Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The neighborhood hayride

Am I the only one who CANNOT believe that it's NOVEMBER 1st?!?!? Christmas is right around the corner...but personally speaking, I'm not walking around that corner right now...I'm in denial :-). And I've got one better than 16 days, I'll be 40 (FORTY) years old!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, let's get back to the REAL reason for this post. Not that the comments above aren't "real"...I'd just rather not talk about them anymore :-) hee hee.

This year, our family did a little something different. We decided to allow the kids, to not only particiate in our annual neighborhood hayride. But we also let them dress up in costumes. If you read my "halloween" post last year, you'll remember that I was kinda on the fence about the whole thing. I'm still straddling...but starting to fall on the side of the kids. At some point, you have to trust that your kids know right from wrong and understand what you've been teaching them all their lives. We told the kids, as long as they didn't dress up in anything scary or "gothic" that we didn't have a problem with dressing up this year. I know these kids pretty well, so I knew that wouldn't be an issue. Markell wanted to dress up in a Ninja custume. That's cool! Two of his friends from the neighborhood also dressed as ninjas. Jayla wanted to be a princess (what a shocker! NOT!) As long as this child has been able to talk, she has considered herself a little princess. So this was a no brainer. As a matter of fact, she's gonna have a princess ball for her 5th birthday in a few weeks (look for a post on that one in the weeks to come).

ANYWAY, at Jayla's school they had a little party and a costume parade. It was the cutest thing. We chose not to keep her from the festivities and let her dress up for that as well. She had a ball.

Ok, so here's the pix of my cute little kids and their costumes. ENJOY!!!

Here's the trailer at it's fullest. The kids had a ball riding down the street, jumping off the trailer and running to houses to collect the "goods".

I just had to share this picture. This is one of the dads from our neighborhood. Nothing like seeing your dad in a purple crushed velvet "pimp" suit! LOL

I know you're all gonna be shocked...but BLOGGER is having issues with loading pictures. Look for more in a seperate post...ARGH!!!!


Brown English Muffin said...

That is such a good idea to have all the kids on a who pulled it?

denaid said...

Love the 'pimp daddy'. That is hilarious.