Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend randomness

Hello everyone! (you may wanna grab a snack, this may be a long one)

Hope you all have had a nice weekend.

My weekend was quite interesting.

On Saturday, a family friend was in town on a lay-over from Florida. So being that she was going to be in Ga for 4 hours, Jayla and I went to visit with her for a while. We got to the airport around noon, just in time for lunch. So Gwen (our friend), asked what we wanted to eat. Jayla immediately spotted the Wendy's and blurted out that that's what she wanted. I'm sure I've mentioned in this blog, one time or more, that Jayla isn't much of an eater. The girl has NEVER had a hamburger, or a hotdog or a sandwich in her 7 years on earth. And she wasn't gonna change up on us because we "had company" :-).

We get to the counter and I'm checking with Jayla to see how many chicken nuggets she wants and the lady behind the counter informs me that they don't sell chicken nuggets. HUH? The other Wendy's locations do! Man, if ya'll could've seen Jayla's face! She was NOT happy with this news. Gwen and I convinced Jayla that if she got a "nekked" chicken sandwich, we would cut it up into "nuggets" for her. The girl decided she'd rather starve :-). However, after a little more coaxing, and the promise of a chocolate Frosty, she gave in. Then when we were asked if we needed any comdiments, Jayla's little world was again crushed. This location doesn't have BBQ sauce either!

What kind of outfit are you people running here? Don't you see this picky little girl here? The 2 main foods that she consumes, YOU don't have! lol My poor baby was almost in tears. But once I offered to walk ALL THE WAY back to the car to get her some BBQ sauce from our secret condiment stash, she was good (insert rolling eyes).

Fortunately, I didn't have to make the trek back to the car. The restaurant next door to Wendy's sold southern style food and was able to help us out with the BBQ sauce request. Whew!! That was close!

After consuming chicken sandwiches and "almost" chicken nuggets, Jayla wanted to take some pictures. Here are a few shots that she took:

Seeing this really freaked Jayla out! She just couldn't understand what this Dinosaur was doing in the airport :-). She said, "Well, that's what he gets for being in the airport food court!" LOL

Jayla simply loves to see people in uniform. So when she spotted the Army Soldiers lining up, she couldn't help herself.

On our way home from the airport, I noticed that the weather had turned beautiful. It was wet and foggy earlier that morning. But it had cleared up really nicely. So I decided to take a detour and go by this park that I'd been wanting to visit. You may have read in a couple of my previous posts that I've got a special event coming up. Well, this is where that event will take place. But we'll talk about that more at a later time.

ANYWAY, Jayla begged to walk closer by the lake. So I parked, grabbed the camera and took this cute picture of her (and Anna).

It was simply beautiful out. We drove around and took a few more pix of the lake and of some local wildlife :-). (see my other blog).

As we were about to leave, Jayla asked if we could park and look at the lake for just a little longer. So, once I gave in and was about to park, she lets out the horrible scream! I slam on the breaks (seems I slam on breaks a lot with this kid lately, lol). Fortunately, no one was behind me. Anyway, I look back and blood is literally pouring out of Jayla's mouth. "My GOODNESS, what did you DO!" I asked...rather loudly. She says, almost inaudibly, "Anna hit me in the mouth!" "DO WHAT??" So I pull into a parking spot, get out of the car, run around to Jayla's side, open the door and now she's SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. we are, in a strange park, and my daughter is screaming bloody murder! I just knew, that in about 3.5 seconds, we were gonna be surrounded by park rangers on golf carts, cops in fishing boats and be on the local news that evening if this child didn't stop SCREAMING!!! lol

Anyway, I get Jayla calmed down enough to start wiping the blood out of her mouth...only to knock out the tooth that's hanging on, literally, by a string of spit! (Sorry for the graphicness of this story...I'm almost done, lol) Jayla immediately stops crying and yells out, "Oh COOL!!!"

I didn't have anything to drink in the car. But I'd remembered there was a bottled water vending machine back at the part of the park we'd just come from. So I buy a bottle of water so Miss Snaggletooth could rinse her mouth out. ARGH!!

Note: Once we got on the road home, I asked Jayla again, how exactly, "ANNA" sucker punched her in the mouth. She tells me that SHE was dancing Anna around on her lap and Anna's (hard plastic) forehead hit her in the mouth. Fortunately, this tooth, along with it's neighbor, has been threatening to come out anyway. So all was well...bloody, but well. As we continued to drive, Jayla then asks me if her "grown up" tooth would be in before daddy got to see that the "baby" tooth had finally come out, lol. Well, Daddy had soccer practice with the boys on Saturday. So we just went by the fields to show him what had know, before the "grown up" tooth came in :-).

Lastly, I have one more thing to share with you. We went to church today and as always, Jayla decided she wanted to write. So she takes her pen out of her "Big Church" bag and grabs the nearest piece of paper. After a few minutes, she taps me on the shoulder and says, in a not so quiet whisper, "Mom, look!" I look down and this is what I saw:

I thought this was the SWEETEST thing! Normally, she continues to ask us to help her spell things. But not this time. She wrote all of this all by herself. Well, you know what happens next, right? YEP...I started to cry! :-D I just thought, of all the things she could write, THIS is what she wrote. I know, I know...we were at church. But still, I was proud of my baby girl. (by the way, Daddy cried too!)

Have a good week!


Cheryl Wray said...

That is the SWEETEST note from church! I love it!

And the story of Anna "hitting" Jayla? oh my would be even funnier than it was if she hadn't been seriously injured in the process.

The picture of Jayla is ADORABLE!!!

and, I hear you on the picky eating. Delaney has never eaten a hot dog or a hamburger either and she's 12!!

Babydoll said...

Jayla is a little photographer in training! LOL! I love the pic of her and that doll and that note is priceless.

Monogram Queen said...

Wonderful what she wrote. That IS so sweet and makes you proud that she is learning the right things!

Sorry Dawn but I am chuckling over the tooth mishap AND the food thing. I am trying to expose Madison to new foods etc and it is NOT always easy! Children can be SO stubborn!

Gretchen said...

What do you suppose our mothers did before chicken nuggets? :)

Sorry about the snaggletooth incident.

Lurve, lurve, lurve Jayla's church letter. No question where her heart lies.

Lynilu said...

I love her thought processes! As cute as the girl, herself! Are we going to have toothless pictures soon?

My granddaughter was a very picky eater. She ALWAYS ordered chicken nuggets or chicken fingers when we went out, but she carefully peeled all the breading off! Not one teeny-tiny bit could remain! She's 12 now, and she eats pretty normally, in case you need hope! LOL!

Muriel said...

Too bad you didn't get to go to the Popeye's in the airport, she could've had chicken strips...but Wendy's with no chicken nuggets....

You were close to my uncle's Edy's - I am jealous.

Brown English Muffin said...

you're making me teary eyed....I sure am glad you made me cry in the end instead of ending it with a picture of a bloody tooth!!! LOL