Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dare to DREAM

Happy Saturday, everyone. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. (Note: this is a long relax)

Oh my goodness, you guys...let me tell you. Today, me, my hubby and little Jayla went to see the Street of Dreams. As mentioned in yesterdays post, there are 9 professionally decorated homes open for touring.

If you went to the link that I added, then you saw what the price range of these homes were. So I won't bore you with the minor details of these "little fixer uppers"...LOL.

It was SO hot today! But wandering around these GIANT homes cooled tourists off in pretty good fashion. Anyway, there's not too much more to say about these lovely homes. Other than, I realize that each decorating style is to each, his own. But the decorations in a couple of these homes was, in my opionion...AWFUL!!! I wish ya'll could've seen the looks on some of the other tourists faces...I think they agreed with me. So needless to say, I didn't take any pictures in those homes.

Speaking of ya go...Enjoy!!

A master bathroom with a beautiful fireplace. There was also a FOUR person shower with showerheads at every angle and a closet the size of a small country. LOVE it!!

A basement, showing off SOME of the TV's they offer. DH LOVED this "man" room.

This is a stadium style media room. I took this picture from behind the bar at the "top" of the room. For the seating, there were about 8 leather recliners set on 2 seperate levels. They even had Star Wars playing. Who's bringing the popcorn?

A deck off the family room. Yes, that's a TV outside. Don't wanna miss your shows...

Beautiful waterfall jacuzzi that flows into the free form swimming pool. You can't really see it from this angle, but there's another fountain behind the jacuzzi that flows into a small coy pond.

This is a better shot...can you see the little fountain?

This is just a cute little girls room from another house. I'm pretty sure this was the house that we didn't like the decor in. And this was about the only appealing room.

This family room was in a beautiful, white victorian style home. Very clean and beautifully painted. Looks like it came right out of a magazine.

How cool is this sink and faucet? I don't remember which house this was in. But I REALLY like it!

Beautiful pink and black room. The wall I was standing near to take this photo was actually a curved wall and it was painted black. It had about 4 tall mirrors on it. It was gorgeous with the other pink walls. And the bed was a shiny chrome. Love that chair in the sitting area too.

I love this porch swing. It's actually like a bed that you'd lay on and swing. It was just outside the bedroom in the next photo.

Check out those clear lucite chairs. How cool is that? This room was a beautiful Robins Egg blue with brown accents.

Just another room that I thought was really nice. The furniture is black and the cornice board over the sitting room window is black leather with nailhead trim. Jayla was drawn to this room becuase of the soccer ball on the bed :-).

I just got the biggest kick out of this little fountain. Being that I'm a dog lover, I thought it was really sweet.

Speaking of being a dog lover, check out this "doggie spa". This is actually a 3rd garage off the back of a house. What a great idea!

This was a master bedroom in one of the homes. I love the water fountain feature over the fireplace. In the background, Jayla is standing in the sitting room. The next picture is another angle from this same room.

Ok, this is the same room as the one above. Check out the location of that flat panel TV! How cool is that? That lady that you see there, is coming from the master bathroom area.

Jayla took this picture :-). She really liked the colors in this room. Uh...ok! Moving on....

This was just a family/greatroom that I liked. It was roped off, so I guess the furniture was pretty pricey. I had to take the picture from the balcony upstairs. I actually like this shot, because you can see the room better.

This was just a kitchen that I liked. The cabinets are beautiful and the stove/range top was HUGE!

Just a bathroom that I thought was interesting. The large closet wraps around the mid floor shower that you can get in from either side. This door immediately on the left is the master laundry room. And the claw foot bathtub sits on an oval platform just to the right.

This is a beautiful deck area just off of a kitchen. There's actually 2 sides of this deck. This side is covered and the other is open with additional seating. You can't see it in this picture. But just to your left, on the wall next to that tall plant, hangs a pair of bi-fold doors. And behind those doors is a large flat panel TV. Again, you don't wanna miss your shows while you're outside cooking & entertaining :-).

Well, that's it for the tour. I hope you enjoyed my rendition of the Street of Dreams. I'm sure my pictures didn't do the actual rooms any justice. So if you get the chance to go tour these 9 homes yourself, please do. They'll be there until July 1st.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Susie Q said... just when did you take all these pictures of MY house?? Why, this looks exactly like Rabbit Run!
Um...okay, so without the pools and jacuzzis and flat screens and media centers and huge kitchens and doggie spas and...OKAY!! These look nothing like my house okay??? *sigh* But Kipper would really love that doggie spa!! Maybe we can do that!! : )
Like you I LOVE that doggie fountain!!! That is too sweet!

I KNOW you had a good time,

Love ya,

ScrappinMyRoots said...

I love all the out door photos and I can tell you must be a bed and bath kind-of-gal.

TanishaRenee said...

Now that's what I talking about!

Gretchen said...

Holy cow! It's nice to dream and to get decorating ideas (which would probably never work in my house, but that's beside the point!). Looks like you had fun.

Jude said...

Wow, thank for leading me into coveting so early in the morning. LOL... We actually have freinds whose pool looks like that!

Lisa D. said...

loving the photos girl....that's what you call "livin' large" LOL.


Mama P said...

I'm with Kayla on the blue room. I'm doing my office in that color this month. I prefer to think of it as less garrish, and more "Tiffany Eggshell Blue." Go Kayla!