Thursday, September 01, 2011

Take your seats is back in session!

Here we go again!

Summer is OVA! And class is in session.

Our Jayla is SO excited to be a 4th grader! In fact, on the first day of school, when I picked her up, she said, "Mom, I had the BEST first day of school EVER! Can I just stay here and you pick me up on Friday?"


And when I asked what was so exciting about the first day, she gave me this long run down...which included, "And guess what? We've got HOMEWORK! How awesome is THAT?"


I promise you, had I not been there when she was born, I'd swear she wasn't mine! I know she's her daddy's...but I'm not convinced she's mine! I HATED school! Daddy, on the other hand, loved it and was a great student to boot.

Ok, I was a mediocre great student too....I mean, I did what was needed to keep from getting an F pass my  classes! But I did not ENJOY school.

Anyway, enough about me :-).

Yeah, so, 4th grade is the year the kids start getting the A, B, C type of grades.  So we'll see how excited Jayla is after these first 9 weeks.

Along with school starting back, soccer season is also in full swing. YAY!!! I love soccer season! Jayla's team is moving up to U12, so it'll be interesting to see how this season goes. Nothing worse than being the underdog!

Stay tuned...


Brown English Muffin said...

I LOVE her excitement!!! But tell me this...what's going on with kids...they are ALL nearly as tall as their teachers no matter what grade they're in??? LOL

Jude said...

Happy First Day of School sweet girl!! :)