Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14 - Be Thankful

Happy Sunday!!

Today, November 14th, I am thankful for - BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

Ok, here's the thing...I NOT a fan of cold weather! And fortunately, it's not cold here...YET!!! But Georgia does have cold "potential" :-).  I ran out to the store earlier today and it was about 65 degrees outside. GORGEOUS!!! We even had a soccer game yesterday afternoon and it was about 70 out. Beautiful glue skies and beautiful white clouds dotting the sky.

Although Mister M. tells me I'm no longer to say this. But I was born in NYC!  And I thank my mom for moving me to the south. (although the circumstances could've been a little different. But we won't discuss that right now, lol). We moved to the south back in 1973. And honestly, I can't see us living anywhere else. Sure, it gets pretty dang cold here. And we even get, AHEM...a "snow like"substance from time to time in the winter :-). I think we get more ice than anything though.

I LOVE the Spring & the Fall. Those are my two favorite seasons. Cuz it's not HOT and it's not COLD. But if you've ever lived in or visited Georgia, that, "It's not HOT or COLD" thing is subject to change at any given moment. In the SUMMER, especially in's just TOO DANG hot! And in the WINTER, especially February and/or March, it's just TOO DANG cold! ARGH!!! I hate wearing a coat. I mean everytime you get in the car to go somewhere, you've gotta take it off so you'll be comfy. Then put it back on when you get out. UGH!!!  Oh and Winter is VERY look out the window, the sun is shining and the sky is beautiful and blue. Then you go outside and it's FA-Reezing!!! (what a sneaky trick!)

Then in Summer, I love having the air conditioner on in the car. Mister M. tells me I should just let the windows down and have "fresh" air. Well DUH...I might mess up my hair!!! :-) AND...and...why would I want HOT fresh air?

Anyway, I do love that the weather changes. I'm sure I'd get bored with the same type of weather all the time, wouldn't I?  I have learned that God is gonna do what HE wants to do :-).  And the cold/hot seasons are not going to go by any faster if I complain about it. SO...I just enjoy what we get...and I don't pitch a fit! LOL

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Lynilu said...

My temps are running a little cooler than yours, but that perfectly OK with me. I loooove cool weather!