Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Celebration continues...

As you all are probably already aware, I just had my 40th birthday. And my baby daughter just turned 5. Well, my dad and his girlfriend, Gwen came to Georgia from New York to help us celebrate.

Fast forwarding a bit, they stayed through Thanksgiving and came to spend their last couple of hours in town with us. Well of course, we took this opportunity to take some pictures. You guys have got to know my dad to appreciate the big lauging smiles you'll see on our faces. Enjoy!!!

This is me an my dad. Oddly enough, he was having a "semi" serious moment. However, this was the 3rd try at this particular pose. LOL

Jayla and her Pop-Pop. Again, one of 3 pictures where he was attempting to be serious. He's such a great grandpa!.

Alright now, here we go. Dad is trying to make Jayla smile...instead, he made both of us laugh and of course we "caught" him acting up. :-)

This was another rare moment of my dad being serious. Here, he's pictured with my DH, Jayla and his girlfriend, Gwen.

Ok, this is a picture that my dad took. He loves to ask Jayla how to spell her name. Then he tells her it's wrong and proceedes to add his own letters AND numbers to her name. This, as you can see, cracks her up!

Now we can't have any pictures of Pop Pop without our doggie, Trae in one :-).

Well, that's it for this trip. Dad and Gwen, thank you both for making this birthday SOOO special for me and Jayla. We love you both very much and look forward to seeing you again REAL soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the family photos. Very cute.

BTW, I see the "Curves" difference.

Brown English Muffin said...

Boy do I love pics!!! I love them, love them love them....I always feel like I'm right there!!!

And not to be rude but your dad looks like he was a trouble maker with the girls back in the day...very handsome!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics as always. And Pop Pop does look like an original playa playa from back in the day...LOL

Anonymous said...

great looking family and you don't look a day over 20. Wow, I hope I look that good at 40. DAna

Muriel said...

very cute pictures of the family....the purple looks so nice!!!