Friday, January 15, 2010

Castle Cakes & The Liar :-)

Ok, if memory serves me correctly, on my last post, which happened to be on Christmas. I said that I was going to start posting here at LEAST once a week. WELL, Christmas was THREE weeks ago! ARGH!!! I'm such a liar & a loser!

...I have nothing to say for myself :-).  I won't use the "I'm so busy lately" excuse (although it's true).  How bout this one?..."I forgot!" lol That just doesn't even sound right.

Anyway, I have been kinda busy.  Did I tell ya'll that I'm the Historian for Jayla's school this year? What is a school historian you ask?'s the historians job to do a scrapbook of all the PTA sponsored events that are held at the school for the current school year. Once the scrapbook is completed, it will be on display in the school lobby the following school year.  That's cool!...I like to fact, I do it when I find the time. But what's so strange about me being in this position is, someone actually NOMINATED me to do it. Problem is, I can't figure out for the life of me who would do this to me! I've asked everyone that I thought would want to tick me off...but no one owns up to it. :-) SO, with that...I am the 2009-2010 school historian. Having said all that, the school scrapbook is one of the many things I've been doing lately.

Also, my doggie has had some...issues. He apparently got into something in the yard (we are assuming that's what happened anyway) and it has caused him to itch like nobody's business! Poor thing turned all red and couldn't walk 10 steps without dropping to the floor to scratch. I called the vet to find out what I should do for him. Get this, they told me to give him a Benadryl!  Well, ole boy doesn't like little pink pills!  So I waited until Mister M. took his 3 week vacation.  You may remember, Trae is a big ole doggie, and I just can't handle him at the vet by myself.  We get the boy to the vet and he about chokes himself to death trying to "visit" the staff. (almost) nothing worse than hearing a dog hacking...for NOTHING really.

The vet comes in and immediately sees the redness on Trae's underbelly and now in his ears. He gives Trae a "quick" Cortizone shot in the hip, and I tell you...the itching stopped almost immediately!  We are then told that Trae "simply" has a yeast infection.


He's a BOY! And those are his EARS!

How weird!  Yep, he's got a yeast infection and it's actually pretty common in dogs. I've NEVER heard of that before, have you?  Well, that explains why his whole head has been so funky lately :-).

Ok so now I'm thinking, "What does one (vet) give a MALE dog for a YEAST infection?" I hope it's nothing crazy cuz I'm not really looking forward to having to squirt some Monistat in my dogs ears! My MALE dog at that! I'm just sayin...

Anyway, we leave the vets office with 3 prescriptions, a bottle of ear wash, a reminder card to come back in 2 weeks and a BIG OLE FAT bill for...wait for it...$596!!!

...ya know, it sure takes the paramedics a long time to bring smelling salt to a vets office :-).

Ok, after I pick myself up from the floor and apply for a small loan, we're headed home. And I just loved it when the receptionist says to me, "Well Mrs. Bibbs, look at it this least you don't have to buy him a car or pay his college tuition!" And that's supposed to make me look on the bright side? Anyway, we love our doggie. Four weeks later, the yeast infection is gone (no more smelly head), no more under belly redness and not as much scratching.

Fast forwarding to today, guess what I made today? A friend of mine whose daughter plays on Jayla's soccer team, is having her 9th birthday tomorrow. And she asked me to make the birthday cake. Check it out...

Cute, huh?

I'm a little nervous though. It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. So I hope that doesn't show too much in the finished product. But I'll let you know how Kennedy liked her princess castle cake. Her favorite color is purple. So when she cuts into the cake, there will be purple icing between the layers :-).

Well, that's about all I have for today. Oh, how bout a Friday Flower Fix? Hmmm, let's see if I remember how to post pictures of flowers, lol.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends. See ya soon...I hope! ;)


Lynilu said...

Ya know, I think we expect our pets to be just sources of pleasure and entertainment for us with no down side. Then they surprise us with the need for a trip to the vet and .... zowie!! Ah, well, we wouldn't want to not have them, would we? Dawn .... now don't faint on me! .... multiply those odds by 5!!! Knock on wood, they haven't had much illness.

The cake is amazing! When you said something, somewhere, about making a castle cake I just thought "Huh??" It is very cute!

Last of all, now you just quit that whining about scrapbooking for the school!! It gives you a good excuse to do one of the things you just love!! :D tsk tsk.

Leah said...

That cake is amazing!!

Adrienne said...

GOODNESS! But we love our pets!!! How is Markell? Glad to see you postin! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Before I forget why I came!!! Sorry I had to pass it on to someone!!!

Ok now I can go back and read about this castle cake...the pictures look fantastic!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I was all psyched up to go on and on about that vet bill....then I scrolled down to the pictures of the cake and I was all choked up and completely forgot about the darn vet bill.

Dawn that cake is simply amazing!!!!! Now you just need to start charging for your cakes and you could easily make back that vet bill!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh yeah ever thought of pet insurance?

Charisse said...

You are so creative and talented! That cake is great!!!

Jude said...

that cake is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!