Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 27 - Be Thankful

Today, Saturday, November 27th, I am thankful for - JUNK MAIL (aka "good mail")!

Ya know what? It really is the highlight of my day to hear the mail truck drive down our street. Seriously!  I love checking the mail. And my favorite thing to receive is JUNK MAIL, or good mail! Some people hate it...I love it! Why, you might ask? First, let's define what exactly is meant by JUMK MAIL.

Junk Mail consists of advertisements, coupons, magazines, credit card offers, catalogs, etc. So basically, anything BUT bills. I also enjoy receiving letters/cards (GOOD mail). You know....LETTERS, it's a handwritten "email" of sorts from a friend or family member. A letter!! :-)  I don't receive them much, but I do enjoy getting them. J'Bear has recently become a Pen Pal with my friends son. And she just loves it! It's so cute to see the things they write about and how "to the point" they are. Nothing long, just quick questions & answers. Love it!

I need to find myself a pen pal.

I remember a while back when me and another friend chatted quite a bit, she would tell me how she had such a "good mail day".  Good mail days included her receiving a new magazine or a visit from the UPS man :-).  I mean, she's got a point...let's be real. Almost ANYTHING that the UPS man brings is GOOD, right?

Anyway, I think I defined it appropriately above...Junk mail is ANYTHING EXCEPT BILLS!!! :-)  Ok, to some people bills may be junk mail, LOL.  For the record, today was a good mail day...NO BILLS!!! :-)

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