Friday, August 06, 2010

3rd Grade...HERE SHE COMES!!

Well, the summer is over and it's back to school for our J'Bear. Yesterday...YES!, on a Thursday, was the first day of school.  And boy was she ready!

J'Bear was so ready to start school in fact, that the following conversations have taken place over the past few days.

Convo #1

Background info: Over the summer, Jayla was doing the 2nd - 3rd grade Bridge know, to keep her brain sharp over the summer. There was 1 worksheet per day - front & back."
M - "Jayla, Mrs. W said it might be a good idea for you to do the Bridge book over the summer, so that you will kinda be on top of things when you start back to school. What do you think about that?"
J - Oooo, can we go get one today? Maybe we can get the 3rd - 4th grade bridge too!!" 
(Everyday, Jayla did these worksheets and read for 15+ minutes a day. Once we got the book, the conversation, went a little something like this...almost daily.)
J - "Mom, can I go ahead and do my worksheets?" OR "Mom, do I ONLY have to do one sheet a day?"
M - "Are you kidding me? :-)

Convo #2
J - "Mom, why does the summer have to be sooo LONG? No one asked me if *I* wanted a summer break from school!"
M - "Are you kidding me? :-)

Convo #3
M - "Jayla, on Sunday, you're gonna have to start back going to bed at 9pm. You know school starts on Thursday?"
J - "Awww MAN! I wanted to start going to bed at 8:30!"
M - "Are you kidding me? :-)

Convo #4
M - "Guess what? We're going to do a little school shopping for you today!"
J - "Mom, I don't mind if I have to wear my clothes from last year. But I think I will need a pair of sneakers because my other ones don't fit. I'm sorry you & daddy have to waste money on clothes for me every year!"
M - "Are you kidding me?"

And...Convo #5 (occurred this past Wednesday evening)
M - "Hey, let's go ahead and take out the outfit you wanna wear for your first day of school tomorrow."
J - "Ok! And after we do that, I'll go ahead and take my shower so you won't have to tell me to. I'm in 3rd grade now, so you won't have to tell me to take a shower ANYMORE!"
M - "Who are YOU kidding?!?" LOL
(That "promise" lasted all of one night. I had to tell her 4 times last night to take a shower!) LOL

The first day of school finally came and Jayla was up at 6:05am! When I went to wake her up, she was laying bed, with her eyes closed and this big goofy grin on her face :-).  And she says to me, " must be looking for a little 3rd grader? WELL...HERE I AM!!! Let's get goin!"  

Needless to say, the first day of school was, "The BEST day of her life!"  I picked her up yesterday afternoon and she was telling all about her day...BEFORE she even got in the car :-).  Then, she crashed and burned when we got home. Guess they worked her little brain to death.

Today, the 2nd day of school, was ALSO the best day of her life!  Not sure how that works...but ok! Lol

Anyway, here's a couple pix of our 3rd grader.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!