Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who woulda thunk it???

WARNING...WARNING...Photo dump site! :-)

Oh my goodness...SOO much has been going on since my last posting. And not just with me and my family either.
Let's break it down a bit, shall we?
First of all, let's back this train up and talk about last week.
*Last Monday at Jayla's school, we started selling Chick Fil A biscuits to students and to parents as they dropped the kids off in the morning. So that was a fun undertaking. We will do this every Monday during the school year, and that makes me very happy. Now, not only will I get my CFA fix every Monday, but some of the money I'm paying goes towards purchasing better technology for the school. SWEET!
And on a funny note about the biscuit sales, we decided to donate the few biscuits we had left over to a local police/fire department. So I drive over to the P.D. and tell the officer at the desk that I'm there from my daughters school and I have a cooler 1/2 full with CFA biscuits that I'd like to donate to them. He then tells me that he can't leave the desk to come help me get it out of my car, but he'll send one of the inmates to help me.
SCREEECH.....WHAT? One of the INMATES? Uh, no worries there officer, I've got it!!! LOL. By now, he has gotten back on the phone. So I take this opportunity to go get the cooler myself; you know, before he has time to get my "helper". I struggle and groan and fight my way back to the lobby with this big heavy cooler all before he gets off the phone :-). Anyway, another officer has now come up and the first officer tells him that I've got biscuits for them. So he lets me in and leads me to their break room. And before I leave, I tell him to make sure he lets the firefighters know about the drop off too. (I've heard police officers can be greedy, lol). Anyway, I went on my way with them telling me that they'd see me tomorrow...I don't think so!!! :-)
*On Wednesday, me and my friends had our weekly Girls Night Out. And for some strange reason, I let these women talk me into dressing up in honor of the upcoming "night of fright" on the 31st. Before I go any further, let the records show that I do NOT dress up for Halloween. It's only been over the past couple of years that I even allow the kids to dress up. Anyway, as long as it's nothing scary or "demonic", it's all in fun.
So, I'm sure you're wondering what my costume looked like, aren't you? Check THIS out :-D.
Ok, see if you can find me in this crowd of lovely women....
For those of you who are having a hard time picking me out, how bout a close up...

Too close? Sorry bout that! LOL

Ok, let me I said, I don't do the "dress up" thing. I have embarrassment issues. But I was starting to feel the pressure. Soooo, I kinda took the easy way out. I put on my jammies, my warm cozy spa robe, rolled up the ole hair and threw on a beauty mask for my close up! THIS WAY...when I get home, all I have to do is jump in the bed, right? Well that was the plan. But this little "get up" got a little warm. Not to mention, I cannot sleep in hair rollers, so I took those out. The beauty mask was simply Oil of Olay, so I just rubbed that in. Boy, was my face soft that night, lol. Anyway, we had fun.

*Mister M. and I went to a get together with some of his/our high school friends. We met up here for dinner. YUMMY!! We always love getting together with these guys. Here's a couple pix from that evening.

*Last week was kinda uneventful. Well, all except for my dress coming in. Remember the dress I showed you guys a few posts back? Well it's here. And I must say, I was a little nervous about it. The closer I got to the dress shop, the "nervouser" I got, lol. I started to 2nd guess myself, wondering if I'd made the right design and color choice. I quickly arrived at the conclusion that I was more excited about seeing the dress than I was about seeing it ON ME. But all is well. It's beautiful. More on that later.

*As I mentioned, we allowed Jayla to dress up for Halloween this year. And just like the past few years, our neighborhood had the annual hayride for the kids. I think it goes without saying that Jayla was adorable. But how bout some pix, so you can judge for yourself...

Ladies & Gentleman, it is my pleasure to introduce you to....
I know, I know...she looks a little different than most of you may remember. But she's cute, ain't she? LOL
And yes people, Wonder Woman does have to stop and "fuel up" sometimes. And what is her delicacy of choice?
PIZZA!! :-)

*On Saturday, Jayla was invited to a birthday party for her good friend (teammate), Gracie. Gracie had a Rock Star party. Talk about cute. They asked that all the girls dress up like a rock stars and there would be tons of fun "rock starish" things to do. Such as making your own lotion, making your own lip gloss, making flavored pixie sticks, Karaoke, photo ops and make-overs. The girls had a BLAST!!
The VIP's.... All made up....
Jayla and the birthday star...
"The small print"...I had a little bit of an issue with the whole make-up thing. Honestly, I don't like make-up on little girls. They are only this young and innocent for a short while. But this time, I allowed Jayla to join in the know, kind of a "when in Rome" moment :-). She looked really cute though...especially after I hosed her down when we got home, LOL.

*And now for my "Who woulda thunk it" portion of this post.....

"NUFF SAID!!!!!"
Wooo Hoo!!!
Have an awesome weekend!


Leah said...

You are gonna be in some serious trouble when that girl gets older and you have to start dealing with boys. She is such a beauty Dawn! :)

Gretchen said...

Your little Wonder Woman is adorable! Lurve that you dressed up, too, Dawn. :)

Can't wait to see the dressy dress.

Good for you going to a weekly GNO. I can barely do that once a month.

Babydoll said...

Dawn, I love this post. Great pics and funny stories. I really love your costume!! AHAHAHAHAHA!! I love Jayla's costume too. My little one was Wonder Woman last year and she loved it. I'll have to post her pictures from this year later today. Great ending too :)

Lynilu said...

Well, first, on the make-up .... letting her wear it for "dress up" at home or for parties is one thing, and I think it's OK. If you let her wear it otherwise it would be different. No, Conservative Mom of the Year, it's alright!" And she is adorable in both "get-ups"! Of course!

It sounds as if you have had so much fun lately. I guess I understand and can forgive you for your, ahem, lack of posting recently! ;D

Adrienne said...

LOVE your costume!!! LOL "I" want a wonder woman costume! LOL Hmmm

You will look STUNNING in your dress! I can't wait to see it on you!

Veroncia said...

Hey Mama! Loved the costumes for you and J. Ava was a cheerleader. I have to post those pics. Missed you.

renee said...

Girl, I wondered what happened to you. You look "marvalous" in your costume! You have more nerve than me. Jayla looks cute too.

Jude said...

First of all, I LOVE that picture of you and the hubs... and I am jealous, our Copeland's closed :( Next up, ITA with you on the make up thing, but yeah, she did look cute! :) And what a wonder woman, adorable!!
Now, you, dressed up... too funny! I loved it! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I love the picture over load...that pic of you and hubby is really realy cute...I love it!

Jayla looks so cute in both costumes.