Friday, February 29, 2008

Just STUFF and of course flowers..

Well hey!
So, are you guys having a good week so far? Mine has been relatively quiet. And I'm good with that.
How bout some random "stuff".

~Soccer practices were supposed to have started this week. As usual, they are on Mondays and Thursdays. However, it rained over the weekend, which doesn't make for real solid playing fields. I mean, if you're a pig, the fields were in GREAT condition, lol. So needless to say, practices were cancelled. Jayla was so bummed! When I told her practice had been cancelled on Monday, she said, "Aww MAN! I took a nap for NUTHIN!!" LOL. Then yesterday, we get an email saying that practices have been cancelled for the rest of the week. To the average person, this may not be such bad news. But when the season is supposed to start on Saturday, March 1st, you have no uniforms, and you don't know who's on your team...there inlies a problem :-). I'll keep you posted on that front.

~Jayla had Wacky Wednesday at school this week. It was Dr. Seusses birthday. So the kids got to dress "tacky". Now, this presented a little problem for me :-). I strive, on a daily basis, to make sure my daughter looks neat and color coordinated for school. Right down to her little hairbows & socks (sometimes her undies too). So needless to say, when we received the notice requesting that the kids dress "wacky", I was a little nervous. I mean, me and Jayla have a reputation to uphold :-). But, we did it and she STILL managed to look too stinkin adorable. Check her out...
I know in this 2nd picture, she looks like she's gotta pee. But that's just her posing like the little girl from "Hooville", LOL.

~I have a confession to make. I trust you guys (for the most part, lol). And I have no problem sharing my, shall we say, issues with you. So again I say, I have a confession...(deep breath)...OK...I have an addiction. No one is perfect. And I know most of you thought I lived a quiet, peaceful, problemless life. But I don't. I haven't even shared this addiction with Mister M. I'm not sure how he's gonna take it. But I love him and I know he loves me. So, some how, some way, we'll get through it. You guys, I'm addicted to these...
YES, I know, I know...HOW COULD IT BE??? I dunno. All I can do is hang my head in shame. And it's not helping at ALL that my friend, Stacey, is enabling me. She keeps going to Super Target, going to the candy isle, grabbing a bag and getting a big ole HEAPING scoopful of.... DR. PEPPER JELLY BELLY's. I mean, what kind of FRIEND would do that? She takes them with us when we ride together to Girls Night, so we can snack on them as we ride. She had a bowl sitting out of them on Wednesday night when she hosted Girls Night. Then, to add insult to injury, she gave me a snackbag FULL of them today. There they were, sitting on her porch, inside my cake plate that I left at her house Wednesday night. think you know someone, then they go and do something like this to you. She even offered ice cold Dr. Peppers as a beverage. Ya know, sometimes you just gotta cut people off...oh, no, not STACEY!! Other people, I mean. LOL :-D.

~Take a look at this picture of Trae. Do you notice, different about him?

No? You don't see it? Well, in addition to Jayla having her daddy wrapped around her finger(s). She also has our dog wrapped around a few too. Poor Trae, you should see the look on his face sometimes when Jayla is playing with him. She's put a bib on him before. A tiara, necklaces, flowers in his collar and ribbons around his neck. When we first got him a couple years ago, she even, politely, filled up his water bowl with strawberry Gatorade, lol. His little snout was BRIGHT red! :-) He's just so tolerable of Jayla and just loves playing with her. He just sits there like a sweet doggie and lets her do...WHATEVER to him. You know, stuff like this...

Now do you see it? Yep, Jayla tried to give Trae a manicure. Or is this a pedicure? Oh, I know, it's a "PAWdicure"! THAT's what it is! LOL And he just sat there and let her do it. Did I mention that she did all 4 paws? Yep...all 4! And get this...she "polished" them with the pink Princess stamp that Grace, of the Rabbit Run Cottage gave her, LOL. Thanks, Miss Grace!

Ok, enough STUFF for now. How bout some pretty flowers?

You can hardly see the flowers with those cute little pups in the picture. It was too cute not to share. I mean, I may not share my Dr. Pepper Jelly Belly's, but I'll share a cute doggie picture :-).

Hmmm, wonder if Jayla could get Trae to sit in a flowerpot and pose for a few shots? I bet she could! I can see the disgusted look on his face right now, LOL.

Welp, you guys, that's a wrap for today. I'd love to hear if ya'll have any fun & exciting things planned for the upcoming weekend.

Oh, shoot...that reminds me. I almost forgot. On Saturday, me, my sister, my mom, my aunt, my sister in law and a few of my sisters friends are going out to dinner and to see this show. My sister and I have gone for the past 2 - 3 years and have really enjoyed it. So this year, we're making a big event out of it. I'm really looking forward to it. If you're ever able to go to a show, please do. It is QUITE impressive. These people are SO very talented. Makes for a really nice evening out.

NOTE: I am very aware that it's not 8:00am on Friday morning yet. But, I had all this in my head TONIGHT (Thursday), so I thought I'd better go ahead and getter dun! :-) Pretty cool to be able to change the date, huh?

Be Inspired...I AM!!


Leah said...

Those pics of Jayla are so cute! And when I saw those Jelly beans I thought they were Boston baked beans I'm craving some of them! Have a great weekend Dawn!

Adrienne said...

hhahahahha that his too cute!

Jude said...

LOL at the painted doggie nails!!! I love her Dr.Suess outfit too!! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

wacky wacky girl...I love the pics...I can't WAIT for Baby C to start school for events like this. When my daughter has wacky dress day can you come from GA to NY (hopefully we'll be living in at least SC by then) and dress her I'm wayyy to anal to dress uncoordinated!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow....lots of cool stuff in this post!!!

A few comments...

I totally know what you mean about hating it when practice is cancelled. Those of us who aer really "serious" about it (lol!) get all upset if we aren't prepared by opening day. I know that Delaney is always the same way about missing!!! I hope you guys get clear weather this weekend!!

We are NOT like you when it comes to matching clothes and all that! I often say that my kids look like they just rolled out of bed. And I've always let them dress themselves and so half the time they look very "unique" to say the least. I always envy the parents who are so "put together" like you! LOL

The doggie pedicure is SO funny!!

And I seriously thought those were kidney beans in the first picture. And, okay, kidney beans are good but I was kinda wondering about you being addicted to them. :-)

Have a SUPER weekend!!!!

Veroncia said...

Jayla is too wrong for treating poor Trae like that... My Rory is so lucky that Ava doesn't do those things to her. But Rory also keeps a nice distance between herself and Ava too.

I feel your pain about the tacky dressing days. Every morning I sit back and admire just how prefectly dressed and accessorized Ava is when I dress her. It's a sickness when me. I don't want other parents thinking the bad thoughts about me that I think about them when I see their kids looking like "who done it"...LOL

Have a great weekend. And BTW, you are right. You couldn't be jealous of my new toy because you need me to help you use yours...LOL

Love ya

Patti said...

Awww Jayla and Trae crack me right up! So adorable! I just showed that to Stacy and he is still laughing.

I love the buttered popcorn jelly bellies!

Gretchen said...

I think I want to adopt Trae. He looks much more calm than Annie. I luuurve his pawdicure. :)

Jayla is just a little ray of sunshine,isn't she? I love her cute poses. I bet you love her almost as much as those Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies. ;)

I'm hoping that Drama Girl feels better because Big and I have a date tomorrow night to celebrate the big old 39. The big day isn't till next Friday, but we'll be packing him up and sending him to bed early for an early morning trip to China (again--sigh), so we need to get us some celebrating in now. LOL. I hope those fields dry out soon.

Lynilu said...

OMG, she looks cuter than a ladybug!! You did well at protecting your persona!!

I can't believe that Trae sat still for that! Whatta dog!!

Pamela said...

Nice had me worried at first. I kept reading just to find out exactly how bad Jayla dressed for tacky day, but you managed to save her image.

Now Trae should win an award for the dog with the best patience.

Love the pics....Have a great weekend.

Memphis Scrapper

EsSeNsE~ViBeZ said...

Funnny!!...I love your's very refreshing to read about other people lives in another state or part of the world....please stop by and visit me...i would love to keep in touch with you...oh yeah, you're a normal mom girls are 23 & 24 now and they have the same "illness" as us...everything they wore was color coordinated..down to the hairbows, tights and yes, color coordinated paper lunch bags...LOL...but i'm darn proud of it too! my son, that is a different story..he was a boy and i wasn't about to him make out to look like his sisters..LOL...remain blessed!

gold said...

Jayla is so cute!!

Babydoll said...

Love the pictures of your daughter. You were right, she's still cute and she does look like she has to pee!! HAHAHAHA!!

Renee said...

Poor Trae! He must be so patient to have endured the doggie pedicure. Girl, just wait until inside out day, backwards day and all the other stupid days they come up with. Or worse, when you have to figure out how to dress her like Madonna or some other star for Hollywood day.

Susie Q said...

She is just adorable...uh huh. I love this girl!
And Those puppy toes...stunning!! Gotta love a girl who paints puppy toes! Gotta love a doggie who lets her do it!

I have never tried Dr. Pepper Jelly Belly beans. I think I will have to!!

Love ya,