Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Change is good...

A few weeks ago, Jayla's teacher mentioned that Jayla seemed to be having a little trouble reading the board. She is already sitting at the front of the class. But I later found out that it wasn't JUST because she was sometimes having to squint to read what the teacher had written :-)...needless to say, we have a little social butterfly on our hands. I're shocked! :-)

So I put it off for a couple weeks, just so we could make sure the squinting wasn't just for "show" or for attention. Jayla is quite the people pleaser and is always wanting to impress.  And I've noticed that she squints when she's trying to figure something out.  Not to mention, she has said that she thinks it's "cool" when I squint. Huh?

Do ya'll see where I'm going with this? LOL

ANYWAY..just before Spring Break, they had picture day at school. So I'll use this as the "BEFORE" photo.
She's so stinkin cute! But she looks so BIG! :-(

Then yesterday, I took her for her first "for real" eye doctor appointment.  Low and behold, the girl is blind as a bat. Ok, I'm just kidding about the blind as a bat part :-).  But she DOES in fact need glasses. To some extent, this didn't surprise me. I mean, I wear glasses, my mom & dad wear glasses, Mister M's mom & sisters wear Jayla was just destined to have 4 eyes too, right? :-).

Well after having the really awesome (her words, not mine) experience of having air quickly blown into her eyes and having them dilated. Jayla had narrowed down her choices of specs to 4...ALL of which were pink of course :-).

And here are the winners. The black & PINK Barbie glasses.

I think she looks absolutely ADORABLE in them.

Normally, when Jayla hears the garage door go up, she squeals with excitement, "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" and runs down to greet him at the door.  However, yesterday it was a little different. When the door went up, I heard, "My glasses are home! My NEW GLASSES are home!!" LOL (I had daddy pick them up for us so we wouldn't have to wait around for the hour and  1/2 to have them made).  But now that I look back, I'm not sure why we didn't wait. It's not like she could see anyway to even get her homework done. DUH! Dilation...remember? :-)

I haven't taken a photo of her in these yet, but due to her being a soccer player, the doc recommended she get prescription sport goggles too. Again...she looks adorable in those too.

Well, that's about all the news I have for today. Subject to change within the next few hours... Jayla has a follow up appt at the orthodontist today to see if she might need braces. ARGH!!! If she does, that's gonna have to wait...I'm still not use to her having glasses yet. But let me just go on record and say that, Jayla told me that she hopes she does have to get braces..."Mom, they're SO cool! And my friend even got some that are PINK!"

You're kidding me, right???

UPDATE: 9:41pm EST
Our visit to the orthodontist today was, interesting.  They do an x-ray of Jayla's teeth and call us back to meet with the doctor. He looks in Jayla's mouth...then at his notes...then back in Jayla's mouth. He tells her to put her teeth together...then looks at his notes again. He then asks ME, "When she was here last year, did her top front teeth hit behind or in front of her bottom teeth?" Uhhh, really? I dunno! Then he says to Jayla, "You ARE Jayla Bibbs, aren't you?" Uhhh, REALLY? She answers, "Uhhh, yes I AM!" He goes on to tell me that he sees NO problem with her teeth whatsoever and seems to stop short of asking why we're even there. He then says he thinks her teeth look great and seem to be very healthy for a growing 8 year old. And that IF she does need braces, it won't be for at LEAST another 3 years or so, if at all. And sends us off with an order to come back in Janurary 2012!


Friday, April 02, 2010

And now, a word from our sponsor

Hey there!  Well, it's almost time for Spring Break!  And to make it even better, it actually FEELS like Spring now. In fact, it could ALMOST feel like early Summer...but wouldn't that be considered Spring? I dunno...I'm just rambling :-).

Anyway, now that Winter seems to be gone for good now, I thought I'd share this picture that I took of Jayla the last time it "snowed".  Ok, that and I forgot that I took it and just stumbled upon it :-).  

School let out early (again) due to the inclement weather a few weeks ago. So what ELSE would a good mother like myself do when there's about to be a blizzard? I take my daughter to Michaels! DUH!! :-) We come out of the store and as we're walking to the car, I turn around and notice Jayla catching snow(flakes) on her tounge. And again, being the good mother that I am...I had my camera with me :-).

In between snowstorms and blizzards, we had a few pretty but cool days. One Sunday after church we went to Olive Garden for dinner.  Jayla was wearing one of the new dresses that her aunt gave her and just HAD to pose for a picture.  Isn't she the cutest thing? So glad I keep my camera with me most days.

Now some of you may have seen this next photo before. But a few years ago I made this layout for my mom for her birthday. This photo of my mom was actually from the June 4, 1964 issue of Jet Magazine where my mom was featured at the Jet Beauty. How cool is that?

Anyway, I receive a monthly email from an online scrapbooking magazine. Last month they were having a "Layout about Mom" contest. So I figured, what the hay, I'll enter. I submitted my layout about 4 weeks ago and simply forgot about it. I'll be darned if they didn't send me an email last night telling me that I WON!  I couldn't believe it! I immediately thought I'd won simply because I was the only one who entered, LOL. However, I'll probably never find out if that's true, lol. Not sure what the prize is for winning, I'll receive it in the mail in a few weeks. I'll let ya know.

Welp, that's about all I've got for today. Oh shoot, I forgot about the is Friday, isn't it? Here ya go...

Not that it would be out of the ordinary for me as of late, but I will probably not be posting anything for about a week or so. Me and my girls are heading to Alabama to visit my mom for Spring Break next week. SO, I hope ya'll have a wonderful Easter weekend and a great week next week. Talk to you soon.