Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Has it been 20 years?

My goodness, has it been 20 years already? This past weekend, my husband, Marque and I attended his 20 year high school class reunion. Seems like we just had the 10th! Talk about an absolutely amazing group of people! This was the 3rd reunion I've attended with Marque and it just seems that his classmates get nicer as the years pass. I almost feel like a part of their class...or a better word would be family. I graduated from high school in 1984 and I can honestly say that my class wasn't near as close as Marque's. Over the weekend, we laughed, ate, took (tons) of pictures, reminisced, and danced until after 3:00am! We had a BALL! We are so looking forward to spending more time with "our" friends in the future and continuing to make fun and wonderful memories. Whoever said, "It just gets better with time" obviously knows the Northside High School Class of 1985! Thank you guys for showing me a wonderful time...again!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New addition to the family

Oh my GOSH! I think we've had another baby! Over the weekend, just after our 10 year olds soccer game, up comes this lady...out of nowhere, holding 2 BEAUTIFUL puppies. Backing up a bit, 2 years ago, our sweet doggie, Jett passed away. She was 11 years old. Obviously someone let a litter of puppies loose in our neighborhood and one not only wandered into our yard, but into our hearts for 11 years. Jett was 8 weeks old when we found her (or did she find us?) Either way, we're convinced God sent her to us. We had been looking to purchase a dog but could never find the "perfect" one for us. Jett wound up being perfect for our family. Anyway, before I cry, back to this past weekend. This lady walks up with these 2 puppies in tow and her daughter was carrying a third. I immediately turned into a puddle because again, just like with Jett, we've been looking to buy or adopt another puppy. But hadn't been able to find the "perfect" one. The lady saw how I was quickly falling in love and asked if I wanted one of the pups. Of course my response was, "Yeah RIGHT!". She said, "seriously, you can have him right now, FREE, I've got puppy food in my car!" I just about fell over! I looked at my husband and did everything but beg him to let us take him home. Ok, I did beg. And after a few minutes of hearing me and the kids whine, he gave in. We couldn't believe it. This lady is also the owner of the puppies parents, one a Boxer and the other a Chocolate Lab. The puppies turned 6 weeks old yesterday (10/3). The mother of the puppies had a litter of 9 and the family just couldn't take care of them all. So she was giving them away. She started to cry when we left and said she felt really good that the, "hamm" of the group was going home with a good family. We took the puppie home and the fun began. It's just like having a newborn. He cries alot and really loves to cuddle. See, he IS perfect :-). We named him Trae. Why did we name him that? As silly as it is, the park that the kids play soccer at is called Tramore Park. And since this is where we were blessed with him, we named him Tramore but call him Trae. Talk about sweet!!! How exciting to have a new "baby" in the house. However, I don't seem to remember my own kids chewing on shoes and stairs....