Thursday, June 03, 2010

Now let's do you do this again...

I think I'd be doing myself a huge disservice if I didn't mention that I PLANNED on doing this post 2 days ago. However, the actual "disservice" was the fact that I'd spent well over an hour typing and adding photos, ONLY to correct the spelling of ONE SINGLE word...and I deleted the entire post! Pictures and all!!  ARGH!!!

So needless to say, I needed these last 2 days to get over my pissedoffedness! (It's a word now!) :-)

ANYWAY...I'm over it now and am moving on.

Alrighty...let's see.  As some of you may remember from my last post, I've had quite a few irons in the fire lately. But it's my own fault because I STILL have a problem saying, No! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing the things that I've said that I'l do.  It's just that I say, "Yes" to too many things at once. But I'm not complaining...I've been blessed with my creativeness and I love that I can share that with people.

Case in point, my nephew got married over the weekend (Sunday) and I was asked back in February to do all the decorations. By decorations I mean...well, tell ya what, how bout I show you in pictures?

The Programs (96)
Me and a couple of my friends painted all of the handles black. I cut to size the pink...skuze me...FUSCHIA (in case the bride is reading this, lol) mats, the solid black and black & white sides of the fan/program, the vellum "special thanks" squares, AND did all the printing of the programs.

The Front of the Programs

The back of the Programs

The Orchid strands (14)
These were for the ceremony arch 

The Card Box

The Boutonnieres

The Rose & Peony arch decorations

The Peony flower balls (14)

The initials of the bride & groom
These were for the escort card table. I hand painted and "blinged" them.

The Votive candles (48)
I printed each wrap and wrapped each votive holder. There were 4 of these per table at the reception.

The Ostrich feather centerpieces for the kids tables (2).
I also did 6 more centerpieces for the adult tables at the reception. They were 20" tall vases with White Orchids submerged in pink tinted water. I forgot to take pictures of those.

The jumping broom.

The Escort Cards (120+-)
I printed each of these, some twice and added Fuschia stones.

The Rose Pomanders (4)
Approximately 7" in diameter w/ hanging crystals. Decorations for the ceremony arch.

The Double Rose Pomander.
Approximately 10" in diameter w/ hanging crystals. Decorations for the ceremony arch.

The ceremony seating.
Peony flower balls were used to decorate the first seat of each row.

The decorated ceremony arch.
 From first mention of this wedding, which was back in February (2010), the ceremony was going to be held outside under a gazebo. From February until the day before the wedding, my design plan was for the gazebo. Due to impending thunderstorms, we had to move the ceremony inside. So I had less than 24 hours to come up with a way to decorate an arch with all the stuff I'd made for a giant gazebo :-|.  But I pulled it off and I LOVE it!!  And the bride & groom loved it too. YAY!!

The Handsome Best Man (Mister M.), me and our daughters.

The Lovely Bride & Groom
Mr. & Mrs. Murphy

SO, that's one thing I've been working on for the past few months. I think I mentioned that I've been working on the scrapbook for Jayla's school. Well, fortunately, I have until July to finish that and turn it in. I'm almost done with that too, so that'll be one more thing off my plate.

Two weeks before school was out, Jayla had "Field Day".  I use that term loosely, simply because, the "Field Day" that we all remember is no more. At least not at our school.  The kids did the "Cha-Cha Slide" and the "Cupid Shuffle" for goodness sakes!   But there was ONE event that Jayla really loved. The "World Cup Kick". That's where they had to kick a soccer ball into a goal. (See her in the picture? She's the cute one in the blue shirt that just kicked the ball with precision form!) LOL But still, it wasn't anything "competitive"...the kids just took turns kicking the ball. That's it!

This next picture shows Jayla at another "Field Day" event. They call it the "art station". WHA???  I call it the "crime scene station" :-).  Check out the picture below Jayla. Doesn't that look like a crime scene?
Yes it does! :-) LOL

Oh and speaking of soccer... some of you may remember some of my posts from back in the fall.  The little Brazilians had a rough season. I think the record at the end of that season was 1w-1t-8l.  Poor little things.

But this past spring season was QUITE a different story. How bout a record of 9w-0t-1l!!  They were AWESOME.  I think the girls even felt a little different about this season. Example, after the regular Fall season they girls went to the playoffs.  They lost both of the games they played that night.  Although the girls were a little upset about losing...again, they were more concerned about who's parents brought refreshments!  LOL  But at in the playoffs after the Spring season, they did wind up losing those games. However, one of the losses was a tighter game. And the girls were all blubbering messes!  They were SOOOO sad that they'd lost and they cried...cried HARD! Even in the midst of their tears they talked about what they "should've" done differently and how the "could've" played better. They get it now and they WANT to be the best. They'll get 'em next season.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'm SURE there's something else I'm supposed to be doing :-).  So until next time, take care. HUGS!!!

P.S. Yay! Me!! I made it through this time without deleting the entire post :-).