Monday, March 28, 2011

Short post...

Hello everyone!

Before I say ANOTHER word, let me say these 4 words...AHEM...


There, I said it!!!  Fortunately, I'm not one of those people who suffer from allergies in the Spring. My body prefers to wait until the Fall to suffer from allergies :-).  But I don't enjoy the stinkyness of the Bradford Pear trees here. Not only do the trees smell AWFUL...they deposit little white petals all over the universe and in my car windows. I know, I know...roll the windows up! :-).

Although it doesn't suffer with allergies, the soccer season does some suffering of it's own. It has been raining quite a bit lately which reeks HAVOC on soccer fields. So needless to say, we've had quite a few rain outs already. Nothing worse than having to make up games. Well, that's not necessarily true...I can think of a lot worse things. But you get what I'm saying.

Oh, before I go, has ANYONE out there ever had or considered obtaining pet insurance? I'll tell ya, I LOVE our dog, Trae, like nobody's business. But if we have to drop another $500+ on him again, I'm gonna slit my wrist!

Then...THEN...after we get ole boy home from his day at the vet/spa, he has the runs all over the place from all the shots he got AND the meds he has to take for his annual yeast infection. Are you KIDDING me?!? Then...Then...AND...he broke a tooth! A canine tooth no less. REALLY??? But just in case you're wondering, he's all better now :-).  Us? Not so much! lol

That's it for back soon!!


Jude said...

bradford pears. ugh! I thought something had died in our yard the first year we lived here!

Brown English Muffin said...

dogs get yeast infections??? get out of here!!!