Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 12 - Be Thankful

Good morning!

Today, Friday, November 12th, I am thankful for - OTC Drugs (more specifically, ADVIL!)

Ok, I know, I know...this is probably not the appropriate thing to put that I'm thankful for.  Maybe appropriate isn't the "appropriate" word either...but I AM thankful for Advil. Especially today (and last night). I have had a very dull tension headache since yesterday around 11A.M.ish. Yesterday, I think it was self induced. MAYBE I hadn't stopped to eat and what I actually had was a hunger headache. I get those quite often...but it's my own fault and I KNOW IT!

BUT...I'm not 100% convinced that the tension headache that I think I have now, is my fault. So what I waited too long to eat (again) last night. So what I'm a side sleeper and don't really know the proper way to sleep on a pillow that I can almost see through. So what I don't always wear my glasses when I spend long hours (broken up hours throughout the day) on my computer. SO WHAT I'm kinda stressing about how I'm going to entertain 10 little girls for Jayla's birthday party next week. SO...WHAT!!! :-)

Hmmm, maybe my current headache is self-induced...again! But the pillow part is NOT my fault! :-) Ya gotta give me that one!?!

ANYWAY...I am in fact thankful for Advil. I mean, people use OTC drugs during this time of year all the time...why not be thankful for them? LOL

Enjoy your day, everyone!


Lynilu said...

I'm finally getting back into a fairly normal routine. This last month or 6 weeks have been killer. And great, too.

I thought since I'm always whining about you not blogging any more, I'd better make a comment and let you know I'm actually reading it!! LOL! Good to see you! And I'm thankful for you, Dawn. :)

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I have been reading your blog for some time and this is the first time I have posted...

Please get a new pillow ASAP. Tension headaches usually start at the neck, trust me I have a ongoing one that I hope will go away after my wedding next week..

I hope you feel better and remember to eat madam.