Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 - Be Thankful

Happy Thursday!!

Today, November 18th, I am thankful for - CALENDARS!!!

Oh my goodness, where on EARTH would I be if I didn't have a calendar (in almost EVERY main room of the house, in my purse and on my cell phone)?  I am a planner by nature. But I am also an OVERscheduler (or over pick) and forgetter of things :-).

I've mentioned over the years, that I am big into volunteering at J'Bears school. And I admit, I have a problem with saying, "NO!" I do...I swear!!  What's strange about this "problem" I seem to have is...although I like to volunteer and help out where I'm needed. I like to do it behind the scenes. I don't want people to know that it was ME who helped pull something together. Anyway, that's another THANKFUL thing for another day :-).

I have a calendar in my craft room with 5 different colored pens nearby. Pink is for J'Bear, Red is for Mister M., Turquoise is for my MIL, Green is for family events and Purple is for me. So as things need to be scheduled, I write them in the corresponding color on this calendar. In the kitchen, is the "Family" Calendar where each of us, including Trae (our doggie) has a column. MOST of the time, the same things that are on my craft room calendar, are on the kitchen calender. Then there's the yearly calender in our bedroom, which is just to glance at when we need to know what date falls on what day. THEN, there's the pocket sized calendar I keep in my purse...which is mainly there to take up space. Because I hardly write in it. LASTLY & most importantly, there's the calendar feature on my cell phone. It's used for everything I mentioned above :-).

So yes, I am thankful for calendars...I need to be, don't I? LOL Enjoy your evening!

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