Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Days 9 & 10 - Be Thankful

ARGH!!! I forgot again!!!

Yesterday, November 9th, I was thankful for - My weekly Girls Night Out (GNO)
Ok, I admit it, we women NEED time together to just...BE GIRLS!!! For a little over 6 years now, I have been TOTALLY blessed by having a weekly GNO with my friends. Our circle of friends has changed over the years...beginning with just 2 of us and has gotten as large 12! Some of the women have moved on for one reason or another, some have left & come back and there are those who are only able to come every so often. But for the most part, there's still quite a few of us who still make it a priority to get together.

Most of us are SAHM's and really NEED the "adult" interaction :-).  When we first started GNO, we got together to scrapbook. That was the one thing most of us had in common. Then we made it into more of a "crafting" night. evolved into where we are now, just a bunch of women getting together for a few hours just to fellowship, chat, eat, laugh, maybe a little crafting and even cry. We've gotten together to see the chick flicks that our husbands would NEVER accompany us to :-). We've gone out to dinner. We've met for coffee and/or dessert. Gone to a comedy club. And even gotten together for a girls weekend. WHATEVER we do, we just have fun and as I stated earlier, act like girls!

At one point or another over the past 6+ years, each of us has been at the point in our day/week where we simply CANNOT WAIT until GNO! We all need that down time and that release, so to speak from our everyday lives...that we LOVE!!

Today, Wednesday, November 10th - I am thank for MEMORIES!
Although as I type this it appears that I don't actually HAVE a memory, LOL (because I keep forgetting to do my "Be Thankful" posts). But I do! It's not a very good one...but I love the one I have :-).  I became a scrapbooker for that very reason. I so enjoy looking back at pictures from "back in the day", to reminisce, to smile, to laugh and sometimes to cry. I remember when I became a mother. I remember when I became a wife. And I have the memory of when I became a mother...AGAIN! I love remembering birthdays, anniversaries, school events and those other special moments in my life.

I am SO thankful that God gave us memories. Can you imagine what life would be like if we couldn't look back at the good (and sometimes bad) experiences we've had? Or if we couldn't remember those that we've loved and lost? What a waste those experiences would be if they didn't come to mind from time to time.

I hope I remember to post tomorrow...LOL. Enjoy your day today...hopefully, it'll be one that you have fond memories of.

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