Friday, July 08, 2011

I'm starting to get tired of being nice....

...DOGGONIT!!! If there is ONE thing that is frowned upon in our household, it's annoying phone calls!


I think I'm the only one in this house who knows, that when the phone rings, you're supposed to answer it. Everyone else kinda wanders around with that, Hmmm, I wonder what that ringing is-look on their face.

Ok, maybe the word, supposed to is a bit of a stretch. Especially since the invention of the Caller ID.  But when those, "out of area", "unknown name/unknown number" things come up on the display, sometimes you just gotta answer it.

Here are a few that really get my big ole granny pannys in a wad:

~"Hello, can I speak with Mr./Mrs. _______ Bibbs" calls. Ok, Bibbs is not one of the most popular last names this side of the hemisphere. So I ASSUME that since there are so few of us, one would think that we all know eachother.


For the past few...ok, SEVERAL months, we have been getting calls from a collection agency for someone with the same last name as ours, but with a first name we do not know. When I tell Mr./Miss Collection person with an unrecognizable accent that, not only does this person not live here, but we don't even know them. I get a little salty if I'm lyin' or somethin!

Trust me people, I am not harboring ANYONE in my home. There are enough people living here!  So why do they ask me if I have a number where this mystery person can be reached?


I've had at least 3 - 4 collection people over the past year or so tell me that, Mr./Ms. Mystery person GAVE them our number, but they would remove it from their "list". And they have yet to do it. They've called twice this week already! ARGH!!

~"Hello, this is ______ calling from the Kidney Foundation/ADD/Disabled Vets, etc. And we were wondering if you have any gently worn clothes or household items you'd like to donate" calls. Alright, now this is a hard one. Because I'm all for helping folks out and donating stuff to a worthy cause.

However, I don't have old stuff to donate EVERY week!

I've even tried to tell them that, when/if I do have items to donate, I will contact them. They still call at least once every other week or so. Times are hard for everyone...who knows, I may need to start back wearing some of the clothes I was thinking about donating!

~Recordings from Mr/Ms. State Representative/Congressman calls. Look, with all the signs up and down the streets, posters stapled to telephone poles, stuff all over the news, and folks standing on street corners holding babies & waving. I KNOW it must be time to vote for something.

I do not need your recorded voice or the recorded voice of one of your posse calling me. That's enough to make me reconsider hitting the polls on your behalf.

~"Hello this is, so & so from  such & such calling for Mister M." calls. Now these are the source of many thorns in my side.

FIRST of all, I HATE when people pronounce my husbands name incorrectly. If you are someone who "really appreciates his business", you'd know how to say his name.

Same stands true if you are a friend/associate of his.

Second of all, this is his WIFE!...if this is just a "courtesy call", why can't you talk to me?

Third of all, he's at WORK this time of day. So there's really no need for you to tell me that you'll call back tomorrow...cuz he'll be at work then too!

And more than likely, he's at work making money to pay whoever this is calling :-).

Ok, OK...I'm stepping down off my soapbox.

I've been wanting to blog about this for quite some time. But just haven't gotten around to it cuz I've been answering the dang phone all day...until the 2 calls came this week for some unknown "family" member!

So tell me, what are some of your annoyances? Other than this ridiculously long, nit-picky post of mine.


Lynilu said...

Well! It sounds like it is time you let off some steam girlfriend!! LOL!

I hate those calls, too, but fortunately I rarely get them. For almost four years, though, I got calls from a collection agency (or several of them?) on my cell for someone with an unpronounceable name and I finally had to really get angry and keep moving up the chain one supervisor at a time, and eventually got it stopped. Nuts, isn't it?

Dumb Mom said...

We never answer our phone. EVER. People have to text me first to tell me they are about to call me on my home phone so I will answer (our cell phones get seriously bad reception where we live in the boonies. And don't ask me how often I check our messages!