Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tagged by Tangee!

Alrighty, I'm often up for a challenge. And being a blogger, you have to be sitting on ready :-). Well, I'm ready. While doing my morning blog reading, I came across Tangee's and I noticed that I'd been tagged. A word association tag, no less. So, here goes:

MATH: Difficult
SCHOOL: Necessary
PARENT: Loving (should be anyway)
CHOCOLATE: Delightful (and necessary..hee hee)
STEAK: Succulent

My words:


Well, there you have. Short, simple and to the point. Now THAT's a challenge, huh? I guess it's my turn to tag someone. Diane, Renee, Adrienne, Veronica & Brown English're up!!!


Gina said...

Followed your link from the Brown English Muffin! Another scrapper!!! I am so collecting the longest list of crafty sisters! Not necessarily those of AA descent but those of a female persuasion! Glad to meet you! I have not been blogging as my Cable was being transferrred but I am now revisiting everyone that was kind enough to leave a message as well!
The children are so sweet! Mine would never pose for photo's like that! i always want to see the school photographers smile "first" ;-)

denaid said...

Sorry. Can't do it. Nothing intesting comes to my mind with those words. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just saw this girlfriend. I'm off to blog my answers.