Monday, January 17, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...

...and all the other holidays or events that have come and gone since my last post :-).

I've been running around like a crazy woman lately. In addition to spending time with Mister M. while he was on vacation. He usually takes the last 3 weeks of the year off. So I TRY not to spend too much time on my computer when he's home.  Jayla was also home for 2 of those 3 weeks. So we were all just spending time together.

Anyway, what's been going on? Well, I'm sure you've all hear about all the crazy, snowy weather we've had here in Georgia? It was BEAUTIFUL!! But at the same time, it has now worn out it's welcome :-).

How bout a few pictures from our long week of snow? Oh, before I do that, Mister M. and I also celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary since my last post. Yay us!! :-)


Jayla showing off her cute little Tweety Bird jacket
that Markell gave her.
The microphone she "always wanted!" :-)  It even has an
applause button on it for when mom & dad aren't around :-).
This is the Christmas Moose that Jayla gave me and daddy :-).
BIG hug for Grandma!
(Grandma gave her the boots she's "always wanted!" :-)
Trae playing with his Christmas gift :-).
Jayla's other favorite gift...the Hoola Hoop

Still trying to figure out how this thing works :-).
Gotta give it to her...she's persistent.
NOTE: If you're ever looking for a Hoola - Hoop as a Christmas gift, don't check at Target. When we asked the sales person where we could find them, we were told that the Hoola - Hoop is a "seasonal" item. Ok, I get it...MOST of the time, you see kids playing with them in the Summer months. BUT...don't kids ride bikes and roller skate in the summer too? How come those items are sold at Christmas time? Just askin... 

Side note: In case you're wondering, Jayla FINALLY got the hoola-hooping down to an art!  Now, there's no stopping her! :-)
For the first time in FOREVER, we had a White Christmas!
This is what we woke up to last Sunday (1/9)
And due to what we woke up to last Sunday...this is what we had and did ALL week....
Jayla's FIRST TIME on a sled. 
We found out that we have the perfect backyard for sledding.

"Alright mom, that's enough for one day...
 One day, my friend Stacey and her kids came to our yard for sledding. They had a BLAST!!! Our fence took a beating :-). But the kids had a great time.

Even me and Stacey got in on the sledding fun!

Ok...I've seen enough snow! I will admit though, we had a BLAST!!!

The kids were out of school for an entire week due to the weather. If you know anything about know that snow isn't our's the ice afterwards. So to err on the side of caution, the schools and several businesses were closed last week. The kids received an extra...unexpected week out of school. In fact, this past Saturday was the first time I left the house (outside of going to the mailbox) since LAST Saturday (1/8). I was starting to get a little cabin fever. But's back to our normal routines!

There's still snow on the ground...I'm looking at some of my neighbors yards now as I type. But the roads are clear of snow & ice. I will say this one last thing about the weather we just FORCED families to spend time together and enjoy eachother. I heard a radio announcer say that he's predicting that the maternity wards are gonna be PACKED in September/October! LOL

Enjoy your day...

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