Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Post - Part 2

I'm BACK!! And all good and rested.

So, did ya'll enjoy the Flower Fix? Who knows, if you're good while reading this, I MAY give you another one, :-).

Wow, where to begin? This week has been a little crazy. So sit back, grab a snack and let's get started.

Let's start with Wednesday. Wednesday was one of those days that I've needed for a while now. I ran a few errands early in the morning. Then I can home, threw a load of clothes in the wash then proceeded to do a major fridge cleaning. That was actually pretty fun. (Did I just say that?) Now the fridge looks all sparkly and clean. And I found out, after having this fridge for almost 10 years now, that 2 of the shelves slide out for ease of food retrieval. HUH!!! LOL

Thursday was a day I had planned to just hang around the house. As I've been out and about most of the week. So, I'm laying in bed after dropping Jayla off at school. And I get this strange feeling that the power has gone off. I was right. No biggie, I get up, grab my watch so I can reset the flashing clock and I see that it's 9:15! ZOINKS!!! I didn't mean to sleep that long. Ok, who am I kidding...yes I did! LOL

I reset the security system then booted up the ole computer. Then the phone rings, it's Mister M. He tells me that he just got off the phone with our oldest daughter. And without going into detail, she "needs" mom & dad. This little conversation gave me a boost. Reason being, I LOVE to help people. Especially when they aren't expecting it. Gotta love surprises. Mister M. tells me that he wants to "surprise" Briyanna and give her a little money. SWEET!!! We discuss an appropriate amount and I'm off. I call Bri just to make sure she's home. She immediately thinks I'm up to something, because I told her that I was on my way to her place, :-).

I stop by the bank, stop to buy a couple mushy cards then I hit the highway. SCREECH....Traffic!!! At 10:30 on a Thursday morning? What's up with THAT? Anyway, I call Bri and tell her to make sure she's dressed. Of COURSE she questions me, right? GIRL, just get dressed already!!! :-) Part of my "surprise" was to take her to the grocery store and also to get some food for the man in her life. Here he is....Meet Mr. Diego. Isn't he cute? Yep...I have a Grandpuppy! lol

Anyway, this is where the story gets interesting. We stop for gas and while I'm pumping gas, I hand Bri a card from her daddy. In the card, I put 1/2 of the money we agreed to give her. She glares at me out the window :-). I lean back in the door to put my wallet back in my purse, then I hand her a card from me, with the other 1/2 of the money. Here come the tears :-). She was so grateful. Mission accomplished, LOVE IT!!! SO, we leave the gas station and head to the grocery store. She fills up the cart with a few essentials. We had to check out and guess what? My debit card doesn't work! Are you KIDDING me??? I just took out "X" amount of money, bout a couple cards and got gas. And I KNOW there's more money in the account. So I swipe my card dice! Talk about embarassing! We found that there was a bank around the corner from the store, so we ask if they'll hold the groceries for us for a few minutes. We get back on the traffic, cuz now it's about lunch time in Buckhead. As we're driving, Bri has a "V8" moment, lol. She could've paid cash for the groceries and we can work out the debit card issue later. DUH!!! So, we turn around and head back to the store. All is well. WHEW!!!

Anyway, I get her back home and I head back home, as it's getting close to time to pick Jaylabear up from school. I get home to find an email and 2 voicemail messages from the bank. Come to find out, it "appeared" that my card had been stolen and there was fraud activity. So they put a hold on it. Tee was just me spending wildly, LOL. I approved all the card activity for the day and the hold was lifted. I apprecited that. Except now, they have my cell phone number to call when/if this happens again. I guess I'd better start spending like that more know, so they'll know it's just me, LOL.

Ok, Friday, Jayla's K class had a fieldtrip to the fire department, police station and courthouse. The original plan was to have lunch at the nearby park. But it rained off and on all day. Anyway, the kids (and me) had a great time at our first stop, the fire station. Part of this station is actually a museum. It was so cool. Jayla's teacher even raced a fireman in getting dressed in full gear for a fire. She's such a good sport. The kids got a big kick out of that.
(Note: this is NOT Jayla's teacher, lol. This is one of the sites in the fire museum.)

Next stop was the court house. THIS is where my TIredness began. Me and another mom just walked the couple blocks from the fire station to the courthouse, while the kids rode the bus. And isn't it our luck that we also had to WALK UP 4 flights of stairs to the courtroom? ARGH!!! The judge we saw is the husband of one of the K teachers. So the kids got to do a mock trial..."Who stole the backpack?" So fun! And the kids got to go up on the bench and take a picture with the judge.

After that, we hiked back in the rain to the police station, which was right next to the fire station. This part of the tour was a bit over these 5 & 6 year old kids' heads. The cop used really big words and the kids were NOT impressed, lol. But they did get to "visit" the holding cells (YUCK!) and crawl through a police car.

The kids were getting a little restless by this point and it was way past their regular lunchtime. So we headed back to the school to eat. And being that it was only 30 minutes until the last bell, after lunch, I checked Jayla out and we headed home.

THAT'S why I needed a nap! What a day! Me and Jayla crashed when we got home.

Alright, alright...I'm almost done :-).

Also on Thursday, I had a great mail day. My sweet friend, Tangee sent me and Jayla a box of goodies. Check this out.

She sent me some scrappy stuff, me and Jayla got beautiful bracelets, a gorgeous Mother of Pearl picture frame, a cute little doggie with a bow around his neck that matches my studio, a keychain and a BIG OLE tassel :-). She's such a sweetheart. Thank you again, Tangee.

Let's see, what else? Oh, once again,there's no soccer this weekend :-(. T-storms & tornados predicted for the weekend.

Alrighty, that's about it. And as promised, here's another "fix" for you. I mean, you deserve it, after reading ALL of this :-). Toodles! Enjoy your weekend!


Gretchen said... I'm tired! LOL.

Sorry about the bank card snafu. At least they're being secure with your account though. Very sweet of you to bless Briyanna like that. We never cease to "need" our moms--I think in our early 20's it's the hardest, too.

Okay, gotta run. xxxooogretchen

...Is Johnson said...

That was so sweet of you two to bless your daughter. It seems like you had a lot of fun on your mission. I too am tired after reading your post. I hope this comment finds you well rested!

LuvJones said...

Sounds like you ha da pretty eventful week!
That has happened to me with my check card, its good in a way then not so good when others are around! That was so nice of you guys to do that for your daughter...I love those types of surprises!

I enjoyed reading your blog!

denaid said...

Wow... So you must have taken out more than $10 this time. No wonder they shut you down. ;)

Lynilu said...

Doncha hate when technology shuts down on us? Good you got it worked out, though. Briyanna is such a dear girl, and I'm glad you were there to help her, and how cool that it was M's idea. What a good daddy he is (and you can tell him so!). I Love the picture of Mr. Diego!! OMG, he is cute!!

As for the field trip ... I don't think I'd get the same, uh, joy that the kids do from a visit to a cell or the *back* of a police car. Double yuck!! But don't tell her,
'cause if it was fur for her, so be it. I'm betting she got a thorough bath that night!! LOL!!

Patti said...

I love how you took care of Bri and the surprises! Love it!

My bank has done that with me and the debit card too. While I appreciate their vigilance, um, it is inconvient not to mention a tad embarassing!

Jude said...

you are such a sweet mom, why? Because you didn;t just give Bri some $ you thought to put it in a sweet card, adn go with her to the store. :) You rock!! Glad Jayla's class trip was so much fun too!!

Kathy said...

WOW! I am exhausted just reading everything you did! LOL I think I'll take a nap now! ROFL!

Glad all of you had a good time though!

LOVE the flower pictures! They are so bright and cheerful!

Susie Q said...

I loved reading all of this but...I wanted to check in and see if everything is okay! The storms
were awful and I am so worried about you!

Know I am thinking about you!


Babydoll said...

WOW!! You really did have a busy week. I guess it's good you do post flowers because you'd never have time to stop and smell them otherwise!! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Good lord I need a nap just reading all that!!! Are you ok? Ok so why was Bri home during the day anyway!! LOL

I love that you made he cry and the idea of the money in two envelopes was soo super cute!!!

gold said...

That was so sweet!I love helping others too.It just makes you heart feel warm.
Wow you had a busy week!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I am tired just reading your post! I would have been EXHAUSTED too!! (By the time Sydney is going on field trips I will be so OLD that I will have a very hard time making it! lol)

You are such a good Mom to both your girls!!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! yay!