Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Flower Fix...2 weeks in a row, even!


Hey there, everyone. Well, we've successfully made it through another week. WHEW!!

Ok, at this point, I won't even venture to try and remember what all I did this week. So let's just say, I spent tons of time running around here and there. And doing a lot of this and that. Yep, that about sums it up!

How bout a status on the studio? Ok, great idea...thanks for asking :-). Wellll, the room is coming along swimmingly. You guys, I absolutely LOVE it!!! I don't say this often, but I am very proud of myself. As it stands right now, the room is about 75% done. Right now, I'm in the relocating/organizing phase. So this may take a minute. But again, the room is gorgeous.

Jayla goes in there all the time and says, "Mom, WE are gonna have funnn scrapbooking in HERE!"

Uh, WE!?!?!

What's up with THAT?? WHATEVER!!! :-) Man, I've been wanting to do a room like this for so long, that it's gonna take an act of congress for her to be in there with me as often as she thinks she'll be. Wonder where I can order an ID card reader, retna scan machine, fingerprint reader and voice recognition machine. Anybody got any suggestions? lol

ANYHOO...I'll be ready to share pictures REAL soon...I (kinda) promise :-).

Also, after Valentines day next week, I'll be (kinda) ready to share the other "secret" I talked about a few posts back.

Alrighty, guess what time it is? It's Flower Fix time. So, whatchall in the mood for? Something Springy? PERFECT! How bout this...

AGAIN...I have no clue as to what kind of flower this is. But it sure is pretty!

Okie dokie my dear friends...I've gotta finish my lunch, go move a table into my studio, eat a donut hole :-), then go pick Jayla up from school. So I'll be talkin to you guys later. Have an awesome weekend! And...Be Inspired....


Jude said...

I can't wait to see your room all done, and is sounds like you may have to adda little desk for someone in there huh?? Can't wait to hear the secret too!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Thank you so much for your kind words .

Veroncia said...

I can't wait to see the room.

And please, very nicely of course, kick Miss J to the curb about coming into your space. No rugrats allowed. That's what I tell Ava...LOL

Patti said...

That flower is pretty and I can't wait to hear your "news"!

Susie Q said...

Oh Dawn...(an I have missed you by the way!!) I just know this room will be perfect! You WILL have fun in there scrap booking, WITH Miss Jayla!
And without!!

Grace is scrapbooking tonight! I got her a mess of stuff as her Chinese New Year gift. She is SO excited about it. I am sure my living room will be in shambles bu that is okay. She will be creatin'!!

Have a sweet weekend and thank you for the Spring flower!


Lesli said...

Beautiful flower - so colorful. I love the banner - my favorite color is purple!!!

Lynilu said...

OK, I feel SO much better now that you are back on a regular routine again! Two in a row!! EEEEhawww!

I'm eager to see the room, too. And hear the secret. But I'm not holding my breath ... just too long to wait for that! LOL!

Have a good weekend!!

Kathy said...

I am LOVING all the pictures of the pretty flowers because I am SO ready for Spring to be here! I am tired of the cold, and the bare trees! I want to see some GREEN again!

I am drooling over the sound of your room! I cannot wait to see the pictures you will be posting! I am still "trying" to work on mine, so maybe yours will inspire me to get the LEAD out, and get in gear! LOL

Gretchen said...

Love the beautiful flower! Very cheery for these gray Seattle skies. I'm so excited for your studio. You better start working on Jayla-distraction-devices pronto! I know what you mean about wanting to have a space all to yourself and having "visitors". :)

Have a great week. xxoxoogretchen

Lesli said...

Hey Dawn - I just wanted to let you know your banner is the featured banner on my blog today!!! I absolutely love it!!!

TanishaRenee said...

Beautiful flower fix! I can't wait to see how your room turned out! Oooh I'm so jealous, I need my own space...LOL!

BTW, you can order those personalized acrylic albums at are so fun to work with! There's also a tips and tricks blog that you can click on to get some how-to info.

Cheryl Wray said...

I can't believe I haven't come by since last Friday. Where have I been???? Sorry to not pop by...Forgive me!

I can't wait to see your room!!! I am SO jealous and I just know it's gonna be gorgeous!!!

Love the flower!!!!

What in the world is the news?...

Annette said...

Wow! Beautiful banner - beautiful blog! Can't wait to see pics of your new space! That flower is beautiful. I found your blog thru a link from my friend, Lesli. We are here in Montana, just scrapping away. Come visit my blog if you get a chance.