Thursday, May 05, 2011

It is DONE!!!

Ok, so how long ago was it that I said I'd be working on that kitchen for my cute little friend? Oh, doesn't matter when I said it...cuz it's DONE!!!


And I still have an entire week before I have to deliver it to the little princess. Sad thing about that is, that gives me 7 more days to add more little girly details to it. :-)

So, wanna see it? Well, DO YA???

Okie dokie...Here it is....

The whole thing!
The Stove.
 (YEP! that's a real oven rack)

Up close of the stove top.
(YEP! that's real "pictures" of gas flames, lol)

The refrigerator/freezer.
(YEP! It has an ice maker & water dispenser)
And the hanging butterfly on the freezer is a chalkboard.

The Sink.
(NOTE: that sink is pink...not the coraly/orangey color that it appears to be.)

Up close of the sink.
(YEP! There's "water" dripping out of the faucet) :-)

The stackable washer/dryer.
(YOU GUESSED IT...there's a window to look inside the washer.
It's simply an acrylic plate with "bubbles" in it to look like water.

Up close of the washer/dryer controls.
Well, whatcha think? I really like it!  I love how girly & prissy it is.  My little friend, Megan, is turning 5 next week. And my hope is to have it set up for her when she gets home from school on Thursday. Her mom does embroidery, And she's gonna put Megans name or something on a cute piece of fabric that will hang in the opening under the sink. So once we get that installed, I'll share another picture.

Anyway, that's it for now. This was SO much fun to build. And SO much easier than the first one I did. NOW, I know what to do!! :-)

I'm out...


Sienna said...

It is a great little kitchen, made by hand, not a replica made by the thousands. Nothing can be more personal than hand made. Good for you and for her!

Lynilu said...

That is just cuter than stink!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok, Lyn...cuter than Stink...that's a new one! :-) Now, is that a GOOD thing?? lol

Brown English Muffin said...

I am shell shocked!!! In awe...this came out soooooooo good!!!

My mind is swimming with business ideas!!! LOL

You did really good Dawn!!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Thank you, Mel! Yeah, holla at me if you come up with some business ideas :-).

hapi said...

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Craigslistdad said...

Very Impressive! Great work with so much real detail.