Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day...ummmm....Be Thankful extended a few days :-)

I realize that the "Thankful" posts were for the month of November. But I thought today was another day to be thankful.

Twenty-six years ago today, God blessed me with my beautiful daughter, Briyanna.
December 7, 1984
18 months old
Not sure why I'm posting this one,
I just think it's SUPER cute :-).
And I'd like to take a(NOTHER) minute to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
(well, a week ago,lol)
Love you, Bri!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30 - Last, but not least, Be Thankful

Today, Tuesday, on the last day of my Be Thankful posts, I am thankful for - ANSWERED PRAYERS!

Most of you know that I catch a bunch of slack from my friends (and family) about being (or WANTING to be) first in the carpool line at Jayla's school. :-)  Well, I'm STILL that way :-).

Today, I was first in line. It's been raining off and on today (mostly ON!) So I wanted Jayla to be one of the first ones out. But I failed to realize that today, being first wasn't that great. Reason being, there are 5 "stops" in picking up the kids at her school. And #1 is the furthest away from where the kids are actually dismissed. So being that it was raining today, she'd get REALLY wet having to walk all the way down to the #1 spot. (Lesson learned by mommy)

Anyway, as I sat in my spot waiting for school to let out, the sky just OPENED up and it was POURING down raining. I could hardly see out of my windshield. So I said a little prayer, asking God to please, either stop or slow down the rain until all the kids were in their vehicles. The rain continued to fall and the wind picked up. But just as the last child walked into the gym (which is where car riders are dismissed from) and the final bell rang...the rain...STOPPED! :-) All I could do was smile and thank God for answering my prayer.

I don't doubt or question what God is able to do for those who love Him. But it's not often that a prayer of mine is answered almost IMMEDIATELY!  Absolutely amazing!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 29 - Be Thankful

Today, Monday, November 29th, I am thankful for - BEDTIME!

What a day!

Today wasn't abnormally crazy or anything. But I was really looking forward to bedtime. Not just for myself...but mostly for my 9 year old :-).  Most of the time, she is WIRED in the evenings. And bedtime cannot come quick enough sometimes. All I hear in the play room is singing, dancing, and laughing. NONE of things are bad. It's just after a while, it just gets...um, loud :-).

I realize I should embrace these moments as they will be over in a few years. I've been blessed to hear these sounds from 2 other kids prior to Jayla.

And there are no sounds as pleasant as hearing your child enjoy life and having a good time. I guess, when you think about it, her having this "fun" in the evenings, makes an easy bedtime. By the time 9pm rolls around, she's BEAT! :-) We have never had any trouble with Jayla going to bed when it's time. For that, I am also thankful.

MY bedtime is the time I look forward to spending with Mister M. Although I "call it a night" soon after Jayla goes to bed, Mister M. and I are either talking & catching up with eachother or watching TV. So we may not even go to sleep ourselves until 11pm or so. Gotta love winding down at the end of a busy (or not so busy) day!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 - Be Thankful

Today, Sunday, November 28th, I am thankful for - MY TRANSPORTATION

Ok, here's the thing...I cannot STAND my vehicle! There, I said it!

I CURRENTLY drive one of these....
2002 Nissan Quest
Add a couple layers of dirt, a few "dust" pictures on the windows, some door scratches & dings from bicycle handlebars/shopping carts, 3 soccer magnets, 1 school magnet,  throw in a few Skittles & french fries, some soccer cleats, folding chairs and remove 2 of the Nissan lug nut covers off of one front and one rear tire, and this one would look EXACTLY like mine :-).

I USE to drive one of these....
2001 Chevy Tahoe
However, mine had some SEXY rims on the tires and NO giant scratch on the passenger door :-).

And I WANT to drive one of these... :-)
2010 Chevy Tahoe

Do we see a pattern here? No?!? Well, I'm kinda partial to a Chevy Tahoe. I LOVE being up high and let's face it, this is SO much sexier than a...than a...(I can't even SAY it!)...than a...m...mi...minivan!!! ARGH!!! :-)

But I must say, although I'm not fond of my Quest, I am SOOOO VERY thankful that I have a dependable mode of transportation. I do miss my Tahoe. But I DO NOT miss having a gas guzzler and a car payment.  We purchased the Tahoe the month after we found out we were expecting J'Bear. And we kept it for almost 2 years. We traded it for the Quest because we found out we were expecting AGAIN (J'Bear was 14 months old).  The Tahoe had a chunky monthly payment. And we had to quickly cut expenses somewhere considering we were about to have another baby. Getting rid of the Tahoe and getting the Quest was the best move for us.

Sadly, the week after we bought the Quest, I miscarried. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't wonder if the Tahoe was still at the dealership :-).

Good news is, we paid off the Quest in 8 months and for the past several years have had NO car payments.  The Quest may not be visually appealing. But it is very dependable, doesn't guzzle gas, has (almost) enough room for all our STUFF. AND...has a VCR in it! LOL

I always said I didn't want to be one of those moms, that not only drove a minivan, but had magnets on it and spent my weekends chauffeuring around soccer players. But ya know what? I AM one of those moms! I'm a soccer mom/coaches wife...and I LOVE it!  My minivan is not WHO I am...it's WHAT I drive! Although people honk their horns at me now, I'm thankful that I have something to safely drive my family & friends around in.

I'm still holding out for that new Tahoe though. Please send all donations to.....:-) LOL

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 27 - Be Thankful

Today, Saturday, November 27th, I am thankful for - JUNK MAIL (aka "good mail")!

Ya know what? It really is the highlight of my day to hear the mail truck drive down our street. Seriously!  I love checking the mail. And my favorite thing to receive is JUNK MAIL, or good mail! Some people hate it...I love it! Why, you might ask? First, let's define what exactly is meant by JUMK MAIL.

Junk Mail consists of advertisements, coupons, magazines, credit card offers, catalogs, etc. So basically, anything BUT bills. I also enjoy receiving letters/cards (GOOD mail). You know....LETTERS, it's a handwritten "email" of sorts from a friend or family member. A letter!! :-)  I don't receive them much, but I do enjoy getting them. J'Bear has recently become a Pen Pal with my friends son. And she just loves it! It's so cute to see the things they write about and how "to the point" they are. Nothing long, just quick questions & answers. Love it!

I need to find myself a pen pal.

I remember a while back when me and another friend chatted quite a bit, she would tell me how she had such a "good mail day".  Good mail days included her receiving a new magazine or a visit from the UPS man :-).  I mean, she's got a point...let's be real. Almost ANYTHING that the UPS man brings is GOOD, right?

Anyway, I think I defined it appropriately above...Junk mail is ANYTHING EXCEPT BILLS!!! :-)  Ok, to some people bills may be junk mail, LOL.  For the record, today was a good mail day...NO BILLS!!! :-)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 26 - Be Thankful

Today, Friday, November 26th, I am thankful for - LEFT OVERS

...enough said! LOL

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25 - Be Thankful

Today, November 25th, I am thankful for - FELLOWSHIP

I'll be honest, I was a little nervous about our Thanksgiving get together this year. Last year, we had Thanksgiving here at our house. And as in the past, we "discussed" who would host the festivities the following year. My SIL was the chosen one this year.  My SIL is a single woman, she lives alone and quite frankly, isn't use to or accustomed to having a house full of people. Especially young kids running around. So needless to say, I was a little nervous about it. And from what it sounds like, she wasn't really looking forward to it.

BUT...we got to my SIL's house and she had it so beautifully decorated. Along with us bringing most of the main Thanksgiving staples, she also asked me to make 3 centerpieces for the tables. She was so excited that I chose to use fresh, Fall flowers and candles for the centerpieces. It just added to how nice everything was.

You guys, there was SO MUCH food!  It all looked DEEElicious!!! My MIL (Bless her heart) cooked for 3 days prior to the big event. And good LAWD did my house smell DEVINE!!! :-)

The 20+ family members that were there all joined hands, forming a giant circle. And my husband said the most beautiful blessing. Making sure to not only bless the delicious food. But the preparers of the food, the hostess, and the FELLOWSHIP of family.

Doesn't get much better than that. Well, maybe if the Cowboys had won...LOL!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24 - Be Thankful

Today, November 24th, I am thankful for - DOWN TIME

Ok, most people who know me, know that I am NOT one to just...BE!  If I'm not sleeping, I'd much rather be in my craftroom doing...SOMETHING! Or I'm out and about running errands or volunteering somewhere.

But I'll be honest, I do enjoy my down time. That's the time that I'm either laying in bed watching my many "guilty pleasure" shows. Or reading a magazine. Or doing a word search puzzle. Or just lying in bed talking and laughing with Mister M.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Days 21, 22 & 23 - Be Thankful

SERIOUSLY??? I'm 3 days behind?

Trust me, it's NOT because I'm NOT thankful...it's because I'm FORGETFUL!! :-)

Ok, let's see....

On Sunday, day 21, I was thankful for - GORGEOUS WEATHER!!

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Our U16 boys had a soccer tournament over the weekend and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I won't even get into the actual game, as that's not what this post is about. I will just say that this weekend was a one that I was glad that we are a soccer family :-).  Nothing better than being outside, enjoying friends/family & a beautiful day.

On Saturday after the games, we went to my sisters house to visit with my mom & her husband who were in town. My sister made a big ole pot of chili and I made a big ole pot of Santa Fe soup. The food & the fellowship were AWESOME!  We didn't get home until 1am on Sunday morning! A great time was had by all.
(I will share pix soon.)

On Monday, day 22, I was thankful for - MISTER M. BEING ON VACATION

My hubby usually works from home on Mondays. He's been doing that for quite some time now. But for some reason, it seems a little different, a little more fun, when he's on VACATION as opposed to "working". He'll be on vacation all this week...and he makes sure that we know it! :-)

Oh Monday, me, Mister M. J'Bear and my MIL all ran errands together. Usually it's just me & my MIL (unless J'Bear is out of school). Our first stop was to the doctors office for my MIL's monthly bloodwork. Afterwards, we headed to the first grocery store. I'll tell ya, Mister M. & J'Bear do NOT make a good mix at the store :-).  He's just a big ole kid!

Anyway, I just love that he's home with us this week and choosing to spend his vacation doing stuff with us. Although vacations when we get to travel somewhere are THE BEST...Mister M. being home with us is an awesome vacation too.

Today, Tuesday, day 23, I am thankful for - NAPTIME

Ok, if there's nothing else in the world that I'm good at, NAPS has got to be my #1 :-). I LOVE taking naps. And I'm not one of those sissy, 15, 20 or 30 minute nappers either! lol  I nap for 2 - 3 HOURS!!! Especially when the weather is like it was today...kinda overcast, kinda gloomy, kinda chilly...you know what I mean! It's PERFECT napping weather.

I try very hard not to take naps during the work week. But I'll be honest, sometimes it's all I can do to stay awake. But on the weekends...or when everyone is at home (like this week) and there's nothing but lazy lounging going on around me...I'm ALL OVER taking a nap!!

Yeah, I'm a good napper! In fact, I think I'm gonna go take one now :-).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 20 - Be Thankful

Today, November 20th, I am thankful for - JAYLA!!!

On Tuesday, November 20, 2001,  after 11 LONG years of prayer (and trying), God sent me & Mister M. a beautiful blessing....
24 Hours old.
3 Months old.
1st Birthday.
(Look at that face! I LOVE it! She did NOT wanna touch
that cake, lol)
(Age 4)
Age 5
1st Grade
Age 6
2nd Grade
Age 7
And here we are, 9 years later...and He continues to bless us with this BEAUTIFUL little lady!
...well, almost today :-)...she was 8 in this
3rd Grade picture, taken about a month ago.
She still looks like this :-).

Love you bunches, J'Bear!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just had to share...

Hello again!

As I mentioned in my last Be Thankful post, I made the cake for J'Bears birthday party.  Well, here are some pix.

Meet, Princess Tiana :-)
Princess Tiana & the cupcakes.
J'Bear hear her FAVORITE song...
Happy Birthday to YOU!!! cha,cha, cha :-)
Making a wish

Well, that's all I have for now. I'm POOPED!!! Ya'll have a great weekend.

Day 19 - Be Thankful

Happy Friday, everyone!!!  We made it!

Today, November 19th, I am thankful for - FRENCH DIP SANDWICHES!

Ok, I know those of you who have taken time to read this, are saying to yourselves, "Ok Dawn...get SERIOUS!" :-)  See, here's the thing...I AM serious!  I WAS gonna say that I'm thankful for "QUICKIES". But I know what some of you might have thought...so I decided against it, lol.

However, had I actually said, "QUICKIES", it would have tied in to what I'm thankful for today. Here's why...tomorrow is my J'Bears 9th birthday! And due to scheduling, we are having her birthday tonight...in an hour and 10 minutes to be exact.

This is how I spent my day today...listen fast! I dropped J'Bear off at school at 7:20am. Went directly to Walmart (not the one I normally go to) to pick up a few groceries AND to get the last of the items needed for J'Bears party. I get all of the items I need...ONLY to get to the TINY party section and find that they don't have the Princess & The Frog stuff that I need! SERIOUSLY!!! (NOTE: the reason this ticked me off was because I was just in another Walmart yesterday for my MIL, where they had all the stuff, but I needed, but it had to wait til today when we got paid)  So, I walk around a few times...I guess hoping the stuff would drop from the rafters. Had I known what I needed wasn't gonna be there, I would've gone to the OTHER Walmart to get EVERYTHING! 

Anyway, I leave one Walmart, drive the 20+ minutes to the OTHER Walmart, picked up the Princess stuff I needed. Then headed home. I got home around 9:15ish. And immediately started working on the Princess Tiana cake that I promised J'Bear. (pictures to follow in another post) That took me till noonish. After that, I iced the 24 cupcakes I'd made and sprayed them all purple & pink :-). THEN...at 1:30ish, I left to pick J'Bear up from school. Came home and finished setting up for the party.

Which brings me to the reason I'm thankful for French Dip Sandwiches. You may notice in my above commentary of what I did today, that I didn't mention breakfast or lunch? Well, that's cuz I didn't eat. And considering there will be 9 little girls here within the next hour, I had to fix a QUICKIE dinner. Get it? :-) So see, that's why I'm thankful for sandwiches today. I would not have had time to fix my normal, everyday, 4 course, gourmet meal for my family. LOL...who am I kidding?

So there...today, I am thankful for QUICKIE FRENCH DIP SANDWICHES!!!  Talk to you tomorrow!!! (I hope...it's gonna be a long day...away from home. So Day 20 may be done along with Day 2). Maybe!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 - Be Thankful

Happy Thursday!!

Today, November 18th, I am thankful for - CALENDARS!!!

Oh my goodness, where on EARTH would I be if I didn't have a calendar (in almost EVERY main room of the house, in my purse and on my cell phone)?  I am a planner by nature. But I am also an OVERscheduler (or over committer...you pick) and forgetter of things :-).

I've mentioned over the years, that I am big into volunteering at J'Bears school. And I admit, I have a problem with saying, "NO!" I do...I swear!!  What's strange about this "problem" I seem to have is...although I like to volunteer and help out where I'm needed. I like to do it behind the scenes. I don't want people to know that it was ME who helped pull something together. Anyway, that's another THANKFUL thing for another day :-).

I have a calendar in my craft room with 5 different colored pens nearby. Pink is for J'Bear, Red is for Mister M., Turquoise is for my MIL, Green is for family events and Purple is for me. So as things need to be scheduled, I write them in the corresponding color on this calendar. In the kitchen, is the "Family" Calendar where each of us, including Trae (our doggie) has a column. MOST of the time, the same things that are on my craft room calendar, are on the kitchen calender. Then there's the yearly calender in our bedroom, which is just to glance at when we need to know what date falls on what day. THEN, there's the pocket sized calendar I keep in my purse...which is mainly there to take up space. Because I hardly write in it. LASTLY & most importantly, there's the calendar feature on my cell phone. It's used for everything I mentioned above :-).

So yes, I am thankful for calendars...I need to be, don't I? LOL Enjoy your evening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 17 - Be Thankful

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Today, November 17th, I am thankful for - BIRTHDAYS!!!

Yep, today is my 44th birthday!  I know that any respectable woman doesn't tell her real age. But ya know what? I'm proud to be 44!  I will admit, there are days that I actually look my age :-).  But then there are other days that I look pretty darn good to be "my age".

I have truly been blessed with 44 years of life on this earth. And what an amazing life it has been. Sure, there are some things that I'd change or "alter" if I could. But then, I wouldn't be who I am today if certain things hadn't taken place in my life.

I pray that 44 isn't IT for me...that God will bless me with many, many more days/months/years on this earth. I've still got plenty of living to do. And I think I'll start...TODAY!!!

Enjoy your day!!

BIRTHDAY UPDATE:  I just received these from my daddy!  Thank you, daddy...I love you!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 16 - Be Thankful


Today, November 16th, I am thankful for - CREATIVITY

I kinda feel like I was thankful for this already. But I didn't see it on my list of posts :-).

Anyway, I AM thankful for my creativity. I love being able to create something out of nothing. I'm a very visual person and I can see the potential in most things. My friends (and some of my family) get a little nervous when they say they like something, but won't buy it because of the price or whatever. And I tell them, "I bet I can MAKE that!" :-)  Mister M. gets really nervous when he comes home and I've been "creating". He's just waiting on the day that he comes home from work and that screened porch, or that larger pantry has been built. LOL

Nah, I'm not that bad. Seriously!! But I DO love to make things. I'm a scrapbooker. I'm a jewelry maker. I'm a (amateur) seamstress. I've recently become a creator of all things Duct Tape :-).  I LOVE Lowe's! I LOVE Michaels, JoAnns & Hobby Lobby!!! If I had an inexhaustible cash flow, these are the places I'd like to spend most of it :-).

God has given us all gifts. We are all good at SOMETHING. And I do think we're all CREATIVE in one way or another. How are you creative?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15 - Be Thankful

Hi ya'll!

Today, Monday, November 15th, I am thankful for - MONDAYS!!!

Yep, I said it!  :-)  I use to be like a bunch of other people out there and simply HATED Mondays. Welp, not anymore. I've had some really awesome things happen to me on a Monday. One thing that immediately comes to mind is, we found out we were pregnant with J'Bear (after trying & praying for 11 L.O.N.G. years!) on a Monday.

Monday is usually the beginning of the work week for most people. The first day of that long 5 day work week. C'mon is it THAT bad? I remember when I was working outside the home full time...and I'll admit it, I didn't like having to deal with all that first day of the week kinda STUFF!  But think about it, if the work week started on, say a Wednesday, we'd complain about that too, wouldn't we? Ok, maybe it's just me :-).

But these days I'm really partial to Mondays because it's the day that Mister M. works from home. I try not to "bother" him. By simply TRYING to act like he's not here. But that's kinda difficult for me. I LOVE that he's just across the hall in the next room.

Anyway, that's what I'm thankful for today...Mondays!!! Hey look at it this way, think of Mondays as the beginning of something new. A day to finish up or start a new project...or WHATEVER! You'll never have another Monday like this one..Enjoy it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14 - Be Thankful

Happy Sunday!!

Today, November 14th, I am thankful for - BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

Ok, here's the thing...I NOT a fan of cold weather! And fortunately, it's not cold here...YET!!! But Georgia does have cold "potential" :-).  I ran out to the store earlier today and it was about 65 degrees outside. GORGEOUS!!! We even had a soccer game yesterday afternoon and it was about 70 out. Beautiful glue skies and beautiful white clouds dotting the sky.

Although Mister M. tells me I'm no longer to say this. But I was born in NYC!  And I thank my mom for moving me to the south. (although the circumstances could've been a little different. But we won't discuss that right now, lol). We moved to the south back in 1973. And honestly, I can't see us living anywhere else. Sure, it gets pretty dang cold here. And we even get, AHEM...a "snow like"substance from time to time in the winter :-). I think we get more ice than anything though.

I LOVE the Spring & the Fall. Those are my two favorite seasons. Cuz it's not HOT and it's not COLD. But if you've ever lived in or visited Georgia, that, "It's not HOT or COLD" thing is subject to change at any given moment. In the SUMMER, especially in August...it's just TOO DANG hot! And in the WINTER, especially February and/or March, it's just TOO DANG cold! ARGH!!! I hate wearing a coat. I mean everytime you get in the car to go somewhere, you've gotta take it off so you'll be comfy. Then put it back on when you get out. UGH!!!  Oh and Winter is VERY deceiving...you look out the window, the sun is shining and the sky is beautiful and blue. Then you go outside and it's FA-Reezing!!! (what a sneaky trick!)

Then in Summer, I love having the air conditioner on in the car. Mister M. tells me I should just let the windows down and have "fresh" air. Well DUH...I might mess up my hair!!! :-) AND...and...why would I want HOT fresh air?

Anyway, I do love that the weather changes. I'm sure I'd get bored with the same type of weather all the time, wouldn't I?  I have learned that God is gonna do what HE wants to do :-).  And the cold/hot seasons are not going to go by any faster if I complain about it. SO...I just enjoy what we get...and I don't pitch a fit! LOL

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13 - Be Thankful

Today, Saturday, November 13th, I am thankful for - WEEKENDS!

I LOVE the weekend! And I think I've gained a new perspective and enjoyment for weekends since I stopped working 6+ years ago. My weekends use to be spent running errands, grocery shopping or cleaning. Now, my weekends are spent ENJOYING my family and time with them. I don't waste my "days off" with rushing around and complaining about the weekend not being long enough to do the things I NEED to do. And don't let it be soccer season! All of the things I mentioned that need to be done, now need to be done around the game schedule.

NOT ANYMORE!!! God blessed my husband, which in turn blessed me, which in turn blessed my family, with me being able to quit working and stay at home to take care of my family. Errands, grocery shopping and cleaning can now be done during the week. Along with all the other things I CHOOSE to do!  Weekends  signify that the "normal" week has ENDED and it's time have some fun and actually ENJOY time with my family. My hubby is home. J'Bear is home. And life is good!

Oooo, gotta go...it's soccer season you know! :-D

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12 - Be Thankful

Good morning!

Today, Friday, November 12th, I am thankful for - OTC Drugs (more specifically, ADVIL!)

Ok, I know, I know...this is probably not the appropriate thing to put that I'm thankful for.  Maybe appropriate isn't the "appropriate" word either...but I AM thankful for Advil. Especially today (and last night). I have had a very dull tension headache since yesterday around 11A.M.ish. Yesterday, I think it was self induced. MAYBE I hadn't stopped to eat and what I actually had was a hunger headache. I get those quite often...but it's my own fault and I KNOW IT!

BUT...I'm not 100% convinced that the tension headache that I think I have now, is my fault. So what I waited too long to eat (again) last night. So what I'm a side sleeper and don't really know the proper way to sleep on a pillow that I can almost see through. So what I don't always wear my glasses when I spend long hours (broken up hours throughout the day) on my computer. SO WHAT I'm kinda stressing about how I'm going to entertain 10 little girls for Jayla's birthday party next week. SO...WHAT!!! :-)

Hmmm, maybe my current headache is self-induced...again! But the pillow part is NOT my fault! :-) Ya gotta give me that one!?!

ANYWAY...I am in fact thankful for Advil. I mean, people use OTC drugs during this time of year all the time...why not be thankful for them? LOL

Enjoy your day, everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 - Be Thankful

Today, November 11th, I am thankful for - OUR VETERANS!!!!

I am able to live in the land of the FREE...courtesy of the BRAVE!!!

Special thanks to ALL veterans, for ALL that you've done, for ALL that you're doing. And for ALL that you will do!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Days 9 & 10 - Be Thankful

ARGH!!! I forgot again!!!

Yesterday, November 9th, I was thankful for - My weekly Girls Night Out (GNO)
Ok, I admit it, we women NEED time together to just...BE GIRLS!!! For a little over 6 years now, I have been TOTALLY blessed by having a weekly GNO with my friends. Our circle of friends has changed over the years...beginning with just 2 of us and has gotten as large 12! Some of the women have moved on for one reason or another, some have left & come back and there are those who are only able to come every so often. But for the most part, there's still quite a few of us who still make it a priority to get together.

Most of us are SAHM's and really NEED the "adult" interaction :-).  When we first started GNO, we got together to scrapbook. That was the one thing most of us had in common. Then we made it into more of a "crafting" night. THEN...it evolved into where we are now, just a bunch of women getting together for a few hours just to fellowship, chat, eat, laugh, maybe a little crafting and even cry. We've gotten together to see the chick flicks that our husbands would NEVER accompany us to :-). We've gone out to dinner. We've met for coffee and/or dessert. Gone to a comedy club. And even gotten together for a girls weekend. WHATEVER we do, we just have fun and as I stated earlier, act like girls!

At one point or another over the past 6+ years, each of us has been at the point in our day/week where we simply CANNOT WAIT until GNO! We all need that down time and that release, so to speak from our everyday lives...that we LOVE!!

Today, Wednesday, November 10th - I am thank for MEMORIES!
Although as I type this it appears that I don't actually HAVE a memory, LOL (because I keep forgetting to do my "Be Thankful" posts). But I do! It's not a very good one...but I love the one I have :-).  I became a scrapbooker for that very reason. I so enjoy looking back at pictures from "back in the day", to reminisce, to smile, to laugh and sometimes to cry. I remember when I became a mother. I remember when I became a wife. And I have the memory of when I became a mother...AGAIN! I love remembering birthdays, anniversaries, school events and those other special moments in my life.

I am SO thankful that God gave us memories. Can you imagine what life would be like if we couldn't look back at the good (and sometimes bad) experiences we've had? Or if we couldn't remember those that we've loved and lost? What a waste those experiences would be if they didn't come to mind from time to time.

I hope I remember to post tomorrow...LOL. Enjoy your day today...hopefully, it'll be one that you have fond memories of.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Day 8 - Be Thankful

Today, Monday, November 8th, I am thankful for...

MY FRIENDS! Man, I have some of THE best friends EVER!!! I try and teach my 8 year old not to use the word "FRIEND" lightly. That's a huge label to give someone. But I guess when you're 8 ANY and EVERY person you meet is considered a "friend". It is easier to say than, "associate"! LOL :-)

But I have some people in my life that I have known since elementary school. And one, in particular, I consider to be one of my very best friends. In fact, we use to live on the same street back in the day and use to walk to school together. DeeDee is a year older than me. But we've known eachother since I was in the 1st grade and she was in 2nd. Sadly, we don't get to see eachother like we'd like to. But when we talk, it's like talked everyday for the past 10 years :-).  I just love her!!

My other BFF :-) is Stacey!  Stacey & I met about 4 months after I became a SAHM.  And I am CONVINCED that God sent her to be in my life. Being a new SAHM mom, I was kinda lost and not sure where I fit in anymore. I mean, I had "friends" at work. But once I stopped working, I didn't see those people much. And communicating with them eventually came to an end. Sure, some of them I may chat with from time to time. But for the most part, those relationships are kinda over. Stacey moved here from Nebraska by way of Ohio. She too is a SAHM and when we met, she was pregnant with her 4th child. We met on a Monday as I was on my way to the bus stop on the first day of school to meet Markell. The first thing she asked me, after asking my name was if I was a scrapbooker :-).  Next, she mentioned that she and some friends in Ohio use to get together once a week for GNO to scrapbook. That was right up my alley! I invited her to scrapbook with me that following Wednesday and we've met every week since then...and that was over 6 years ago.

I have also been blessed with some wonderful people that I consider my friends, via this BLOG. I've had the privilege of meeting some of you in person. But over the years, I've developed some awesome relationships with people I have yet to lay eyes on. Love you guys!!!

Love my FRIENDS!!! What an awesome gift God has given us in our friendships!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Days 6 & 7 - Be Thankful

Ooops, sorry, I missed day 6 of being thankful. We headed to the soccer fields at 8:00am and didn't return until almost 9pm!  So I kinda didn't have time to update.  But I'm gonna catch up now.

Yesterday, Saturday, November 6th - I was thankful for MERCY!
God has shown me SO much mercy. Honestly, by no means am I terrible, hateful, mean or WHATEVER else is bad, kinda person. But I am also, by no means perfect or deserving of what I receive from God. He has TRULY blessed me with ALL of my needs and ya know, He often blesses me with my wants. I don't ask for much out of life, but I am human and there are things that I desire. And the Lord has shown me His mercy by blessing me with MANY of the desires of my heart. And for that MERCY, I am thankful.

Today, Sunday, November 7th - I am thankful for FAMILY!
I love my family! I TRULY do! Of course, we've had our difficult times and experiences that we'd rather not remember. But when the rubber hits the road, I am truly blessed by having every single one of these people in my life. For those of you in my family who are reading this, I LOVE YOU!!! And for those of you who don't read my blog, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! :-)

Enjoy your week, everyone!!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 5 - Be Thankful

Today, Friday, November 5th, I am thankful for....

PAY DAY :-) - Ok, as most of you know, I have been blessed with the ability to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).  I have been home now a little over 6 years. And BOY is it overwhelming! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my life and wouldn't trade it for the world. But I am, by nature a worrier. And for the past 6 years, I have WORRIED that my husbands salary alone would be enough to take care of all our needs. Let alone our wants. 

But to DATE...it has been proven, month after month. Year after year, that we can and DO meet all of our financial obligations.

I guess you're wondering what brought this "thought" about? Well, briefly, I had to go grocery shopping today. And it may be due to my current PMSing emotional state. But I had a major melt down at the grocery store today. From August to about January every year, we do kinda struggle a little bit financially. So many things happen around the same time frame and sometimes it's hard to get caught back up. But again, we DO! By the grace of God...we get caught up. Anyway, I went to the store today and it was a major shopping day. So I pretty much HAD to get one of everything :-).  I get to the register with my full shopping cart, only to have the lady ring up everything, scan my $5.00 worth of coupons and drop the $214.44 total on me! I thought I'd pass out! That may not sound like a lot to some. But again, due to my current emotional state, I MELTED!! Mister M. worked from home today. So that added to my stress as I knew he'd be here when I got here with all this...STUFF! 

Anyway, I come home, Mister M. comes down to help me unload the car and I lost it again. I wish you could've seen the look on Mister M. & his mothers face when I started to cry! They asked what was wrong and I told them how much I HATE grocery shopping, how much I HATE that everything costs so much, and how I HATE that I feel like I'm just throwing away Mister M's hard earned money. As he stood there with his mouth dropped open because I was literally...TRIPPIN! :-) He asked how much I'd spent. Hesitantly, I told him the amount. ONLY for him to say, "That's ALL?!?!" To which I almost passed out again :-).  He then says, "Hmmm, I was expecting at LEAST $250 today, so you did GOOD!" HUH!!!  Maybe next time I should ask what my "limit" is before I head out to do the shopping. At least then I don't have to embarrass myself by crying over GROCERIES.

THIS is why I'm thankful for PAYDAY!!! The blessing in all of this is, at least we HAVE the money to pay for what we need. Crazy thing is, I KNOW this. But it's still hard for me. See ya next time, Payday!!

Enjoy your day, everyone.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day 4 - Be Thankful

Today, Thursday, November 4th, I am thankful for....

WARMTH - It's a little on the chilly side here in the United States of Powder Springs, Georgia :-).  And I am SO thankful that me and my family have warm clothes to wear, warm jackets to put on, heat in the car, heat in the house and warm cozy blankets to snuggle under. There are SO many people who don't have those things...for one reason or another. My thoughts & prayers are with them. 

Enjoy your day, everyone.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 3 - Be Thankful

Today on Wednesday, November 3nd, I am thankful for...

LAUGHTER!!! For those of you who know me, you know that I am just as silly as they come :-).  I LOVE to laugh!  There's nothing better than the sound of people (especially children) laughing!  Laughing can sometime be a good work out for the body! And we've all heard, at one time or another, that laughter is good for the soul.  Don't get me wrong, I'm serious when the situation calls for it. But for the most part, I find humor in just about every situation. I find that I laugh at myself more than anything :-).  I'm gonna be something else when I get old(er), lol.

So, do yourself a favor and have a great laugh today. And to get you started, check out this funny commercial I saw recently. Ya'll know I love me some soccer...so this was right up my alley!  :-)

Enjoy your day!! And have a laugh...on me!! ;)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 2 - Be Thankful

Today on Tuesday, November 2nd, I am thankful for...

The gift of music & song. Thanks to a post on my friend Jacki's Facebook page today, I was inspired to go listen to a few music videos on YouTube from the movie, "The Fighting Temptations". I LOVE that movie! And even more than that, I love the MUSIC and singing in that movie. Ok...I love ALL kinds of music anyway and I love to sing (in the shower, in my car, at my desk, etc.) it's one of my (many) favorite past times. 

Monday, November 01, 2010

Be Thankful

My sweet friend, Miss Sue, challenged me (via Facebook)...in a round-about kinda way, to do a post every day during the month of November, telling what I am thankful for.

So, being the obedient friend that I am, :-) Here we go...

Today on Monday, November 1st, I am thankful for...
me, my family & my friends waking up this morning. God has blessed us with yet, another undeserved day. And for that, I am thankful.

Until tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

There comes a time...

...in every woman's life, that she must try something new. But in MY case...I seem to try something new, in the crafting world anyway, on a weekly basis. :-)

My new craft (at the moment) is creating accessories with duct tape. Sounds crazy, but it's really cool! Some of you who are on Facebook, have already seen some of my creations.

But believe it or not, I've had several people ask to buy some of my items. SO...if you're interested, check out my new blog, http://dawncrafts.blogspot.com/.

In an effort not to bore my "Be Inspired" readers to tears, I thought it would be a good idea to create a place just for my crafts. So again, if you're interested, check it out. And if you're not, that's cool. Just keep visiting me here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Talk soon!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our 3rd grader

Happy Sunday  to everyone!

Alright, here I go again...being a proud momma! I just can't believe how much J'Bear has changed/grown up over the years. Today, I pulled together all of her Fall pictures since she's been in school. And wow, what a difference.

1st grade-Fall
2nd grade-Fall
This years picture. 3rd grade-Fall
She is quickly losing that "little girl" face and is turning into a young lady. But she still has that sweet smile!

Anyway, that's all for now. I just had to share :-).  Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Talk soon!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Commemorating Breast Cancer month with Duct Tape

Here is another Duct Tape creation that I'm really proud of. And it couldn't have come at a better time. My daughter asked me to make her a Breast Cancer awareness tote bag out of duct tape. And who am I to not take on a challenge? :-)

The first picture is side 1 (black DT w/ Pink & white ribbon)

Side 2 (white DT w/ Pink & black ribbon)

Sides of bag.

I LOVE this bag. In fact, I think it's my favorite so far.  It measures about 14"x10"x3.5". 

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

If it doesn't kill you...it'll only make you stronger...

My goodness, a lot has changed on BLOGGER since I last posted. In fact, it's looking a little wonky. Not sure how to fix it. But I'll figure it out.

ANYWAY...how has everyone been?  I can't tell you how many times I've attempted to do a post only to get distracted by something else (mostly Facebook) and totally forget.  Well, today (Wednesday, 10/13), if it takes me a week, I'm gonna post something.:-)

In my last post, I mentioned that my oldest daughter was moving back home. At the time, we didn't know how long she'd be here. And quite frankly, we were a little scared to even guess :-).  She, her dog, Diego and her attitude all moved in about a month ago. Again, we didn't know how long she'd be here. In fact, she had no idea either. But as soon as she noticed that some things just don't change at "home", she quickly started making plans to relocate yet again.  I admit, it can be quite difficult and maybe a little embarrassing to have to  move back in with your parents. Fortunately, I don't know this from personal experience. But I'm just guessing.

Needless to say, we've had our "issues" since she's been here. And I've tried REALLY hard not to be on her too much. As I know this can't be an easy adjustment for her. On her own, when she was 18, she decided to give it a go at being a "real grown up".  And I must say, she's done pretty well. Made some mistakes along the way, as we all do. But some are a little more difficult to recover from than others. Which brings us to today. At the age of 25 (almost 26 in December), she had to move back home with mom, dad & little sister. Honestly, the attitude I can (kinda) deal with. But the dog pissin all over my house is yet another issue all it's own. Don't get me started!

I could go on and on about this. But I won't. I will spare you the gory details. But I will say this, her being back home has, in NO way, shape or form been an easy adjustment...for ANY of us. I will just add that some things never change. And attitudes, ungratefulness, selfishness and down right stubbornness, are some of the hardest to get over.  Let it be known, though, that I TRULY love my daughter. I thank God for her everyday. I just pray that she gets things together really quickly so that she CAN have the desires of her heart. It's really hard to impress on someone, especially your child, that attitude is EVERYTHING! People are watching. And things CAN get worse if you don't fix those PERSONAL issues.

ALRIGHTY...enough about THAT!!! :-) On to everything else that's been going on. So hold on, cuz I'm bout to bring it....:-D

Soccer season has begun (well, it actually started back in August). Did I tell ya'll that already? Anyway...it has :-).  J'Bear and her team (Brazil or Brasil, depending on where you're from) is doing really well this season. So far, they have won 3 of their 4 games. And I'm almost positive these wins have NOTHING to do with the BRIGHT, NEON, HIGHLIGHTER Yellow uniforms they got this season. Good GRACIOUS! Those things are bright. No wonder the teams they play can't score...the poor things can't SEE! LOL

J'bear scored for the first time in a really long time, a couple weeks ago. And I HEARD that it was an awesome goal. I wasn't there.:-( I was on a girls weekend getaway (more on that later). But she did score 2 goals last weekend. Those I did get to see. So now I feel better. :-). Here she is...

J'Bear ready for the Fall season in her Highlighter Yellow uniform.

J'Bear, Gracie and Ashlee
Quick side note. Since B and her dog have moved back in with us for a while, this is a common scene around our house. Poor J'Bear can't even have an afternoon snack in peace. LOL
Trae and Diego watching J'Bear have a snack :-).

Here's another common site in our house. Poor Trae is so tolerable of J'Bear dressing him up :-).  Mister M. says I should be ashamed to show these, lol. I think it's adorable!
Trae all dressed up (and humiliated) :-)

Several weeks ago, Mister M. had his 25th high school class reunion. We had a BLAST! His class is SO close and I just love that. Fortunately, a bunch of us live in the same area and are able to get together. But the reunions are always so much fun. We can't believe we've been out of school now for 25 years! (26 for me!) But we still clean up pretty well ;-).
Mister M's 25th High School Reunion
As I mentioned earlier, the last weekend in September, me and 7 of my Girls Night Out crew decided to go on a girls weekend getaway. Our friend, Lisa, has a lake house about 2 hours from where we all live. So we decided to pack it up and head there for a much needed weekend. We've been planning this weekend for about 6 months. So we were all really excited to finally get away.   Here are a few pictures from our stay...
Beautiful view of Lake Jackson.

Another beautiful lake view at sunset.

Me and my crew on our girls weekend getaway at the lake house.

We took a BUNCH of pictures!  3 of the 8 of us are professional photographers.

One of the girls that was with us, remembered that, years ago,  I'd made some chicken for GNO one night. So back 6 months ago when we started planning this trip, she asked if I'd make more. Well, the girl doesn't forget a thing! So I had to "let my YES be YES" and fry up a batch. It was a huge hit. Needless to say, we ate pretty well that entire weekend.
The Fried Chicken is ready!
YES, there was drinking involved over the weekend!  I made sure the old beverage bar was fully stocked with my DP. :-)

A little thirsty :-).

Takin it to the head!
I kinda like Dr. Pepper, LOL.
Lastly, as if I need another hobby...I found a new craft. I'm sure this has been around for a while. But I live a sheltered life and find out about things later than the average person :-).

I've been making accessories out of Duct Tape.  How cool is that? They have SO many colors available now. When I think of Duct Tape, I think of the old silver stuff. Not anymore. Check out the colors and patterns that are available now...

My Duct Tape wallet (The prototype).

Zebra print wallet made for my oldest daughter.

Hello Kitty change purse f/ J'Bear.
And a purse to match.

Duct Tape tote bag.

Inside the tote.
Well, that's all I have for now. I know it was a long post. But the fact that I haven't been posting wasn't because I haven't had anything to share. So I just did one big dump :-).  Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week. Until next time...I'm out!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Never say never...

Well, a bunch has happened since my last post. (wow, that line reminded me of my old Catholic confession days). :-)

Anyway, I don't quite have all of my thoughts together right now to go into much detail about what's been going on lately. However, I will say that nothing terrible has happened and everyone is doing great. Just been really busy...as always.

BUT...the reason for my post title, "Never say never..." is very easy to explain and a lot of words are not necessary to say...

Our oldest daughter, Briyanna, is moving back home for a while.

Not much else I can say about that at this time. It is what it is!  Stay tuned.......

Friday, August 06, 2010

3rd Grade...HERE SHE COMES!!

Well, the summer is over and it's back to school for our J'Bear. Yesterday...YES!, on a Thursday, was the first day of school.  And boy was she ready!

J'Bear was so ready to start school in fact, that the following conversations have taken place over the past few days.

Convo #1

Background info: Over the summer, Jayla was doing the 2nd - 3rd grade Bridge worksheets...you know, to keep her brain sharp over the summer. There was 1 worksheet per day - front & back."
M - "Jayla, Mrs. W said it might be a good idea for you to do the Bridge book over the summer, so that you will kinda be on top of things when you start back to school. What do you think about that?"
J - Oooo, can we go get one today? Maybe we can get the 3rd - 4th grade bridge too!!" 
(Everyday, Jayla did these worksheets and read for 15+ minutes a day. Once we got the book, the conversation, went a little something like this...almost daily.)
J - "Mom, can I go ahead and do my worksheets?" OR "Mom, do I ONLY have to do one sheet a day?"
M - "Are you kidding me? :-)

Convo #2
J - "Mom, why does the summer have to be sooo LONG? No one asked me if *I* wanted a summer break from school!"
M - "Are you kidding me? :-)

Convo #3
M - "Jayla, on Sunday, you're gonna have to start back going to bed at 9pm. You know school starts on Thursday?"
J - "Awww MAN! I wanted to start going to bed at 8:30!"
M - "Are you kidding me? :-)

Convo #4
M - "Guess what? We're going to do a little school shopping for you today!"
J - "Mom, I don't mind if I have to wear my clothes from last year. But I think I will need a pair of sneakers because my other ones don't fit. I'm sorry you & daddy have to waste money on clothes for me every year!"
M - "Are you kidding me?"

And...Convo #5 (occurred this past Wednesday evening)
M - "Hey, let's go ahead and take out the outfit you wanna wear for your first day of school tomorrow."
J - "Ok! And after we do that, I'll go ahead and take my shower so you won't have to tell me to. I'm in 3rd grade now, so you won't have to tell me to take a shower ANYMORE!"
M - "Who are YOU kidding?!?" LOL
(That "promise" lasted all of one night. I had to tell her 4 times last night to take a shower!) LOL

The first day of school finally came and Jayla was up at 6:05am! When I went to wake her up, she was laying bed, with her eyes closed and this big goofy grin on her face :-).  And she says to me, "SO...you must be looking for a little 3rd grader? WELL...HERE I AM!!! Let's get goin!"  

Needless to say, the first day of school was, "The BEST day of her life!"  I picked her up yesterday afternoon and she was telling all about her day...BEFORE she even got in the car :-).  Then, she crashed and burned when we got home. Guess they worked her little brain to death.

Today, the 2nd day of school, was ALSO the best day of her life!  Not sure how that works...but ok! Lol

Anyway, here's a couple pix of our 3rd grader.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!