Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13 - Be Thankful

Today, Saturday, November 13th, I am thankful for - WEEKENDS!

I LOVE the weekend! And I think I've gained a new perspective and enjoyment for weekends since I stopped working 6+ years ago. My weekends use to be spent running errands, grocery shopping or cleaning. Now, my weekends are spent ENJOYING my family and time with them. I don't waste my "days off" with rushing around and complaining about the weekend not being long enough to do the things I NEED to do. And don't let it be soccer season! All of the things I mentioned that need to be done, now need to be done around the game schedule.

NOT ANYMORE!!! God blessed my husband, which in turn blessed me, which in turn blessed my family, with me being able to quit working and stay at home to take care of my family. Errands, grocery shopping and cleaning can now be done during the week. Along with all the other things I CHOOSE to do!  Weekends  signify that the "normal" week has ENDED and it's time have some fun and actually ENJOY time with my family. My hubby is home. J'Bear is home. And life is good!

Oooo, gotta's soccer season you know! :-D

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