Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy November 1st everyone!

I don't know about you, but I'm STILL trying to figure out what happen to the last 10 months!  My goodness, 2010 will be here in just a minute :-).

So, what did you all do for Halloween last night? Was it as cold and rainy where you are? It was pretty darn cool here and not really RAINY...well, not for long anyway. After the 10+- minute rain we had, it was just a heavy mist the rest of the evening. Talk about a bad hair halloween :-).

Anyway, the kids still had fun. Here are a few pix from our annual neighborhood hayride.

Here's the pretty little, Dr. Jayla.

And of course we can't take pictures of Jayla without the famous "head tilt" shot :-).

Here's the doctor and her cute little friends, Briah and sisters, Madison & Macy.

The doc again, with her cute little witchy friend, Briah :-).

And...the crew!  We did have the hayride this year, but due to the rain, just the smaller kids road on the covered hayride. The older kids and all the parents just walked the neighborhood. In fact, Dr. Jayla said she enjoyed the, in her words, "Old school" way of trick or treating, lol. What does she know about "old school"? :-).

Of course we couldn't have a night of trick or treating without some Father/Son bonding :-).  Nothing like a Pimp and his gangter son. Just warms my heart :-).

It was so of the other kids asked this dad what he was dressed up as. And without missing a beat, Greg answered, "I'm a...SUPERVISOR!" lol...Good save, Dad!

I didn't dress up for Halloween. But at my weekly GNO, we did have a bit of halloween get together. Check us out.

Ok, I decided to follow in my daughters footsteps and be a nurse. I'll tell ya, these scrubs are comfy :-).  It took some coaxing for my boss, Dr. Jayla, to let me borrow her "heart listener" and blood pressure thingy. What can I say? I've gotta pay my dues in this (medical) business :-)..

Here's my good friend (and personal photographer), Cynthia, the SuperGirl!

Ya'll remember my good friend, Stacey, right? Well, this is what she looks like when she doesn't put make-up on, brush her teeth or do her hair :-).  I think the picture in the background fits this moment, don't you? lol (The "red eyes" worked great for this shot, huh?)

Here's the lovely witch again!

Has anyone seen my good friend, Mandy's puppy?

Ohhh, there's the puppy! You see him? LOL Poor thing!

My good friend, the Grecian Goddess, Lisa F.

My other good photographer friend...Lisa S. ,the sister of Super Girl Cynthia.

Do ya'll remember hearing the story about the little boy, Falcon, who was thought to be floating away in a box that was attached to a giant milar balloon? Well, he was really a girl, my good friend Lynnetta. LOL!

Here's the whole gang.  I just love all these guys! Who better to spend my Wednesday nights with?

Oh well, that's all I've got for today.  It's a lazy day around here today. So I'm gonna go chill out with my family.  Ya'll enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great Sunday!!


Babydoll said...

Great pictures!! That lost puppy one is hilarious!! LOL!! My daughter has the famous head tilt too!! HAHAHAHA!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love all the pictures. Those are some GREAT costumes!!!!

(I posted a few costume pics on my blog and will post more very soon!)

I also can't believe it's already Nov. 1. The holidays are on their way!

Monogram Queen said...

Love the pics Dawn!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I just LOVE these pictures...ALL of them! I wish I had GNO Club...every girl should have one!!!

I can't believe how much J's face is changing she growing up right before my eyes!!!

Adrienne said...

awww you guys look great!!
How is Markell doing?

Jude said...

i love the balloon boy costume... hilarious!