Monday, August 10, 2009

2nd she comes!

Where did the summer go?
It almost makes me sad that we went on our vacation so soon after last school year let out. But we had a fun summer and as always, I just love hanging out with Jayla.
Speaking of Jayla, today is her first day of 2nd grade! Ya'll, when I tell you that this girl was Soooooo excited to be going to school today...TRUST ME!!! She all but bolted out of bed this morning, lol. EVERYTHING about this morning and what this day holds just made her giddy!
And OF COURSE we had to take pictures of our cute little 2nd grader...check her out.
Oh, wait...before we see those pictures, let me share one more thing with you. For those of you who have little girls...more specifically, "brown" little girls, KNOW that the hair has to be done. And what a major undertaking it is. Especially if you have a daughter who needs a touch-up or some hot comb action :-). Check out Jayla...BEFORE the touch up...

...a HOT MESS, right? I tried to have her make a sad face for her BEFORE picture. But the girl just can't NOT smile. lol

...And the AFTER....Ahhh, now that's better! She was royally freaking out on me while I relaxed her hair. We were clearly in MELT DOWN mode. Poor thing was just crying. But once we got done, she said, "The burning was all worth it...cuz I look KA-YUTE!" :-)
Ok, back to today...check out my little 2nd grader.
(note: Jayla told me to mention to whoever saw this picture, that she's not holding up the Peace sign - this time - that's a 2 for 2nd grade, lol)

I think this is my favorite picture of the day. She looks SO happy and SO KA-YUTE!!! :-)

We can't leave Trae out! He wants to take a picture with HIS 2nd grader too :-). Look at his tongue sticking it!

Here she is at her new desk. Still looking as happy as can be.

...And we've gotta take a picture with daddy. Can't start the day off without ONE MORE hug.
Welp, that's about it for now. I can't wait to pick Jayla up from school this afternoon. I hope she's still excited. It'll be interesting to see how this week progresses. I mean, will the excitement continue? We'll see...stay tuned!
Enjoy your day!


Lynilu said...

I like the pic of her sitting on the sidewalk. Very sweet!

I can't believe how she is growing up! Too fast! Way too fast! But, if it is possible, she gets cuter with every smidge of growth.

Muriel said...

Love those back to school pictures. She looks very excited to start learning!

Jude said...

i love that girl!!
She is a TROOPER for making it through the relaxer, that burn is no joke.

renee said...

Cute pictures. I hope you still had excitement. We have drag out of bed here. Going to have to re-institute bedtime.

Gretchen said...

She's adorable. However, i think it is almost scary that you start school right after the 4th of July. ;)

I lurved the before picture of her hair. See what an education you're giving me?

Monogram Queen said...

I love it - how she can NOT not smile! She's such a little darling and she's getting SO TALL! OMG Dawn, it's always a surprise! May she always be so excited about school and look forward to learning!

KateB said...

Dawn-thanks for stopping by, I do believe I came over by way of Tanisha's glad we still have15 dyas till school starts!