Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Weekend everyone! And a beautiful weekend it is!

I know, I know...I forgot to post the Friday Flower Fix yesterday (last week too, I think). So how bout we go head and take care of that...

Pretty, huh? I love hummingbirds! Is it time to put the feeders back out yet? I'm kinda clueless about that kinda stuff. Oh well, maybe I'll put it out this weekend and see what happens.

SO...what have you guys been up to? This past week was pretty busy for me. But of course, nothing worth blogging about (obviously!), lol. It's been raining pretty regularly for the past week, so again, no soccer to update you on. Something's telling me we're gonna spend the entire month of May on the fields!

Anyway, I have a few more "random" photos to show you. This first one, albeit a TERRIBLE shot, is just funny to me. (from now on, known as exhibit "A"). Details following the picture...
Yep...that's my boy, Trae, eating a Bob's Sweet Stripes Peppermint.
Several weeks ago, I purchased one of the big buckets of these peppermints. I love those things! I (kept) the bucket on the floor next to my know, for easy access. ANYWAY, the lid on the bucket has a plastic seal around it. And once that seal has been broken, it's kinda hard for the lid to stay on. So, to minimize my efforts, I just leave the lid off.
Every once in a while, we'd find the little clear wrappers on the floor in different places throughout the house. I didn't think too much of it and simply blew it off, thinking that maybe I'd dropped one and hadn't realized it. But when I started finding them in the laundry room...which is Trae's "room", I started having those, "Hmmm!" moments.
As most of you know, we live with Trae...err, I mean, Trae is a house dog :-). So whenever we leave the house to run errands or whatever, he just stays in the house. WELL...aside from him digging papertowels, toilet paper and tissue out of the trash, (see exhibit "B" below)he doesn't really get into much. In fact, his box of doggie treats sits right outside his room, opened, and he never messes with it. But aside from leaving his "evidence" at the top of the stairs, he's really good about staying in the house until we get back home. However, we have recently had to start closing doors to the bed and bathrooms, to keep him from making paper messes (again, see exhibit "B" above). I love how he won't look at if to say, "I don't know WHO did that! It wasn't me!"
Normally, I don't close the door to my craft studio, because there's really nothing in here for him to get to. Well, until recently.
This boy has been stealing my peppermints!
I didn't know dogs liked peppermint! I was, however, glad to see that I really don't eat as many as I thought I had been :-). I just never gave much thought to how quickly they'd been disappearing from the bucket. I never would've thought it was Trae. But I was wrong.
Anyway, we have since added the peppermints to Trae's "special" treat options. Personally, I think he's glad that he doesn't have to steal them now and fool with the annoying plastic wrapper (see exhibit "A" above), lol.
But to answer your possible looming question, YES, I do close the door to my craft room now!!

Well, that's about it for me today. But I will leave you with this last photo. I came home from an errand the other day to find this in my driveway...

That Jayla...ya just gotta love her!

You guys have a great weekend and I'll holla atcha later in the week. Toodles!!


Lynilu said...

I love how self-sufficient Trae is! He takes good care of himself! What a character!

The flowers and hummingbird pictures are pretty, but my favorite work of art on the page .... Jayla's sidewalk art! You'll treasure that photo for a long, long time. :)

Gretchen said...

Our dogs are trash hounds...ugh.

Glad you took that picture of Jayla's handywork. What a gem.

Monogram Queen said...

Trae has such gorgeous coloring. I bet he feels like chocolate velvet when petting him!
I love how he sneaked some peppermints.
My brother used to give his Lhasa those curiously strong peppermints that come in a cute tin, Oh I can't think of their name but they would make poor Friskie's nose run but he LOVED them! They make my nose run too, for the record, they are so strong! LOL

Adrienne said...

Trae is such a pretty dog!!

Thomisia said...

What a sweet note to come home to!

Jude said...

I absolutely LOVE those peppermints too!! :)

Diane said...

Dixie has the same fascination with Kleenex and other personal paper products in the trash cans. We never leave her out when we leave for that very reason.

What I am most amazed at is that Trae would only steal one or two here and there; that he didn't eat them all until he was sick. THAT is funny. Didn't you ever wonder why he always had minty fresh breath? :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I can't wait until my little one can write....but then again that's what I said about her talking..."Can't wait until she can talk" now I wish I could take that one back!! LOL Just joking!!!