Monday, June 22, 2009

Anniversary Photo Shoot

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a nice Father's Day weekend. Mine was nice & low key. It would've been even nicer had my dad been here. But talking to him on the phone worked too :-). My daughter, Briyanna came over and spent the weekend with us. So it was nice to have her around for Daddy's Day.

So, do you all remember the "big secret" I revealed to you back around Easter? You remember the 20th anniversary photo shoot, don't you? Well, we got the pictures back last week...and OH MY GOSH, they are AMAZING! I know some of you are on FaceBook and have seen some of them there. But for those of you who are not Facebookers, I'll post a few different ones here.

Oh, before I begin posting, know that we were given a CD of over 100 photos! So I'm gonna pick some (more) of my favs to share with you here. Enjoy!

Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed looking at them as we did taking them. Like I said, this is just a handful of the photos that were taken. I plan to do a 20th anniversary scrapbook where I'll use ALL of the photos on the CD (that should be fun). Anyway, thank you guys for your time. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It took me a minute...but I'm back with more Turks & Caicos pix

...before I get started with more of the photos, I have a few words from our sponsor :-D. First of all, there are quite a few more photos I want to share with you. However, I have to cram and do them during the day, along with all the other "daily" stuff I am challenged to do :-). Reason being, when Mister M. gets home, he sometimes gets on his computer and being that we're on a network, when I upload photos, it slows down whatever he might be doing on his. And he doesn't like that too much :-D. SO...I'm gonna try and get these vacation pix as well as some other ones I'd like to share with you done today (in seperate posts, of course.) So, thanks for your patience.

Well, you'd better get comfy...cuz there are a BUNCH of photos to come. Enjoy....

This little guy was wandering around just outside our room, on the lawn off of our patio.
I shot this pretty boat as we waited for the Schooners Seafood Restaurant to open. We had a wonderful sunset dinner there. Sunset shots during dinner at Schooners.

Mister M's dinner at Schooners of Red Snapper w/ Mango Salsa & mixed greens. And my Mahi Mahi on top of eggplant and squash with caviar, steamed veggies & mixed greens.
Us after dinner at Schooners.Mister M. making our "family vacation sign" in the sand.Mister M. taking 2nd place in the Beaches mens dance contest :-). What a good sport. (sorry for the bad shot...night time camera issues)

Jayla posing...again! :-)

Us :).

Me and my man ;).

Oh look, it's Jayla posing for the camera again ;D.

Mister M. & Jayla chllin out in the outside lounge of the Italian Village, after a long morning of swimming ...and they're also waiting for me to return from a browse in one of the resort boutiques.

Poor Jayla zonked out waiting for me to return. She's also resting up for her next event. ...The next event, baking cookies with the Cookie Monster.

Jayla joining in on the "cent/dollar" dance.

Time for some "pool yoga" :-)THE Parade!
One of the many Elmo & Friends stage shows.

One of the isolated showers. Yep...we were sitting on the beach during a rain shower ;).
Us...again ;).
Mister M. & Jayla doing the tug-o-war in the Beaches Olympic Games.
Jerk Chicken from Arizona's Grill. YUM!!
Some beautiful scenery.

This is a REALLY bad shot. We couldn't get the camera to cooperate for the night time shots. BUT...this is little missy doing her "evening wear" runway walk in the Beaches Fashion Show. As I mentioned, she was really hamming it up for the crowd.
Here we are having dinner at Mario's Italian Restaurant after the fashion show. This was also our last night at the resort. Dinner was SO good. Small portions...but very tasty.
Jayla posing with Oscar The Grouch in the Kids Castle @ Mario's.
On our last day at the resort, we had time to walk around a little before the shuttle left for the airport. So we took the opportunity to take a few more pictures. As we were having a little sit down break to soak in the last bit of Turks & Caicos, we heard this little critter rustling around in the bushes. Jayla decided it was a girl and named it Christy the crab :-). There were a few others that she named as well. In addition to the little crabs, we saw a tiny mouse...YUCK! Jayla named him Todd, lol. I didn't take any pictures of I said...YUCK!!
Here's a shot that Jayla took of me & Mister M. And last, but definitely not least, the infamous, out the plane window photos. So long Turks & Caicos!!!
Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed all of these photos. I enjoyed sharing them with you. Hopefully, you'll get to travel to T&C one day yourselves. These pictures do this beautiful place ZERO justice.
Thanks again for your time. Enjoy your day.