Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Friday...AGAIN?? ANYWAY...I go see the oral surgeon on Tuesday, JUST for him to tell me that he made a mistake-2 years ago. Really?? I wasn't upset with him or anything. I actually thought it was kinda funny. I mean, stuff happens. However, I'm not looking forward to having any type of surgery. Do you know he asked me if I wanted him to do it that day?


Are you serious?

Uh, NO!!

He also asked me if I wanted to just have a local and some laughing gas. Well, my question is, what's gonna be so funny? I want the heavy duty drugs, pal!...just like last time! :-) Gotta love Valum :-).

So, I've scheduled my wisdom tooth removal Part deux for Feb. 5th. Gonna be fun!

Anyway, I have a cute story to tell you. Allow me to set the scene (I've always wanted to say that)

On Wednesday morning, a little after 7am, Jayla and I were headed out to school. And as I'm pulling out of the driveway and about to put the car in "drive", the conversation went something like this:

Jayla - (yells) "STOP!!"
I thought she'd forgotten something for school or had hurt herself or something. So I slammed on the brakes.
Jayla -"MOM, look at THAT!"
Mom - "Look at WHAT? It's dark out here!"
Jayla - "NO!, look right there!" (pointing at my neighbors trash that's out by the curb) "Do you see it?"
Mom - "What, baby?!? See what?"
I now see what she sees. Look at what she spotted...

Our neighbor was throwing this cute little doll crib out.
Jayla - "Oh MOM! Can I have it?"
Mom - "Really? You want that? It is kinda cute, isn't it?"
Jayla - "Yes, mommy! I LOVE it! Anna (my life like granddoll) will LOVE sleeping in there! Mom, can I have it, PLEEEZE?!?"
Mom - "Well, I guess so. They're throwing it away!"

So, I put the van in park and get out...looking as lovely as ever in my fuzzy purple socks, striped capri pajama pants, a nightgown, and my black winter coat (Ya'll are so jealous!) lol. I grab the little crib and put it in the back seat. I get back in the van and pull off. As we get to the entrance of our neighborhood, the conversation continues...

Jayla - "Mom, oh NO!"
Mom - (sarcastically rolling my eyes) "What is it?"
Jayla - "Mom, are we gonna go to jail? Are Mr. J & Mrs. L gonna call the police on us for stealing their bed?
Mom - (laughing) "No, sweetie, they were throwing it away. So I don't think they will mind that we got it."
Jayla - "Well, I hope not. Cuz I don't have time to go to jail, I've gotta finish school!" :-)

(side note: To ease my daughters concerns of a possible "theft by taking" criminal record, I assured her that I'd call our neighbors that day and let them know that we got their "trash" and we're gonna turn it into a "treasure".)

Anyway, I've been doing a little scrapbooking too. I kinda took 2008 off and only worked on a couple special projects. So I'm gonna try and get back at it this year. Here's a shot of both pages.
Below is a close-up of each page. I'm kinda pleased with how the turned out.

Alrighty then, I think that's about all I've got for today. Oh, how bout a Flower Fix?

Pretty, huh?

Well, ya'll have a great weekend and I'll talk to you soon. Toodles!!


Babydoll said...

What a cute story and a GREAT find!! I love the new layouts. I can't wait to see what you come up with this year. Thanks for the fix too! :)

...Is Johnson said...

such a cute story, and a responsible little citizen:)

Lynilu said...

That child has a good eye! Don't you love recyclables? How sweet that she thinks of the ethical part of it, too! My, my! She is quite the girl, let me tell you!

I'll keep you in my thoughts on 2/5, but that's as close as I care to be to a dentist, thank you very much. :D

Gretchen said...

Sweet story, Dawn. And I lurve your LOs! Of course you have great subject matter, too.

Trisha said...

thats too cute!

Cheryl Wray said...

Cute scrapbook pages!!

And I LOVE the conversation with Jayla!

Monogram Queen said...

Awww you are teaching your daughter the suburban mode of dumpster diving hehe......

Muriel said...

that Jayla is funny...
jail time for picking up treasures out of others trash...

Lauren Ashly said...

Jayla has an eye for treasures, like her mama. This story just cracks me up :) lol

TanishaRenee said...

Hey girlie, glad to see you're scrapping again!

Brown English Muffin said...

I LOVE dumpster diving...not that you literally dived into someone's dump but you know what I mean!!! So when can we see the pics of the little doll in the little bed ay???