Monday, March 28, 2011

Short post...

Hello everyone!

Before I say ANOTHER word, let me say these 4 words...AHEM...


There, I said it!!!  Fortunately, I'm not one of those people who suffer from allergies in the Spring. My body prefers to wait until the Fall to suffer from allergies :-).  But I don't enjoy the stinkyness of the Bradford Pear trees here. Not only do the trees smell AWFUL...they deposit little white petals all over the universe and in my car windows. I know, I know...roll the windows up! :-).

Although it doesn't suffer with allergies, the soccer season does some suffering of it's own. It has been raining quite a bit lately which reeks HAVOC on soccer fields. So needless to say, we've had quite a few rain outs already. Nothing worse than having to make up games. Well, that's not necessarily true...I can think of a lot worse things. But you get what I'm saying.

Oh, before I go, has ANYONE out there ever had or considered obtaining pet insurance? I'll tell ya, I LOVE our dog, Trae, like nobody's business. But if we have to drop another $500+ on him again, I'm gonna slit my wrist!

Then...THEN...after we get ole boy home from his day at the vet/spa, he has the runs all over the place from all the shots he got AND the meds he has to take for his annual yeast infection. Are you KIDDING me?!? Then...Then...AND...he broke a tooth! A canine tooth no less. REALLY??? But just in case you're wondering, he's all better now :-).  Us? Not so much! lol

That's it for back soon!!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Ok, so.....'s the thing. For almost the entire month of February, I was computerless.

There I was, about to print to some pictures for scrapbooking and my screen went black. No warning! No beeping noise! Just the quick little "monitor going to sleep" notice (as it often does when my computer has been inactive for a while and the screensaver is coming on). But this time, not even a screensaver. The monitor went to sleep and took my computer with it. I moved the mouse around a little...nothing! Hit a couple of keys...still nothing.

Fortunately, I live with and am married to my "technical administrator". So soon after mentioning to him that my monitor had decided to take a long nap, he quickly discovered that my motherboard kicked the bucket. Wait, or was it the fatherboard? I dunno! was some...PARENTboard and one other thing. :-) I found out though, that I should be thankful that it wasn't my hard drive.

Anyhoo, my computer sat on my craftroom floor in a couple pieces, waiting on the IRS to send us our tax returns so we could purchase the necessary parts for fix my computer. SIGH!!!

During my downtime, I watched a LOT of TV. Ya know, there's really not much on of interest these days. No wonder I spend so much time on my computer. :-)

Also while I was without a computer, Jayla was on her week long Winter break. She and I went to the park, we went for pizza for lunch one day, we went to Yogli Mogli (YUMMY! YUMMY) and worked on her first book report. YEP, her class had to do a book report while they were on a break!  What this REALLY means is, the PARENTS have work to do over the break too :-(.  I'm sure we did some other stuff too. But these things stick out in my mind.  Doing the report more than anything else.

The kids had 7 - 8 people from history to chose from. Initially, Jayla had chosen Eleanor Roosevelt. But surprisingly enough, we weren't able to find many books on her. So she chose Mary McLeod Bethune. I read the book first, and was actually very impressed and surprised by her. Of course, there were some things I already knew about her. But I learned quite a bit more too. At first, Jayla wasn't too enthused about doing her first book report on Mrs. Bethune. But after reading the book she became very enthralled.

Long story short, the report had to be quite detailed and there were several criteria that had to be met. Jayla did her VERY best. Check out how well her VERY best was...

That's right...a 100!!  Needless to say, we were VERY proud of our J'Bear!

A few days ago, we received the pictures back that we took just before Winter break. I just can't believe this kid is in the 3rd grade. Look at what a big girl she has become...

Where's my LITTLE girl? :-(...that's ok, I'll take this cutie any day of the week. :-)

Well, I think that's it for now. I'm sure I've got more stuff to share. But it's time to help with homework and get ready for soccer practice. So until my next post, ya'll enjoy your week!!