Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend recap, Inspired to INSPIRE...Swim Suit Sweetie

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was really fun...spent running about from place to place. The Stingrays, finally had their end of season party. We met at the pool of one of the players and it was so nice. We had grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and all the fixins.

And this year, instead of the boys receiving trophies, they got these personalized posters....

Isn't this cool?? I just love it! Our team photographer ROCKS!!! She took all of these shots...several of each boy throughout the seasons. And the head coach designed this poster and made one for each player. The boys will appreciate this so much more than having another trophy. This is Markell's 8th season of soccer and he's got about 12 trophies. We don't have anywhere else to put them!

While at the EOS party, the boys pretty much took over the pool :-). Good thing it was big enough for all of them...and their little sisters. Speaking of little sisters, Jayla had a ball watching the boys splashing around. She even took a minute to pose for me before diving in...several hundred times, to daddy. Check her out...

We are hard pressed to find a time that this child is not ready to pose when a camera comes out.
It was so funny when we were getting ready to leave for this party...she said to me, "Mom! Don't forget my bavin suit with the Maflingos on it!!" lol

Then on Saturday, we were invited to my nieces high school graduation party. Which was also held at a pool. The weather was a little iffy on Saturday, but we all took our swimming gear...just in case. Personally, it was a little too cool for me to get in the pool. But the kids didn't Jayla sat on the side for quite some time. And finally, she couldn't take it any longer...she HAD to get in. As far as Markell goes, all it took was to see Jayla getting her feet wet and he was ready to dive in.

Once again, it took nothing but Jayla seeing the camera to strike a pose for me....

My nephew cooked up quite the feast for everyone and it was DEEElicious!!!! The rain held off and it wound up being a really nice evening.

Well, that's about it for our busy weekend. We ended it with a wonderful church service yesterday, a nice dinner and a much needed nap.

Today begins another week of running errands here and there. But of course I can't start that without my weekly inspiration. With that, I thought I'd keep with the summer theme and share this with you...

"Then, followed that beautiful season...SUMMER...filled was the air with a dreamy & magical light; and the landscape lay as if new, created in all the freshness of childhood."

Have a beautiful week. And, Be Inspired...I am!!!


Jude said...

What a great idea instead of trophies!! That looks amazing. How cute is your little swimsuit model too!! :)

Gretchen said...

Maflingos are beautiful, aren't they?

When Drama Girl was little, I was doing her fingernails, and she wanted me to "push back my barnacles, too".

Love the poster of Markell.

ScrappinMyRoots said...

Dawn, I love the soccer lo! Well done.

Jayla is rocking her swimwear! Go Jayla!

Veroncia said...

That poster is Too Cool! And J is just TOO SASSY and STYLISH in her swimming suits.

gold said...

I think you might have a little diva on your hand.She is so cute.

denaid said...

Love the poster. How cool is that?

And look at that little swimsuit model. She's adorable. She'll be on the cover of Teen before you know it.

Leah said...

Thos posters are so cool! That was such a good idea!! Your little girl is so sweet!

Lynilu said...

That poster is great! What a good idea. It will keep memories better than a trophy. And that Jayla! What a little ham she is!! I love that she poses for every picture! You kids are both too cute!

Have a good week, Dawn!

Muriel said...

now aren't those swimsuits cute!!!

Susie Q said...

That is just the best prize!! How cool is that!

Oh how Jayla poses like our Grace!
: )
LOVE her maflingo bathing suit!!

She is a doll baby!


renee said...

Girl. You guys had better watch out when she grows up! You will be beating back the boys. She is too cute in her suit.