Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 19 - Be Thankful

Happy Friday, everyone!!!  We made it!

Today, November 19th, I am thankful for - FRENCH DIP SANDWICHES!

Ok, I know those of you who have taken time to read this, are saying to yourselves, "Ok Dawn...get SERIOUS!" :-)  See, here's the thing...I AM serious!  I WAS gonna say that I'm thankful for "QUICKIES". But I know what some of you might have I decided against it, lol.

However, had I actually said, "QUICKIES", it would have tied in to what I'm thankful for today. Here's why...tomorrow is my J'Bears 9th birthday! And due to scheduling, we are having her birthday an hour and 10 minutes to be exact.

This is how I spent my day today...listen fast! I dropped J'Bear off at school at 7:20am. Went directly to Walmart (not the one I normally go to) to pick up a few groceries AND to get the last of the items needed for J'Bears party. I get all of the items I need...ONLY to get to the TINY party section and find that they don't have the Princess & The Frog stuff that I need! SERIOUSLY!!! (NOTE: the reason this ticked me off was because I was just in another Walmart yesterday for my MIL, where they had all the stuff, but I needed, but it had to wait til today when we got paid)  So, I walk around a few times...I guess hoping the stuff would drop from the rafters. Had I known what I needed wasn't gonna be there, I would've gone to the OTHER Walmart to get EVERYTHING! 

Anyway, I leave one Walmart, drive the 20+ minutes to the OTHER Walmart, picked up the Princess stuff I needed. Then headed home. I got home around 9:15ish. And immediately started working on the Princess Tiana cake that I promised J'Bear. (pictures to follow in another post) That took me till noonish. After that, I iced the 24 cupcakes I'd made and sprayed them all purple & pink :-). 1:30ish, I left to pick J'Bear up from school. Came home and finished setting up for the party.

Which brings me to the reason I'm thankful for French Dip Sandwiches. You may notice in my above commentary of what I did today, that I didn't mention breakfast or lunch? Well, that's cuz I didn't eat. And considering there will be 9 little girls here within the next hour, I had to fix a QUICKIE dinner. Get it? :-) So see, that's why I'm thankful for sandwiches today. I would not have had time to fix my normal, everyday, 4 course, gourmet meal for my family. LOL...who am I kidding?

So, I am thankful for QUICKIE FRENCH DIP SANDWICHES!!!  Talk to you tomorrow!!! (I's gonna be a long day...away from home. So Day 20 may be done along with Day 2). Maybe!!

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