Friday, March 05, 2010

YAY...I made it to Friday (again)

Ok, can a person have WAY TOO MANY irons in the fire?

I say, YES!!!

I am seriously thinking about going to a printing place and see if they can make a few duplicates of me. Let's see, I'll need the "School volunteer Dawn", "Errand running Dawn",  "Soccer mom/Coaches wife Dawn", "Chauffeur Dawn", "Crafty/wedding planner Dawn", "Maid Dawn", "Chef Dawn" "Mom Dawn", "Blogging/Facebooking Dawn" :-).

I'm SURE there are more, but money is kinda tight these days, so this is all I can afford to make dups of for now :-). SHEESH!!!

Anyway, I can't/shouldn't complain. I'm blessed to have the health, energy and willingness to do all of these things simultaneously. So with that in mind, my life STILL rocks!!

Alrighty, speaking of all the things I have going on these days, I'd better get out of here and get my day started (again). But before I go, I want to share a sweet picture of my girls with you.

They look like a pretty slice of watermelon, don't they? :-) This was taken at Jayla's school on Special Family and Friends Day. This year, her sister, Briyanna came as Jayla's "special" guest.  They're so cute (even if Briyanna does look a little tired, lol)

OH...and my goodness, I can't let this Friday get by without the Friday Flower Fix. So here's that for ya too.

Have a GREAT weekend and I'll holla atcha soon.



Lynilu said...

Your girls are both so pretty. I'm astounded at how much Briyanna looks like you, and more so every time I see a new picture of her. All three of you are beautiful!

And, girlfriend, your life DOES rock! Be happy, and have a glorious weekend!

Brown English Muffin said...

I LOVE this it, love it!!!

Babydoll said...

If that duplicating works for you, please let me know so I can try it too! LOL!! I love the picture of your girls. They are beautiful!! Thanks for the flowers too! :)

Adrienne said...


reanaclaire said...

hi I am Claire, a christian too.. Praise the Lord!
First time coming by to visit your blog.. it is very interesting, love to come by again, your girls are very adorable.. have a nice day!