Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Can Only Imagine

What a title. "I can only imagine". On Friday, June 24th, my sister in law, Paula, passed away after a struggle with Cancer. What a vicious disease. I've always told my husband, that I lived a very sheltered life prior to meeting him. Watching Paula wither away and eventually pass away really affected me in a way of which I'm very unfamiliar. I've known people who have died, but never have I been as "involved" as I was with Paula. I was truly blessed to have her as my sister in law. I love her and will miss her smiling face greatly. Never have I known how grieving could hurt so badly. Day by day, I'm coping with it. But at times I may see or hear something that will remind me of what our family just encountered. And the tears just flow. There was a song that someone sang at Paula's funeral that almost made me envious of where Paula is now. She will spend eternity at the feet of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. WOW!! What an honor. I look forward to seeing her again...standing tall, healthy, smiling and fully clothed with her shiny new armour. Although I'm not in any hurry to leave my family...I can only imagine. I love you Paula!

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