Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Days 21, 22 & 23 - Be Thankful

SERIOUSLY??? I'm 3 days behind?

Trust me, it's NOT because I'm NOT thankful...it's because I'm FORGETFUL!! :-)

Ok, let's see....

On Sunday, day 21, I was thankful for - GORGEOUS WEATHER!!

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Our U16 boys had a soccer tournament over the weekend and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I won't even get into the actual game, as that's not what this post is about. I will just say that this weekend was a one that I was glad that we are a soccer family :-).  Nothing better than being outside, enjoying friends/family & a beautiful day.

On Saturday after the games, we went to my sisters house to visit with my mom & her husband who were in town. My sister made a big ole pot of chili and I made a big ole pot of Santa Fe soup. The food & the fellowship were AWESOME!  We didn't get home until 1am on Sunday morning! A great time was had by all.
(I will share pix soon.)

On Monday, day 22, I was thankful for - MISTER M. BEING ON VACATION

My hubby usually works from home on Mondays. He's been doing that for quite some time now. But for some reason, it seems a little different, a little more fun, when he's on VACATION as opposed to "working". He'll be on vacation all this week...and he makes sure that we know it! :-)

Oh Monday, me, Mister M. J'Bear and my MIL all ran errands together. Usually it's just me & my MIL (unless J'Bear is out of school). Our first stop was to the doctors office for my MIL's monthly bloodwork. Afterwards, we headed to the first grocery store. I'll tell ya, Mister M. & J'Bear do NOT make a good mix at the store :-).  He's just a big ole kid!

Anyway, I just love that he's home with us this week and choosing to spend his vacation doing stuff with us. Although vacations when we get to travel somewhere are THE BEST...Mister M. being home with us is an awesome vacation too.

Today, Tuesday, day 23, I am thankful for - NAPTIME

Ok, if there's nothing else in the world that I'm good at, NAPS has got to be my #1 :-). I LOVE taking naps. And I'm not one of those sissy, 15, 20 or 30 minute nappers either! lol  I nap for 2 - 3 HOURS!!! Especially when the weather is like it was today...kinda overcast, kinda gloomy, kinda chilly...you know what I mean! It's PERFECT napping weather.

I try very hard not to take naps during the work week. But I'll be honest, sometimes it's all I can do to stay awake. But on the weekends...or when everyone is at home (like this week) and there's nothing but lazy lounging going on around me...I'm ALL OVER taking a nap!!

Yeah, I'm a good napper! In fact, I think I'm gonna go take one now :-).

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