patience...for just another day or 2 then I'll be back in full force, ok?

See ya'll soon...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Powder Springs (as opposed to Houston)...we have a problem!

Hello everyone in blogland.

Once again, I am experiencing technical difficulties with my beloved computer. FORTUNATLY, it's nothing that I did...this time :-). In fact, the problem is so sporatic, that I'm having to type this rather quickly so my computer won't freeze and lock up.

Also fortunately, I happen to not only be married to, but I also live with, sleep with and have children with my "system administrator", LOL...therefore, this issue will be solved shortly.

(Added @ 3:44pm) Well, it is now 6 hours AFTER I first attempted to post my system has frozen up on me 2 - 3 times.

So if you would...PLEASE STAND BY... :-).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Be back in a minute...

Hey everyone!

Sorry, I haven't posted recently.

And this time it wasn't just because I haven't had much to write about. But I've been playing "doctor" to my little princess. She's all better now and back at school. But now, I'm playing catch up with the few things I wasn't able to do while she was home and under the weather.

I'll be back with the program shortly....please stay tuned :-).

Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's SNOWtime!!!

The weatherman/woman/person was RIGHT!!! It's SNOWING!

Well, it was!

Check this out... It's snowing in my backyard.

Strangely enough, it's snowing in my front yard too, lol.

Just in case the videos didn't do it for's some still shots, LOL.

Oh, and before I leave you to go peel Jayla off the window and stop her from saying (between sniffing, coughing and sneezing), "Aww Mom, I wanna throw a snowball at you!" I want to let you know that she is feeling better today. The fever is gone. However, now I think we're in full fledged cold mode. So she may be home with mommy tomorrow too. Hmmm, what movies will we watch this time??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.