Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More fun questions...AND answers! (NOTE: this is a long one)

That Susie Q has been at it again. She had this MACK DADDY questionnaire on her site the other day, and I just HAD to do it. Some of the questions are a little quirky. But it's really fun to do stuff like this. That, or I'm just a sucker for letting people know the REAL me! :-)

1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say? Well, once the amonia/smelling salt kicks in and I came to, I'd ask him for the $100 back that I paid for the IUD I got myself for Christmas. THEN, I'd go get myself a stiff drink (Dr. Pepper, of course). Once I'm good an inebreated, I'd call Marque and tell him to start working some MORE overtime, because we're gonna need to get that Tahoe after all!
2. Do you trust all of your friends? Why yes, I think I do.
3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? Considering I'm already with the one I love, I'd have to say yes. But let it be known that I'd go kicking & screaming.
4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Yes, I do. Although, sometimes those "reasons" are beyond my reasoning.
5. Can you make a dollar in change right now? Probably not. Change is the one thing I'm usually out of. OK...who am I kidding?...I'm usually out of any kind of money. Anybody got some money I can borrow? The person who came up with these questions needs change...
6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? Hmmm, probably Lisa M. She is just the sweetest thing and I bet she'd have a great bedside manner. And she's a great baker...so I know she'd do her rounds with a big ole plate of brownies!
7. Are you afraid of falling in love? What's there to be afraid of? I do it everyday. I see my husband and my daughter's faces in the mornings and I fall in love with them all over again.
8. Have you been overseas? Hmmm, I guess driving OVER the Mississippi River on my way back from Mount Vernon, IL one year isn't the same thing, is it? In that case, I don't think so. I've been to Jamaica...but again, I don't think that counts.
9. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? Yes. I think of my Great-Grandma quite often. She'll be 104 years old in July. And I think of my dad a lot too. Probably because I'm always scared...ahem...concerned, that he'll just show up on my doorstep from NY. Don't laugh...he's been known to do just that on several ocassions. And sometimes even at my place of employment...which in todays case, would be my (home) doorstep. :-)
10. What’s your most favorite scar? What kind of question is this? I can't say that I have a FAVORITE.
11. When was the last time you flew in a plane? In 1995 when me and my hubby went to Jamaica for Christmas.
12. What did the last text message you sent say? "On Macland Rd. next to Publix". My husband asked me where the nearest UPS store was today.
13. What features do you find most attractive in the preferred sex? Eyes, smile, teeth, and a confident walk.
14. Fill in the blank. I love ________.… My life right now. Chocolate. My weekly girls night. My new studio :-). My husband. My daughters.
15. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? To finish my studio. I'm not a real good organizer. Hey, that's a goal, isn't it? To become a better organizer. Oh, and to become debt free.
16. If you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extended time who would you call? (I love Susie Q's answer to this one). I'd have to say my mom and dad. But I'd hope that they'd already be with me. But I'd also like to have quick access to the nearest Chick Fil A and see if, since I've been in this coma, do they now deliver. WHAT???
17. How many kids do you want to have? Do I WANT to have? Well, I already have 2. So let's stop there...that's a pretty round number. Although, if I were younger, I'd consider having another.
18. Would you make a good parent? I WOULD!!! But DO I make a good parent is a better question. And to that, I'd have to say, not always. My intentions are really good though.
19. Where was your favorite picture taken? As far as pix of me and my honey, I'd have to say at a company Christmas party. We look so sweet together. And as far as other pictures go...one of my favs was taken of my oldest daughter when she was getting ready for graduation from the 6th grade. And another of my hubby at the hospital holding Jayla the day she was born
20. What’s your middle name? Monique
21. Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? HONESTLY??? How many more questions do I have to answer. :-) And wondering if I'm gonna sleep well tonight.
22. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be? Very sneaky...I'm not answering this one!!! Ok,ok, I'll bite... I'd go back to this morning and pick out another bra to wear. This one is about to itch me to DEATH!! :-)
23. Who was or will be the maid of honor/ best man in your wedding? My sister, Kimmy. Even though she didn't even want to be at my wedding. She was SO mad at me that day, because instead of being able to go somewhere with her friend, she had to go to her "SISTERS stupid wedding"!
24. What are you wearing right now? Some purple capri lounging pants, a purple golf shirt, some socks and an itchy bra :-).
25. Righty or Lefty? Uhhh, righty, I guess. What does this mean?
26. Best place to eat? Anywhere that I get to sit down to a hot/warm meal. Be SERVED. Have matching plates & silverware. Where the glasses are actually made out of glass and don't have Dora The Explorer on them. And where a dog sitting under the table waiting for someone to drop something is optional.
27. Favorite jeans? As I've stated before, any ones that fit.
28. Favorite Animal? My dog, Trae, that sits under the table waiting for someone to drop something.
29. Favorite juice? Orange
30. Have you had the chicken pox? Yes, when I was 5. But I'm still not sure that I even liked chicken when I was 5. So I still question how I even got the "pox".
31. Have you had a sore throat? Uh yeah! One that led to strep, even!
32. Ever had a bar fight? Uh no! Never been to a bar.
33. Who knows you the best? Probably my hubby. Poor guy!

34. Shoe size? 9.5 (that just seems a little smaller than putting 9 1/2)
35. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses. They're even new!
36. Ever been in a fight with your pet? WHAT?? Uh, I don't think so.
37. Been to Mexico? I've been to a Mexican's house before. Does that count? What about a Mexican restaurant?
38. Did you buy something today? Yepper! I bought a mirror and some candles for my studio. Some canned air and toilet paper from Walgreens. And the #1 combo with a Dr. Pepper from Chick Fil A. WHAT???
39. Did you get sick today? Nope.
40. Are you angry with anyone today? Nope. But that's subject to change without notice, if these questions don't end soon. But I guess the question would be, WHO would I be angry with? Susie was simply the messenger. Hmmm....
41. Did you get in a fight with someone today? What's will all this VIOLENCE??? Who am I, Mike Tyson? NO, I didn't get in a fight with anyone today. Sheesh!!
42. When is the last time you had a massage? Professionally? Never. At home while watching TV? A few months ago. Hey, that's a good idea for tonight...
43. Last person to lie in your bed? My hubby & Jayla.
44. Last person to see you cry? My dog, Trae.
45. Who made you cry? That guy who planned such a romantic proposal on TV for his girlfriend.
46. What was the last TV show you watched? House Hunters
47. What are your plans for the weekend? Not real sure if anything is going on on Saturday. But Sunday, Jayla has a birthday party to go to.
48. Who do you think will repost this? I'm thinking Cheryl. She likes stuff like this.
49. Who was the last person you hung out with? Once school was out, Jayla. But earlier today, I hung out with a my new friend, Amy and her son.
50. If your significant other asked you to marry them TODAY, what would you say? Oh, absolutely YES!!! I'll tell ya, that man still catches my eye from across a room. :-). I think this is a good time to mention this...he never really "asked" me to marry him in the first place. We just wound up at the same church at the same time, we were both all dressed up, so we figured what the hay? Let's get married. LOL. Only part of that story is true. He NEVER did officially "ask" me to marry him. We just kinda "agreed" that that's what we were gonna do. But IF he were to ask me today, once I came to and stopped crying like a blubbering idiot, I'd say yes in a heartbeat!

Well, that's about it. That's ENUFF, huh?? Oh, c'mon...it was fun! I think at this point, I'm supposed to tag someone to do this too. But ya know what? I'm just gonna throw it out there and invite whoever wants to, to join in. So...consider yourself tagged!


denaid said...

Oh goodness... this looks like a good one.

Great questions, and GREAT answers.

Off I go to answer them! :)

denaid said...

OMG you haven't flown since 1995??????

DMB said...

I laughed out loud the first answer. After the smelling salts... Hey, Somebody tighten my corset over here, dammit!!

Patti said...

Yes it was fun. I don't think I have the patience right now to do it but I enjoyed reading your answers. I'm still scratching my head over the "been in a fight with your pet" one...

Lynilu said...

Yeah, what's with all the questions about fighting??? Goodness!

I loved that rambling discourse about getting married!! Too funny!! Ya know, most people just sorta drift into it like you did. Talking with friends a few years back, only one had received a proposal!

Gretchen said...

Great fun! C'mon, who have you been in a fight with lately???!!! Inquiring minds want to know. LOL.