Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 2 - Be Thankful

Today on Tuesday, November 2nd, I am thankful for...

The gift of music & song. Thanks to a post on my friend Jacki's Facebook page today, I was inspired to go listen to a few music videos on YouTube from the movie, "The Fighting Temptations". I LOVE that movie! And even more than that, I love the MUSIC and singing in that movie. Ok...I love ALL kinds of music anyway and I love to sing (in the shower, in my car, at my desk, etc.) it's one of my (many) favorite past times. 


Tricia said...

Argh...just lost my response!
Anyhow, I was in agreement with you as far as loving music! It wakes me up and moves me! Always brings a smile to my face!

Have a great day sista!

Jacki Marie said...

I love music too... I've never heard you sing... should I add that to my bucket list? LOL!