Monday, March 03, 2008

Bring it on!!!

I am so excited, you guys. Soccer season is now in full swing. YAY!!! Now if the rain can hold off...

Saturday: The Lil Stingrays finally had their first practice. And Jayla could not have been happier. It was so sweet to see her run up to her friends, give them big hugs and ask if they were ready for some soccer :-). So what they all said, "NO!" LOL. They also got new uniforms...again. But tell me, who picks out the uniforms? The league colors are red, black and white. That's not bad, I like those colors together. But a few seasons ago, they decided to throw navy blue in the mix for all the teams under U10. Last season, wasn't so bad. They had navy shirts with red writing/logo, red shorts and red socks. And also a heather grey shirt with red writing/logo for when they were the "away" team. Still, not bad. But THIS season...they have the standard white shirt with red and black writing/logo. And the new shorts they got are really cool. They're red with white and black on the sides. So tell me WHY on EARF did they get another navy shirt? That doesn't match!!! ARGH!!! Oh well, like Mister M. said..."I guess they'll all just look tacky together." LOL

Anyway, the big Stingrays had their regular season opener on Saturday. And they won 2 - 1. YAY!!! I wasn't there, but I heard it was a great game.
Speaking of me not being there, remember I told you I was going to a show with my mom, my sister, my aunt, my SIL and several other people? Well, we went and we had such a nice time. The weather was beautiful that evening so we walked the 4 blocks to the theatre. I have another question for you though. What's the point in having reservations at a restaurant? I mean, my sister made reservations for 6:15pm. Do you know we didn't get seated until 10 minutes to 7? The show was at 8pm. So we didn't have much time to chat...for that matter, by the time the food came, we almost didn't have time to chew! But we made it on time and it was really nice.

Sunday: Sunday was a lazy day and we didn't get out. Jayla was starting to show signs of a little cold & fever. My MIL had plans with friends. So we just hung around the house. I made a nice dinner and that was about it.

Today: I got Jayla up at our regular time, 6:20am and she felt very warm to the touch. So I took her temp and it was 102.2. She didn't LOOK like she didn't feel well and really wanted to go to school. I told her I didn't think that would be a good idea. Needless to say, she was a little upset. But later said to me, "Ok, mom? I think I do wanna stay home. I'll feel gooder here if you take care of me." Ok, she's just too sweet. So I gave her some Motrin and she went back to sleep until 9:30! We were able to keep the fever down under 100 all day today. However, we did have a little upchuck once today...but she felt GREAT after that :-). It was so funny...after her little, ahem, spit up...she comes to me with this sad look on her face. And says, "Mom, I'm so sorry! I threw up in the toilet, I flushed it and now the water isn't blue anymore!" LOL She's so funny. But she did have a good mail day which made her feel "gooder". Look at these cute little shirts my mom sent Jayla today. Ever since Christmas, when Jayla got her mailbox, my mom has been mailing her stuff. But Jayla gets so excited about getting mail, it never makes it to her box, lol.
Anyway, that's all I've got for today (that's enough, huh?) Now that soccer season is underway, I'm sure my days, and nights for that matter, are gonna be a little crazy. But it's so much fun and I just LOVE it.
I'll try not to bore ya'll too much with all the Stingrays stuff. But I AM a soccer mom, you know!! LOL
Enjoy your evening and I'll be talkin to ya soon!! Toodles!


Gretchen said...

I hope Jayla feels better soon. Have fun you "soccer mom!" I don't know who has more fun, the kids or the parents. Which is a good thing, because if you hated sports, you'd be out of luck at your house. LOL.

Darling shirts. I don't think we ever get sick of getting "mail".

Take care.


Cheryl Wray said...

Those shirts are SO cute!!! And you know you can totally "bore" me with all your soccer stories. Cause you know I'm gonna bore you all with softball stories for the next five months! :-)

I hope Jayla feels better soon. That stinks!!!

Have a LOVELY day!!! (Has your weather turned cold and grey like ours here? Yesterday was gorgeous and today is just yucky!!)

Renee said...

Cute shirts. We are on spring hiatus from sports. After two fall and two winter sports, I am ready for my break.

...Is Johnson said...

Soccer season is so cool! I love those shirts. How old was your daughter when she first started playing soccer? I want to sign my oldest up, but she is only three. They have soccer here for her age, but I don't know if it's too soon. Enjoy the season!

Patti said...

Aww it's so sweet Jayla gets mail and loves it and I am never bored by your soccer posts! (or ANY of your posts)