Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well it seems that today, I don't have much to write about.

I simply have random....or should I say ranDUMB, thoughts rolling around in my head.  I have taken a couple pictures of things that I want to share with everyone because I'm bored, just as a fun thing to do.

Peep this...

~This is not randomness by ANY means!! This is downright YUMMINESS right here! We took a trip to the Dekalb Farmers Market last Friday and I just HAD to grab me two one of these baseball sized Chocolate Chip Macaroons! Oh my GOODNESS! And it had the nerve to still be warm. I've got one word for you...ORGAZMIC AWESOMENESS!!

 ~Ok, I admit...I'm a little anal planner. I have resisted the bigger-than-purse sized calendars for way too long! I have a bunch of stuff going on during the week. Especially when school is in. And that cute little pocket calendar just wasn't gonna cut it anymore. So for only $4, I came across this little gem. Lord knows I need it!!

~This picture is just adorable to me. Trae is SO tolerable of Jayla dressing him up. More tolerable than me, even.

~I found this picture on the internet. Not sure what I was searching for... I'm SURE it wasn't a LEGO wall though. But can you imagine how cool this would be to have in your room? No? :-)

See, I told you this would be a random post. Sad thing is, I'm sure there's more where this came from. So tell me what kind of "random" thing do you come across during your daily stroll through life?

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