Monday, February 22, 2010


Today, I would like to wish a HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to...

My bestess friend & buddy!
My companion!
My partner! (sometimes in crime, lol)
My soul mate!
My compadre!
My gift from God!

Happy birthday, Marque! I love you SO much!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

WOW! The weatherman was right...this time :-)

Hey ya'll!

Guess what? The weather"people" of Georgia said it was gonna snow here...AND IT DID!!!

Yesterday, we got a call from the school system saying that the schools would be closing an hour early due to "impending inclement weather".  So I get to the school as I was told and I'll be darn if the flurries didn't start falling JUST as the kids were coming out of the building.

I grab my young un and we head to the grocery store along with the rest of the county. The parking lot was PACKED! And to think all I needed was apple juice and bananas :-). $50 later (yes, I picked up more than the aforementioned items), we're heading home. And when I say that we could hardly see 3 feet in front of us due to the, now heavy flurries, I mean it! It was amazing! And BEAUTIFUL!! Honestly, I was shocked at how quickly it started to stick. Jayla was BEEside herself!  Yesterday was (one of) the coolest days ever in her 8 years of life :-).

The snow continued through the night and the following are the gorgeous results...

Yes, in the picture above, our dog is eating the snow! :-)

Everytime I see this picture it makes me laugh.  Look at the smile on Trae's face! :-D

From what I understand, Georgia wasn't the only state hit with the cold white stuff!  In fact, I read somewhere that 49 of the 50 states had snow yesterday and today. That's just cool to me! I hear more is headed here tomorrow too.

Ok, so my nephew is getting married in May. This is really exciting to me because I actually introduced him to the lady he's marrying.  How cool is that? And...the news just gets "funner"...I will be doing 90% of the ceremony/reception decorating. I'm VERY excited about this too. So as I get things done, I'll share the pix with ya'll.

And speaking of sharing pix, how bout a flower fix? I haven't done one in a while.  Hope you enjoy them!

Well, that's it for today.  Hope to chat with ya'll in a couple days. Enjoy your weekend...enjoy the snow and be safe if you have to get out. Toodles!!