Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's been happenin???

Wow, has it truly been over a month since I posted on my blog? I'm such a slacker!

But those of you who know me and have followed my blog for a while/more than a year, know that this is crazy busy time for us.

Ok, who am I kidding? It's a crazy time for EVERYONE!  So with that in mind...I'm off the hook! :-)

Alright, since my last confession posting, a lot has happened. Why don't you sit a spell, grab a sip of something and read on.

You may remember in this post, I told you about a little "run in" I had with a box cutter? Well, I'm all healed up now. Went and got my stitches out after 10 days and a few hours later, the cut started to separate again. REALLY??? All is well now...other than a little tenderness now and again.

Jayla had her first sleepover this year. In the past, EVERYONE that she invites to her parties attends. That's not such a bad problem to have :-).  So with that in mind, we decided not to invite the normal 14 - 16 guests. Just my luck all of them will come and I'll have to stay sober entertain them all...by myself!!

So we only invited 8 friends. And of those 8, 7 showed up and one couldn't spend the night. Not too bad! They had a blast.

I made them an ice cream cake using  ice cream sandwiches, chocolate pudding mix, Oreos & Cool Whip.
Chocolate Fondue with marshmallows, pretzel sticks, pound cake,
and Rice Crispy Treats.

And of course a marshmallow eating contest!!
Then there's the dressing up for the fashion show.
Next, popcorn, crafts and a movie or 2.
And finally, at midnight...Zzzzzzz!! ;)
And in the morning, pancakes!!

Also for Jayla's 10th birthday, our awesome photographer friends did a photo shoot of her.




Forgot to give the photo overload warning :-).  But I mean, look at her! She's so stinkin cute and photogenical (it is SO a word!)  that I had a hard time choosing.

Anyhoo, I now have some new pics from Christmas...which is not surprising since I've been trying to do this post since the 21st, I think.
NOTE: My hubby has been on vacation since 12/15. He goes back to work on 1/3. And when he's home, he spends a lot of his time on his computer saving the world gaming. And when he's gaming, anything I do on my computer that entails anything other than simply READING slows his computer down *insert rolling eyes here*. SO...that's why it has taken me so dang long to do this post.

But being that I have shown you just about every picture that has been taken from the past couple of months in this one post...I will hold off on the Christmas ones. Not to mention, I'm tired of typing :-).

I'll holla....