Monday, June 15, 2009

Well I'll be darn...

...I forgot to post our Turks & Caicos pictures, didn't I? Ooops...sorry bout that!
Well, ya'll ready for 'um? Here ya go.....

The relaxed stroll to our terminal after hustling through getting our tickets and security.
The impatient 1st time passenger.
HURRY...let's take off already! Do you people know how long I've been waiting for this?
WELCOME to Turks & Caicos. (This live band was SO LOUD!!!) :-)
Our home for the next 5 days.
Pirates Island - Kids water park.
Main entrance of the Italian Village.
1/2 of Jayla. It cost too much to bring all of her, LOL :-) No, I just thought this was a really fun picture.
This is just outside the atrium & main lobby of the Caribbean Village (where we stayed). A/our pool is just on the other side.
One of the many beautiful Hibiscus flowers on the resort. The landscaping was AMAZING!
Jayla enjoying her "fix it yourself" spaghetti & carrots from Guissepies Italian Restaurant.
Another pool in the Caribbean Village. This is one of the smaller pools. We think it is also the oldest & original pool of the resort.
Breathtaking...not much else to say about this shot.
The Italian Village pool.
Please pardon the interruption. However, it now time for a 5 minute intermission. At this time, I'd like to suggest that you take a break, stand up, stretch, grab a snack and go to the potty. We'll be right back with you after these messages, LOL :-).
May I have your attention? It is now time to take your seats so we can resume our photo viewing session. Thank you for your cooperation and attention. ;)
Us...near a beautiful fountain in the Italian Village. YES...we spent a BUNCH of time at the Italian Village.
The outside patio of Mario's Italian Restaurant.
My little bathing beauty.
The bathing beauties momma! ;)
Daddy & Jayla going for a swim.
It's hard work getting up on those floats :-).
Mr. Cool, chillin by the pool!
Jayla and Zoe.
I got the biggest kick out of these directional signs. At least we knew where we WEREN'T going before dinner ;).
Ok folks, this posting photos, especially so many, is quite the chore. I'm gonna take a break for a while and post some more later. Hopefully these will hold you over until I come back.
Stay tuned...


Lynilu said...

I'm so envious!!

Jude said...

Oh wow! That water is enought to sell me! :) Gorgeous!

Babydoll said...

Great pictures!! I think my favorite is the spaghetti picture. :)

Gretchen said...

Sounds like it was all you hoped it would be. FUN!

Cheryl Wray said...

Yay, Pictures!!!!! :-)

There is nothing like the water down there, is there? The Caribbean is the prettiest I've ever seen!

Love all those bathing beauties! You guys look great!!

Brown English Muffin said...

That's so cute that Jayla got to fix her plate.

16 pools are you serious!!! You'd have to go to 3 a day just to visit them all!!! Now that's cool!

I love the pic of Jalya and Zoe really really cute...I see a scrap layout already!!

Those signs are a riot!