Thursday, September 21, 2006

I went on a FIELD TRIP!

Before I get to the real reason for this post, let me say that, today, I had another confirming SAHM moment. I know I don't "need" anything to "confirm" that I'm a stay at home mom. But you know how sometimes you can lose yourself in a moment or in a certain circumstance? That has happened to me quite often since I've taken on this "position". Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a SAHM, but sometimes I feel that my identity is fading away. However, today, along with a few other pivotal moments over the past couple of years, I got "confirmation" that I made the right decision.
Today, Jayla had her first REAL field trip. This week at her school is Community Helpers week. So, they went to visit a fire station. She was so excited and asked me if I'd be able to go with them. You have NO idea how happy that made me feel. I was so glad that she wanted me to be there with her. So of course I agreed to go. Not only because she asked me to, but because I've never been to a fire station before.
Man, when I tell you that those trucks are big...believe me when I say, they're even BIGGER!!! You can't really appreciate how large they are until you're standing next to one. Fortunately, ALL of the trucks were there today. One of the classes went earlier this week and there was only 1 truck for the kids to see. Jayla's class was fortunate to be able to see ALL of them. All being the HAZMAT (hazardous material) truck, the pump truck (with the hoses), the extension ladder truck, the giant command center truck AND the SWAT team truck, the police battering ram truck (not sure what the REAL name of this one is), and of course an ambulance. Not only is this a fire station, but also a police station. The kids had a ball. (and so did I)
Well, that's enough talking :-). Here are some of the pix from the field trip. Enjoy!

What a pretty truck! And the picture's not too bad either :-).

I know this picture is pretty blurry. But I had to keep it because I love the look on her face. The firemen let the kids go through the cab of one of the trucks. Jayla was BEYOND excited...can't you tell? :-)

This is a picture of the kids listening to the fireman telling them about all the tools on the truck. The boys really enjoyed seeing that big ole pick ax :-). On another funny note, the fireman asked if the kids knew how far a certain length of fire hose would stretch (I can't remember the exact number he said). But my Jayla raised her hand and said, "However far you just said!" All the fireman could do was laugh and tell her she was right. :-)

This is one of the smaller trucks (small is relative, I guess). They pulled it out for the kids so they could see it up close (again). And they even turned on the flashing lights and "briefly" turned on the siren. Talk about LOUD!!! Funny thing is, they say this isn't even the loudest one.

This is my Jayla posing for mommy.

Here's Jayla's class posing with "Mr. Fireman" and his "big ole truck".

This picture is funny. I took it soon after the truck was pulled out and the siren was sounded. The kids still look like their in shock...or they still can't hear just yet :-).

Well, that's about it for our Field Trip. It was such a pleasure to spend a few hours with Jayla and her classmates. It was SO exciting to see the excitement on these kids' faces. And Jayla was so proud to be able to tell her friends that HER mommy was there with her. To me, that's what having kids is all about, sharing in their experiences, and in turn, making memories with them. And I must say, I'll remember this day for a long time.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Brown English Muffin said...

I just loved this post!!! The pics just add to the entire story...this story will be so cute for Jayla to read when she's older.

denaid said...

Wish I could have gone. I don't remember doing anything cool like that when I was in school!

We went to the planetarium EVERY year. Bleh. Well, it was KINDA cool but EVERY YEAR???

Actually, now that I think about it, it was probably better I wasn't near men in uniform at such a young age. ;)