Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back on the scene

Ok, all I wanna know is how come the days go by so quickly? I mean, it's been a minute since I've done a post...but I really hadn't realized how long it actually was until I started this one.
Oh well, I have no excuse...this time :-).

SO, what have ya'll been up to? I've been kinda busy, just doing stuff here and there. I'll share in a moment. First things first though. I know I missed last weeks Flower Fix. So how bout we do that before I go any further?

That one was for you, Miss Jacki. You say I don't post enough purple flowers :-).

Alrighty, last Friday, a friend of mine invited me to a really cool get together for women only. She called it a Shoebox party. Have ya'll ever heard of that? What we had to do was, decorate a shoebox and fill it with small or travel sized items, such as lotion, shampoo, chapstick, deoderant, feminine items, etc. Then we'd bring the boxes to my friends house and we would all pick the box that we thought was decorated the best. Afterwards, the boxes were taken to a womens shelter. I thought that was the coolest idea. In fact, my weekly GNO group may "borrow" this idea later in the year.

Here's a few pictures of my box.

And guess what? I won 2nd place in the box decorating contest.

As most of you know, we are heavy into soccer. I haven't shared many pictures this season. But I have 2 good reasons for that. 1. It has rained most of this season, as it does just about every Spring season. So I've not really had games to take pictures of. And 2, when we do have games, I forget to take my camera, lol.

But this past weekend, I did remember my camera and I got these cute shots of our little soccer star. This first shot was taken as we left for the fields. For some reason, she was EXTRA giddy this morning. Silly thang!

This 2nd photo is hilarious to me. That's Jayla in the navy shirt. But check out the kid in the background. I didn't even notice she was there until I uploaded these pictures. I know you can't see Jayla's face but her body language says it all. It's as if she's saying, "WHAT is wrong with THAT kid?!?!" LOL

And this last shot is of Jayla after her game/during one of our other teams games. This was a pretty warm day and she managed to find some shade to enjoy her Sprite and RingPop in :-).

Also on Saturday, me and Mister M. went to a get together with his high school class buddies. We had a great time eating, drinking and catching up with everyone. And let me just go on record and say that I thought I was gonna have to call a cab to take me home. Guys I had THREE big ole glasses of Iced Tea! Woo Wee...I'm such a lush! LOL

Here's one of the MANY pictures that was taken that night. It's my favorite, that's why I'm sharing this particular one :-). The pretty lady to my left, is our good friend, Melissa who went to school with Mister M. Hey Mel!

Well, I think that's about all that's been going on around here. Oh, we went to get our passports done last week. I was so excited about that. Remember folks, I don't get out much. So it doesn't take much to make me happy :-). They CLAIM that it'll take 4 - 6 weeks to get the passports back. And THAT really concerns me. We leave for our vacation on May 31st. So hopefully, all of the people I know that have gotten passports recently are telling me the truth, when they say they got theirs in about 10 days. So we'll see. I plan to call on know, just to check on the progress.

Hey, I have a question for you travelers out there. I haven't been on a plane since 1995. SO...I'm a little fuzzy on the rules. I hear that you can't take more than 3 ozs. of fluid/liquids/shampoo kinda stuff on the plane. Now does that mean I can't take more than that in my carry-on bag(s) or at ALL? I mean, can I take my entire bottle of Carress shower gel? Or do I have to put some in a smaller bottle?

Ok, before I go, I have to share one last picture with you. Check out the looks I get when I try to take a picture of my pretty boy, Trae...

...he just looks disgusted, doesn't he? lol He's still so handsome though.

Ok people, I'm out! Oh and if you would, please continue to keep Markell in your thoughts and prayers.

Oh, I almost forgot...I'll be sharing my fun little secret any day now...stay tuned! :-)


Adrienne said...

I hope your passports make it back in time! THey should. It hardly takes them that long. Can't wait to hear what your secret is :-) How is Markell?!?

Gretchen said...

I lurve the shoebox idea!!!

Great picture.

In terms of airline travel, you can only take the little sizes in your carry on. Get a quart sized ziploc bag and shove all your small liquids in there (E.g. lipstick, mascara, hairspray, moisturizer, lipgloss, it's all considered liquid). I often pack a larger size of something in my checked luggage. Just put it all in a ziploc though, to be safe.

jacki jones said...

I'm sooo bad. I haven't read blogs in a couple of weeks but I wanted to catch up on yours first. I'm happy to see that you have beautiful flowers. And yes more purple is always better. YOU done good girl. :)
Tell Miss Jayla I miss her. We need to do something about that.

Brown English Muffin said...

You're show box is beautiful!!!! It looks professional.

Once again the beauty of reading old I don't even have to worry about your passport coming on time!!! ROFLOL